Aug 31, 2011

Deep Unto The Sea

Blouse: thrifted     Sweater: H&M   Jeans: Vigoss    Shoes: Target  Necklace: Thrifted

We've got a pup that loves the camera ova' heyah. She was in every picture I took, chewing branches, itching collars, chasing bugs. Born model I tell you. Want to know a secret revealed unto me this week? If you want attention like you've never had IN YOUR LIFE, just take a pup on a walk. Me and the 'lil one were on a walk last night when two tough old men (I'm talking full sleeve tattoo's, beers in hand, and long beards) simultaneously let out a little. 


So you know, of course we had to go say hello to them, to please our public and all. The beer belly guy starting blubbering over the pup in a high pitched voice, 

"Well aren't you the cutest thing....oh yes you are." 

I just blushed and said thanks...I mean who knows it could have been directed to me, I did have lipstick on and all.

The other drunk as a skunk man shrieked, "Ohhhh! My guess is she's an Aussie. Yes! She is just the cutest little Aussie!"

I tell ya there's just nothing that melts peoples heart like a fluffy pup. They're the only things that while licking their butt people will simultaneously oogle and awwweee over them, I love it!

Also. My little lady is deep unto the sea. She's like a little human. We were hanging out in the yard, she playing with sticks and me looking for bugs (don't judge, you still do it too) when I found a little slug. I called her over so excited to give her a very first encounter with a slug and you know what she did.

Straight up ate that thing.

And you know what else.

After she did it she had an eerie look in her eyes like, "Yeah that's right, I just did that."

Deep unto the sea I say. 

I don't know what grudge she's holding but I'm sleeping with both eyes open tonight. She's fiery that one.

P.S. All of your guys' suggestions for her name are so awesome and we're still debating it out. But not to worry! We've given ourselves to the end of  today, because....well... I'm pretty sure she'll start having identity issues if we don't name her soon. Who wouldn't ya know!

Aug 30, 2011

What's in a Name?

 There's a new lady in the McCammon house!
I know I know, my big surprise was that we got a puppy (not that big of a deal). But's a big deal to us! We've been wanting one for over a year now and have been waiting until we could give a 'lil pup a good home, and the time finally came!
She's fluffy as heck,
Sleeps like a human,
army crawls when she's too lazy to stand up,
sounds like she's laughing when she barks,
and has completely stolen our hearts.
 So we were thinking...could you guys help us name her?! Right now we like the names Phoebe ,Zoey and Indie, but were completely open to suggestions.
 So if you could possibly help us think of an awesome name for our little lady, we'd kind of love it! Pretty pretty pleeeeaaaase won't you?

Aug 29, 2011

Secrets secrets are no fun...

shirt: thrifted               skirt: TJ Maxx          shoes: Target

Guys, I have a big surprise that I can't wait to tell you about....but right now that surprise is taking up all of my time. I cross my heart I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. I promise you'll forgive me when you see what it is! Catch you on the flippity flop.

Aug 26, 2011

Revival Files: The Troubles of Sir Matt

 Total Cost: $4
 I was not down with the bell sleeves and the nun neckline on this dress when I bought it. But with a few snips here and  there and an added extra inch on the hem it became quite the little gem. But that's not what I really want to talk about you know. What I really want to talk about is what's been on Sir Matt's mind lately. 

Sir Matt: "Sweetie there's been a lot on my mind lately."
Me: "You wanna talk about it."
Sir Matt: "Yeah"
Me: "Okay what's up"
Sir Matt: "The prices of snow cones have been going up lately"
Me: (wondering where the many ways this conversation could go) "Uh-huh."
Sir Matt: "Well and I think they're just not doing enough."
Me: "Okay..."
Sir Matt: "Like if I had my own snow cone store I'd have a sign that says, " If there isn't sugar dripping off of your snow cone when we're done with us, then you come and tell us and we'll give you a lot more sugar."
Me: "Wow that sounds like a really long sign."
Sir Matt: "Yeah. So well..."
Me: "yeah."
Sir Matt: "All of this thinking about snowcones made me think....We should open up our own snow cone shop!"
Me: "Ohhh..."
Sir Matt: "And we'll give them all the sugar they want! And be more expensive than all the others!"
Me: "But you were just complaining about the snow cone prices."
Sir Matt: "Business is business Sarah."

