Aug 31, 2011

Deep Unto The Sea

Blouse: thrifted     Sweater: H&M   Jeans: Vigoss    Shoes: Target  Necklace: Thrifted

We've got a pup that loves the camera ova' heyah. She was in every picture I took, chewing branches, itching collars, chasing bugs. Born model I tell you. Want to know a secret revealed unto me this week? If you want attention like you've never had IN YOUR LIFE, just take a pup on a walk. Me and the 'lil one were on a walk last night when two tough old men (I'm talking full sleeve tattoo's, beers in hand, and long beards) simultaneously let out a little. 


So you know, of course we had to go say hello to them, to please our public and all. The beer belly guy starting blubbering over the pup in a high pitched voice, 

"Well aren't you the cutest thing....oh yes you are." 

I just blushed and said thanks...I mean who knows it could have been directed to me, I did have lipstick on and all.

The other drunk as a skunk man shrieked, "Ohhhh! My guess is she's an Aussie. Yes! She is just the cutest little Aussie!"

I tell ya there's just nothing that melts peoples heart like a fluffy pup. They're the only things that while licking their butt people will simultaneously oogle and awwweee over them, I love it!

Also. My little lady is deep unto the sea. She's like a little human. We were hanging out in the yard, she playing with sticks and me looking for bugs (don't judge, you still do it too) when I found a little slug. I called her over so excited to give her a very first encounter with a slug and you know what she did.

Straight up ate that thing.

And you know what else.

After she did it she had an eerie look in her eyes like, "Yeah that's right, I just did that."

Deep unto the sea I say. 

I don't know what grudge she's holding but I'm sleeping with both eyes open tonight. She's fiery that one.

P.S. All of your guys' suggestions for her name are so awesome and we're still debating it out. But not to worry! We've given ourselves to the end of  today, because....well... I'm pretty sure she'll start having identity issues if we don't name her soon. Who wouldn't ya know!


  1. What a cute camera hog! Cutest puppy ever.

    You look lovely! I love the asymmetrical shirt.

  2. OHMYGOD I'm dying laughing about the slug! That's so my dog...

    Love the yellow with royal stripes, and that necklace is gorgeous.

  3. Looove reading about your pup!
    You're both adorable. I guess growing to resemble your pet isn't a bad thing when it's such a cutie pie.

  4. have you been losing weight?!
    I love this outfit... and I can sort of almost copy it :)

  5. I have faith in your naming abilities. :)

    I love the blue, yellow and coral together! You look amazing!

  6. Can I just say I love your blogs? They are always so entertaining! You do have a very adorable puppy!!! Indie is a waaaay cute name :)

  7. Haha! This post made me laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh.

  8. Hahaha you are soo great.
    I love the yellow with the blue (:


  9. just found your blog via clothed much, and just wanted to tell you that i love your style. and you have a super cute puppy!

  10. Dogs and bugs...just wait until she wants to rub a dead bug into her ear. They all do it, who knows why?!
    LOVE this top, perfect for my bulging belly.