Jul 29, 2011

What the What??

Shirt: Anthropologie ($10!)        Jeans: Vigoss         Flats: Target ($4!)

I was in a hurry to get to work this morning. I mean aren't we all. I don't know a soul that lounges around in their jammies thinking, what ever will I do with this extra hour before I go to work. Perhaps write a sonnet...or choreograph that lyrical dance I've had floating around in my head. No no, we are always late. Late late late. So I was trying to fit in the last of my routine, because the last of my routine is of the utmost importance as far as social acceptance is concerned. You know the hygenic mumbo jumbo (no one likes a stinky Sarah!). It goes.

1. Brush teeth
2. Wander around the house while I brush my teeth and make sure everything I need for the day is in my bag.
3. Wipe off that dang drip of toothpaste that got on my shirt while I was wondering around.
4. Deodorize myself.
5. Perfume...ize myself.
6. Put my shoes on...but not before wandering around the house to find out where I shed my shoe skins last night.
7. Fill up my water bottle and make a grand exit (usually my grand exit includes me bobbing to whatever is playing on my i-pod at the moment)

So I was in a frenzy, my hair was all greasy, because let's face it, the first thing to go when you're late is any effort whatsoever into your hair. I managed to find my shoes, I got deodorant all over my shirt while putting it on (but well these things happen and we must press forward!!!) I went and sprayed my perfume....


What the what????
How could this possibly make sense to me?
Was I thinking it would be like tasting chapstick (somewhat frowned upon, but still secretly delicious tasting)?
Am I that scatterbrained???

I mean I was thinking about filling up my waterbottle at the time so maybe just maybe I forgot for a moment that it was perfume and well....not my water bottle.

Anyways, so I spent all day at work smacking my tongue to the roof of my mouth trying to get rid of  the taste of Viva La Juicy.
But to no avail.

Moral of the story? Perfume is not for eating...or something like that.

The end.


  1. Hahahaha! You poor thing! I don't mean to laugh but that face is side stitch inducing.
    Take heart.. One time, I was summoned by roomie's screaming. She had exited the shower and tried to apply makeup remover in haste. Unfortunately, it was nail polish remover she had generously splashed on her eyes.
    Or the time I was late and thus, grabby-monkeying things which dislodged a can of WD-40, allowing it to fall upside down and thus putting pressure on the nozzle, spraying directly into my eye. Instead of 15 minutes late, I was 25.

  2. P.S. You look darling as always, perfumed breath or no.

  3. Oh my gosh Rachael yours is way worse than mine. I'll take Viva La Juicy to the mouth any day over that. I am seriously cringing thinking of nail polish remover in my eyes. ahhh it burns!!!

  4. Ewww, I always end up gulping hairspray infused air. GROSS.

    You look stunning! I love that top...and ten? Steal.

  5. Hahaha, I've done that with bug spray before! No good!

  6. I have totally done that before! Now I'm glad to know that I'm not alone. Have you ever put the milk in the pantry because you were so tired? Maybe that's just me.

    Oh, and the color of your top looks phenomenal on you. PHENOMENAL!

  7. hahaha i have totally done that!! anddd gorgeous top pretty lady!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. AHHH I hate it when I do that! Most of the time I don't spray it directly into my mouth, I just spray it and walk through it with my mouth open. Still gross, but not near as bad. I love your top and those flats!

  9. This post totally cracked me up! you look great for having gotten ready so quickly!

  10. I love your hair! I wish I knew how to style my hair like you!

    You always look beautiful and so well-dressed! :)


  11. I hate you...no really I love you you are so so pretty and that top from anthro for five bucks details girl!!

  12. you sure can rock those red lips.

  13. Perfume in the mouth...can't think of much worse.

    I love the color of that top on you, so pretty!

  14. Yeah, that's the WORST! Oh, I hate accidentally getting perfume in ma mouf.

    Your hair is lovely! And also, a $10 Anthro shirt? You rock.

  15. Haha, Sarah, I just LOVE you. That face's worth billion of bucks. =]

    Me likees the outfit,too..

  16. Good deal on that shirt love it


  17. That is one of my favorite shirts ever! I can't believe how cheap it was!

  18. I LOVE the color of that shirt, especially with your lip color! What brand/color is that lipstick? I've been looking for a red, but find it to be tricky.

  19. I really like this shirt. Also as soon as this post loaded, I thought how I loved your hair. I wish in a pinch I could get my hair to look awesome.