My life is good....rrrrreeal gooood (name that movie).

So what do you think we should name our never-to-be snow cone shack?!

Aug 25, 2011

Should my name be Ginger?

Dress worn ask top: thrifted and revived          Skirt: thrifted            Belt: thrifted          Shoes: thrifted

This whole wear your dress as a top thing is new to me, but I figured I'd give it a try, and you know what, I'm really digging it. I just doubled the tops I have for free! Woot woot. I wonder how far I can take this outfit remixing. How do you think wearing pants as a scarf would go with Sir Matt. Totally doable I'd say. Belt as a top? as the bottom?....woah woah lets stick with the basics lest this turn into a not so family friendly blog and I also start wearing boa's and having you refer to me as ginger....took it to far? Yeah okay.

Aug 24, 2011

Thems be fightin' words

shirt: thrifted          skirt: thrifted         belt: handmade       shoes: Target

I always thought that that the crazy face kids were the ones that got into fights in school. You know who I'm talking about. There's the boy that yelled at you when you bumped him in the shoulder on accident when you walked by and he yelled a "Yeah that's right, keep walking!" as you scurried to your next class. Or there's that loco chica, she’s the girl with that crazy look in her eyes and nails filed like dang tiger claws, oh yeah, don't you dare look at her the wrong way or she’ll make your life miserable….and then make her cousin beat you up.

The evidence was clear to me. Only the crazies got in fights, and I wasn’t one of them so I thought I was safe. I mean right?!

So imagine one day in the eighth grade, you’re sitting on the black top with your friends and a girl comes up to you with a posse of six girls behind her.
She has her eyebrows shaved off and penciled in a thin line all the way to her ears. Her lips are lined with black lip liner and then glossed a pale white. Her bangs are curled in an exact circle and then hair sprayed until the can broke….apparently.  

And she says this to you.

Swishy gang leader: "Wassss wrong wit you gurl."
Sarah: "Huh."
Swishy gang leader: "You know what you did. Don play stewpid."
Sarah: "I'm not playing...stewwwpiid. I just don't know what you're talking about."
Swishy gang leader: "I hurd you been talkin' 'bout me."
Sarah: "I don't even know who you are."
Swishy gang leader: " Yeah thas zactly right. You don know me. So don talk 'bout me."
Sarah: "Uhh"
Swishy gang leader: "What choo wan fight or sumpin?"
Sarah: ""
Swishy gang leader: "Thas it gurl. You won even know what hit you gurl. Meet me after school today. If you ain't too scared."

------Crazy girl and posse exits, gansta walking as they go, one hawks a nasty lugie...looogie? (you know to add a bit of intimidation)---------

 So say you show up after school (because you can't ruin your reputation now...). And nobody shows up.

And the swishy pant gang never made eye contact with you in the halls ever again.



And also probably one of the most random days of my life.
 So now I want to hear your stories. Tell me about the most random day of your life wont cha?!

Also. There's more items in the shop, and once again nothing is over $15 so...get your butts over there.

Aug 23, 2011

Revival Files: Frock or dress?

Total Cost = 7$

Is it so lame of me that for seven dollars I almost put this dress/ frock back because I thought it was too expensive (can someone explain to me the difference between a frock and a dress, because I'm completely baffled.) I don't think it gets much cheaper than that. I have to say that this might be one of my favorites. I've been wearing it non stop. At least as non stop as Sir Matt will allow, he says that swimming and sleeping in it just won't do. I'm getting a petition signed because I think that's just cruel. So far this is what I have.

