Aug 18, 2011

Makeup Tips

Do you ever had those days where you look in the mirror and think, "dang I'm lookin good today, now where can I go to flaunt my stuff?" Except you really have no where to go, except maybe the grocery store. And then when you do go, you feel like you might look too good or be too over dressed to be in a grocery store shopping for cereal?

I have these days quite frequently, only because on days I have more time to get ready( i.e Saturdays only) I really like to take my time doing my makeup and trying out new tricks. Then once my makeup is done obviously I need to do my hair, because that just wouldn't look right, and then I have to wear the perfect outfit. So the end result is I'm all glamed out in a black smokey eye and nude lip strutting up and down the grocery store aisles.

My friends ask why I'm so dressed up, the usual question is " you have some hot and spicy date tonight wink wink!" or "So do you have some sort of event you're going to later on tonight, maybe an opera or the theater?" And I just want to scream, NO CAN'T I JUST LOOK GOOD FOR THE SAKE OF LOOKING GOOD! 

I must admit, I'm one of those people who enjoys wearing makeup, I actually LOVE it, so taking time to do my makeup just brings me to my happy place. I can take 10 mins to do my makeup or I can take a full hour (haha don't judge).

Since my dang computer won't let me upload an awesome tutorial I made for you all I'm going to give you a few basic tips on how to enhance your look.

 Not everyone likes to use foundation and honestly you don't have to. If you have a pretty even skin tone then all you need is concealer. Take your concealer and apply it to any blemishes and red spots you might have. A lot of people tend to have red areas around their nose and on their chin. So apply that concealer by lightly dab dab dabbing the blemish and around it until the concealer has blended into the skin. Also DON'T forget to put just a little concealer under your eyes to make them look more awake.

Choosing a foundation is based on how much coverage you would like to have. I like full coverage so I use a liquid foundation. But you can use a tinted moisturizer to just even your skin tone and give you very minimal coverage. There are also foundations sticks that will give you crazy amounts of coverage ( Bobbie Brown makes a great one), or sheer liquid foundations that give medium coverage. It all depends on what type of coverage you want. If you have dry skin DO NOT use a powder foundation! Please! It will just make your skin look even more dry and lack any type of brightness and glow. Now if you have oily skin powder foundation is great! it soaks up excess oil and makes you look picture perfect!

My advice is to go into a cosmetic department store and ask for a few samples of different types of foundation, try them on and see how you like them. I would also recommend spending a little more of foundation over any other makeup product. Usually the more expensive stuff has more pigment and is full of good stuff for your skin. It is definitely worth the spend. 

- Use blush colors that accentuate your natural coloring, if you're kinda pale a nice pink blush looks great, just make sure to blend blend blend. I you have yellow under tones to your skin a great pink peach blush color looks wonderful! And if you have dark skin a nice red blush or even a blush with an orange tone looks great. NARS has some fantastic blush colors with some naughty names, one of their blush colors is called "Orgasm" need I say more. E.L.F, a company that has their product in Target has a great blush that is basically an exact replica of NARS Orgasm blush a it only costs like $3.00, you cant beat that!

I'm going to give you a useful tool to find the colors that will make your eyes pop! The color wheel. The way it works is first find your eye color in the color wheel, if you have brown eyes you will be under the orange section. Now you have a few options as far as what colors will work well with your eyes, you can either use the colors that are right next to your eye color, or the exact opposite of your eye color.

So for example if you have blue eyes, browns, golds, coppers are opposite your eye color and will really make your eyes pop. If you want to use the colors right next to your eye shade you would use other shades of blues, purples or greens. I personally love using the opposite colors of eye shades, I think it really brings out eye color. So look in the mirror and play around with the color wheel.     

Lip color is based on personal preference, some people like to sport a nude lip, other a nice red. My advice if you want to wear a great red lip make your lips the only center of attention. Play up your eyes with a dark smokey eye and a red lip, that's too much. Go for a simple eye, maybe a nice cat eye and then a bold red lip. Now if you want to do a nude lip then play up those eyes! Get them nice and smokey, the combo will have you looking like Kim Kardashian in no time.

Kardashian!!! She wears way too much makeup!" Than a nice natural looking lip is for you. I recommend going just one shade darker than your natural lip color, it will bring out your lips a little more but not too much at all. I am actually not a big fan of lipstick so I get a chapstick that has a slight tint to it and call it good.

Now that you have the basics, take some time and play around with your makeup. Remember, it's just makeup! You CAN always wash it off if it looks bad. But, be bold don't be afraid to try colors you've never ever thought would look good. And once you look amazing, go find some place to go to debut your new look! Just don't go to a grocery store, they might look at you kinda funny!  

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  1. its so funny you wrote this post, bc i was totally gna write about this! i do HAVE those days!!! but some days its opposite and im like ew lol!

    <3 steffy
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