"Sarah McCammon would like to petition one Sir Matt McCammon for the right to wear her pink frock of glory at all times and in all things and in all places. Thus meaning that one Sir Matt cannot prevent her from wearing it for consecutive days, in large bodies of water, also. she could wear it with a boot or she could wear it down a chute, she could wear it here or there, Sarah can wear it anywhere!"

What do you think? Wanna sign my petition?!

Aug 22, 2011

A Couple A' Poops

Blouse: Thrifted     Jeans: Vigoss      Blazer: Hawaii       Shoes: Target     Necklace: F21

Guh. Back to reality, and it hit me like a rock. This week I'm back to all of the unpacking and work and then next week...dun dun But alas! It's my last semester!!! Time for as much procrastinating and getting by as I can muster right...I mean right?! I hear that's how this last semester thing goes but I've never really done this before so I'll just be as much of a slacker as I can, just to fit in of course.

Oh also. I thought I'd share a little diddy that went down while me and Sir Matt were strolling on the beach.

Sir Matt: "Sarah, don't you think we're just a couple a' poops."
Me: "What??"
Sir Matt: "Yeah we're just a couple of poops sitting on the beach....shining in the sun."
Me: "Like stinky poops? I don't get it."
Sir Matt: "You know, like peas in a pod...we're a couple a' poops!"
Me: "uhhhh...yeah sure I guess."
Sir Matt: "In case you wanted to know we'd be brown poops not white. The two of us."
Me: "Yeah we're not weird bird poop, just the regular kind!"
Sir Matt puts his arm around me.
Sir Matt: "Me and you, a couple a' poops!"

So after that every once in a while Matt would turn to me and say, "Are you and me a couple a poops or what?" and I'd give him a little nod. Who would have thought a bowel movement could ever ever be considered a term of endearment.
Weird. I know. But we are what we are. A couple a' poops.

Aug 19, 2011

Scenes from San Fransisco

 1. Riding across the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time.
2. Matt and Chris stocking up on all things Japan
3. A street festival in Japantown
4.We bought so much pocky that I might just be content for life.
5.I've been convinced that I need a panda hat well....ever since I saw this panda hat. Judge me not! They're awesome!!
6. Walking around the streets of downtown San Fran
7. Matt thought this looked like a bunch of mushrooms stacked on top of each other.
8. It's just like in full house! My dreams have come true.
9. Tape art downtown

We're having so much fun in San Francisco. The first couple of days we stayed with one of Matt's good friends downtown. He showed us the sights, took us to Japantown so we could stock up on a never ending supply of Pocky and Lychee, we meandered around the golden gate bridge like little tourists, and he took us to some of his favorite places to eat. This might sound dumb but one of my favorite things about vacations is getting to try new food. Well holy dang, the food here is sooo good.

On Monday we left San Fran and headed farther north to a beach house with Matt's family and we've been hanging out at the beach house ever since. Don't worry there's TONS of pictures at the beach house. This place is gorgeous.

Hope you guys had fun with Jen getting your beauty on this week! Happy weekend!

Aug 18, 2011

Makeup Tips

Do you ever had those days where you look in the mirror and think, "dang I'm lookin good today, now where can I go to flaunt my stuff?" Except you really have no where to go, except maybe the grocery store. And then when you do go, you feel like you might look too good or be too over dressed to be in a grocery store shopping for cereal?

I have these days quite frequently, only because on days I have more time to get ready( i.e Saturdays only) I really like to take my time doing my makeup and trying out new tricks. Then once my makeup is done obviously I need to do my hair, because that just wouldn't look right, and then I have to wear the perfect outfit. So the end result is I'm all glamed out in a black smokey eye and nude lip strutting up and down the grocery store aisles.

My friends ask why I'm so dressed up, the usual question is " you have some hot and spicy date tonight wink wink!" or "So do you have some sort of event you're going to later on tonight, maybe an opera or the theater?" And I just want to scream, NO CAN'T I JUST LOOK GOOD FOR THE SAKE OF LOOKING GOOD! 

I must admit, I'm one of those people who enjoys wearing makeup, I actually LOVE it, so taking time to do my makeup just brings me to my happy place. I can take 10 mins to do my makeup or I can take a full hour (haha don't judge).

Since my dang computer won't let me upload an awesome tutorial I made for you all I'm going to give you a few basic tips on how to enhance your look.

 Not everyone likes to use foundation and honestly you don't have to. If you have a pretty even skin tone then all you need is concealer. Take your concealer and apply it to any blemishes and red spots you might have. A lot of people tend to have red areas around their nose and on their chin. So apply that concealer by lightly dab dab dabbing the blemish and around it until the concealer has blended into the skin. Also DON'T forget to put just a little concealer under your eyes to make them look more awake.

Choosing a foundation is based on how much coverage you would like to have. I like full coverage so I use a liquid foundation. But you can use a tinted moisturizer to just even your skin tone and give you very minimal coverage. There are also foundations sticks that will give you crazy amounts of coverage ( Bobbie Brown makes a great one), or sheer liquid foundations that give medium coverage. It all depends on what type of coverage you want. If you have dry skin DO NOT use a powder foundation! Please! It will just make your skin look even more dry and lack any type of brightness and glow. Now if you have oily skin powder foundation is great! it soaks up excess oil and makes you look picture perfect!

My advice is to go into a cosmetic department store and ask for a few samples of different types of foundation, try them on and see how you like them. I would also recommend spending a little more of foundation over any other makeup product. Usually the more expensive stuff has more pigment and is full of good stuff for your skin. It is definitely worth the spend. 

- Use blush colors that accentuate your natural coloring, if you're kinda pale a nice pink blush looks great, just make sure to blend blend blend. I you have yellow under tones to your skin a great pink peach blush color looks wonderful! And if you have dark skin a nice red blush or even a blush with an orange tone looks great. NARS has some fantastic blush colors with some naughty names, one of their blush colors is called "Orgasm" need I say more. E.L.F, a company that has their product in Target has a great blush that is basically an exact replica of NARS Orgasm blush a it only costs like $3.00, you cant beat that!

I'm going to give you a useful tool to find the colors that will make your eyes pop! The color wheel. The way it works is first find your eye color in the color wheel, if you have brown eyes you will be under the orange section. Now you have a few options as far as what colors will work well with your eyes, you can either use the colors that are right next to your eye color, or the exact opposite of your eye color.

So for example if you have blue eyes, browns, golds, coppers are opposite your eye color and will really make your eyes pop. If you want to use the colors right next to your eye shade you would use other shades of blues, purples or greens. I personally love using the opposite colors of eye shades, I think it really brings out eye color. So look in the mirror and play around with the color wheel.     

Lip color is based on personal preference, some people like to sport a nude lip, other a nice red. My advice if you want to wear a great red lip make your lips the only center of attention. Play up your eyes with a dark smokey eye and a red lip, that's too much. Go for a simple eye, maybe a nice cat eye and then a bold red lip. Now if you want to do a nude lip then play up those eyes! Get them nice and smokey, the combo will have you looking like Kim Kardashian in no time.

Kardashian!!! She wears way too much makeup!" Than a nice natural looking lip is for you. I recommend going just one shade darker than your natural lip color, it will bring out your lips a little more but not too much at all. I am actually not a big fan of lipstick so I get a chapstick that has a slight tint to it and call it good.

Now that you have the basics, take some time and play around with your makeup. Remember, it's just makeup! You CAN always wash it off if it looks bad. But, be bold don't be afraid to try colors you've never ever thought would look good. And once you look amazing, go find some place to go to debut your new look! Just don't go to a grocery store, they might look at you kinda funny!  

Aug 16, 2011

Homemade Mask Recipes

So today I thought I would share with you some photos of Sarah before she was a blogging fashionista! She would probably never show these to you, but since I'm her guest blogger I can do what I want, hahahaha (evil laugh). No, they aren't even bad at all, but it's crazy to look back and see how much Sarah's fashion has changed. She went from short short hair to long flowing locks, and tomboy to sophisticated lady. My little Sarah Bear is all grown up.

I'm about 6 yeas older than Sarah, so when I was a teen she was just my pesky little sister who drove me crazy!!!I had a temper, she had a temper, and together we would get into the craziest fights ever. And do you know what they were!Ha ha, but now I can honestly say that Sarah,and all my sister are my best friends in the entire world. That's why we have sister shirts,watches, rings, really anything that we all can get our hands on.

One of our favorite things is to have girls nights where we do facials and paint our toes. Today I'm going to give you a few of the facial recipes I love to do. So go grab your sister, brother, friend, boyfriend, whoever! And gosh dang it PAMPER YOURSELF!

So to begin put on some nice relaxing music, maybe some Enya, maybe something that mimics ocean waves. my personal favorite, the soundtrack to Penelope! Whatever it takes to go to your happy place.

Next take out a pot of water, fill it about half way and then add some Thyme, if you have essential oils add some Lavender and eucalyptus. Place on stove top until boiling.

While your concoction is boiling wash and exfoliate your skin.

Now that your water is boiling take it off the stove and place it on the table, (make sure to place a hot pad underneath!) Get a large towel, drape it over your head and the pot of hot water and steam your face for about 3 to 5 minutes, NO LONGER!!

Once you've steamed your face now it's time for a face mask!!!! Here are a few face masks depending on your skin type and what you're looking to achieve.


The Aspirin Mask 
This is great for acne prone skin. Those of you who can't use salicylic acid on your face, this mask is AMAZING!

To create a mask first, dissolve aspirin into one tablespoon tepid water. Typically, you will need three or four normal sized aspirins. Be sure that they are not enteric coated, since they will not dissolve in water. If you are using enteric coated aspirins, you will need to grind them up first before adding to the water. Otherwise, simply drop the tablets into the water and watch them dissolve. You can also add Yogurt and Honey in addition to the dissolved aspirin. Mix in a spoonful of yogurt and a few squeezes of honey and you are good to go. Yogurt and honey are great in this mask because Honey has healing properties while yogurt smooths and moisturizes your skin.  

Once the mask has been sitting for a few minutes, you should wash the mask off. This is a great way to remove the excess dirt and grime from your face as well as any dead skin cells that can potentially clog your pores.

Honey Mask Veggie Mask
This type of mask is great for normal to combination skin and it's easy peasy to make.

To create this mask mix together a dash of cayenne pepper, 2 vitamin E capsules, 2tbs of Honey, and 1/2 avocado. Slather on your face and leave it on for 30 mins.

Ultimate Facial Mask
This mask is great to give your skin a nice pick me up, and is incredibly healing.

To create this mask mix 5 vitamin E capsules, 2 tbs of Honey, a dollop of olive oil and 1 tbs of Aloe Vera gel. Slather on face and leave on for 30 mins.

Now that you have your mask on grab some cucumber water, sit on the couch and relax while all those yummy ingredients absorb into your skin.

Isn't pampering fun!!! Do you have a favorite mask that makes your skin rejoice?

Aug 15, 2011

Beauty Week: Does my skin match my top?

Hey guys! You all know I'm partying in San Fransisco this week so I asked my sis Jen to do a week full of her best makeup and beauty tutorials. Did you know she's one of the best makeup artists I know. Well she is, and what this girls says, I follow, because, well, she knows what she's talking about (oh and also I'm slightly scared that she'll beat me up if I don't do what she says). So without further ado, I give you my sis that I look like...and laugh like...and talk like. Yes, we're pretty much the same person.

Well Hellooo ladies! my name is Jen, Sarah's sister. Now we all know that Sarah is an amazing thrift store fashionista and I'm not even going to pretend I have the talent she has, but there are a few topics that I LOVE to talk about and thats skincare and makeup. I've actually taught Sarah everything she knows about skincare and makeup. I'm sure you all now how to dress, but that perfectly coordinated outfit could fall completely flat without great skin and makeup. That's where I come in, I'm going to give you a few basic pointers that will greatly improve your look and take you from fabulous to...

So first and foremost you MUST wash your skin every single day and night! I don't care if you're too tired, or you want to try and rock the same makeup from the night before, or you've just never been educated on proper skin care routines, you must must must wash your face every night! You'll thank me in 20 yrs when you still look like a spring chick. It's a scary fact but not washing your face actually ages your skin! Consider yourself warned.


Now that I've scared you all into washing your face, it's all about the cleanser. I adore organic products and have honestly seen the best results with them, but you know your skin and what it likes. If your skin is on the dry side stick to a cream based cleanser, Nu Skin has an amazing creamy cleansing lotion, check it out here.  If you have combination to oily skin you will want to use a foaming gel cleanser. My personal favorite is MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Cleanser, LOVE IT!


Next exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!!!! Oh my gosh exfoliate. You only need to exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week, but dear heavens does it make a world of difference. I think this is by far one of the most important things you can ever do for your skin. Exfoliating takes off that top layer of dead skin cells,exposing that beautiful skin you've been hiding. NOW, not every exfoliator is created equally! If you have acne prone skin you want to get an exfoliator with Alpha Hydroxy Acid or fruit acids. Don't use a scrub that has any type of scrubbing abrasive properties. Those will only spread bacteria around causing more acne,crazy hu! Fruit acid will dissolve that layer of dead skin without scrubbing.

Now for dry, normal and combination skin you can use a facial scrub, One of my favorite natural at home facial scrubs is Baking Soda. Ya, who would've  known that you had a box of facial gold in your pantry! Apply a paste of 3 parts Baking Soda to 1 part water in a gentle circular motion after washing face with soap and water. Rinse clean for a fresh-scrubbed face! 


Toning is awesome, toning up your bum gives you a perky behind, and toning your face gives you a glowing complexion! So get toning! Toning balances our the PH levels in your skin. So pick a toner based on your skin, try to stick to toners that have no alcohol it will only dry out your skin. If you have acne prone skin Witch Hazel is magnificent! For dry skin, rose water is a nice glass of hydration, and for combination to oily NU SKIN has a great one for both skin types here.


 Last but not least Moisturize!!! There's a lot to say about a moisturizer, I mean there are a million of them out there on the market. One of the most important things is that if this is a day time moisturizer make sure it has an SPF of at least 30. I also look for ingredients like Hyaluronic acid which binds moisture to the skin, anti oxidants, vitamin E which heals skin, Vitamin C which brightens skin, Honey, Aloe Vera, the list could go on and on. The main thing is you find a moisturizer that works with your skin type. Now what's just as important as what's in your skin care is what isn't in there. Here is an article from Xtend Life that lists the ingredients you DO NOT want in your skin care.

Hopefully you're not sleeping next to your computer because this information bore you to the point of exhaustion!Please love me! Tomorrow I'll try and come up with some funny story to tell you, although I'm not as clumsy as Sarah. Hmm maybe I'll try to fall in front of someone and report back on the embarrassment it caused, ha!

So let me ask you, do you have any skin care questions I can answer for you this week?

Aug 13, 2011

I'm a bum...oh and we're in San Fransisco!

I had an awesome revival file planned for yesterday but between painting our new apartment, moving into our new apartment, and leaving for vacation to San Fransisco I completely forgot! Forgive me, I know not what I do. So anyways we're in San Fransisco now partying it up. We're staying with one of Matt's best friends right now and can I just explain a few things for a second. 

When me and Matt met in Utah, he had just moved from California and he didn't know a soul in Utah. So I never really got to see him in his element with all of his friends. It was so fun last night to see him with his buddies being the crazy goofy Matt with his friends. I learned a few things about my boy last night.

a) He is so 'friggin talented. Matt's never been trained in reading music or in how to play them but when he picks up a guitar or plays on the piano he's a little prodigy. Last night he started jamming with some of his friends and just started writing music as it came to him. Who does that?! Anyways, I was amazed and I'd never seen that side of him before until now.

b) Matt is a closet dork. While I got some much needed shut eye from the long drive Matt stayed up playing some weird dungeony....dragony video game. Matt's completely plays it off as a cool cat but with his buddies....he's a total dork. I love it!

Don't you love it when you get to see a new side to people that you never knew was there. So tell me your stories of your secret hidden side that no one gets to see. I want to hear all about it!

Aug 11, 2011

Is Ug in the dictionary?

blouse: thrifted        necklace: thrifted       belt: thrifted      shoes: Target        jeans: Vigoss

Someone asked me if I was going to a rodeo the day I wore this outfit.
Ba dum ching. Never heard that one before while wearing a gingham shirt.

Moving on.

So the other day I went on a little journey to the Nordstrom. Let me clear some things up. 

       a) I am Sarah and I shop mostly at thrift stores (therefore I am rarely at The Nordstrom). Had there not been a huge sale (and by huge I mean way overpriced but the price slightly lowered) I wouldn’t have gone. 
       b)  Not to be all stereotypical because well, I’m a Mexican that looks white and all, but the likes of the people that shop at thrift stores and the likes of the people that shop at The Nordstrom are well….not the same. Let’s put it this way, one drinks tea with their pinky in the air while one smells like old chicken and cheese. Not the same.

So need it be said that I have grown comfortable with my moldy chicken and cheese people and that I had no desire to rekindle my memories of The Nordstrom Dwellers.

So I’m in the dressing room at the Nordstrom. Wiggling my way into some ridiculously tight skinny jeans when I hear the following.

Girl #1: “Uhhhhhhhh ug ug ug…I’m so ug.”
Girl #2: “oh my gosh you so are not.”
Girl #1: “ uhhhhh and this dress is ug…ug ug ug.”
Girl #1: “and my mom totally won’t let me wear it….wait do you think I could fit a credit card in between my knees and the skirt….because then I could totally wear it.”
Girl #2: “I don’t know… look at my badonkadonk.”

At this point my eyes got really wide and I simultaneously started silent laughing. I had many questions for this strange species.
1.Do you think she was wearing ugs while talking about being ug?
   2. I have got to put a face to the girl I am imagining right now! (not a question but still relevant right?!)
3. Do you think their skin is orange from too many tanning adventures?
4.Ooooh and I’m betting jet black long dyed hair…..
5.Do you think that she thinks that she invented the word ug?

So I strategically walk out of the dressing at the same time as the two girls and yes. Black hair. Extensions.  Orange skin.
I gave my self a cognitive high five and then realized that I, the white Mexican, am a stereotyper.


So that makes the stereotyping thing better right? I mean right???

So anyways, usually when I meet people like that I kind of want to do something drastically ridiculous, you know to give them a proper thrifter greeting.

But I didn’t. Instead I just went home and practiced my karate moves.
What do you think? Worthy to be Jackie’s friend?

HUGE DISCLAIMER: I do not think all Nordstrom shoppers are goobs. Please still like me.

Aug 10, 2011

DIY Revival: Getting Rid of Puffy Sleeves

I know I promised you guys that I'd show you how to take clothes next. BUT (and it's a big giant BUUTTTTT), you have to take the sleeves off before you can take the dress in. So next week I'll show you how to take the dress in once you have your sleeves off.

1. Remove the sleeves with a seam ripper (or if I'm feeling lazy I'll just cut them off).
2. Cut at the dotted line to decrease the angle of the sleeve. (Above sleeve is before the cut, below sleeve is after being cut)
3. Cut the sleeve from the bottom to fit your desired length.
4. With right sides together slip the sleeve into the arm hole and match the side seams (pin the layers together).
5.  With a seam of 5/8" sew along the sleeve where you have pinned.
6. Hem the bottom of the sleeve.

You're done!

Aug 9, 2011

And They Called It Love

I had the awesome opportunity to have a little groomal shoot with Shaylee and John last week. I wanted to give you guys a little peek at some of my favorites (You know 'cuz we're tight like that and all.)