Aug 11, 2011

Is Ug in the dictionary?

blouse: thrifted        necklace: thrifted       belt: thrifted      shoes: Target        jeans: Vigoss

Someone asked me if I was going to a rodeo the day I wore this outfit.
Ba dum ching. Never heard that one before while wearing a gingham shirt.

Moving on.

So the other day I went on a little journey to the Nordstrom. Let me clear some things up. 

       a) I am Sarah and I shop mostly at thrift stores (therefore I am rarely at The Nordstrom). Had there not been a huge sale (and by huge I mean way overpriced but the price slightly lowered) I wouldn’t have gone. 
       b)  Not to be all stereotypical because well, I’m a Mexican that looks white and all, but the likes of the people that shop at thrift stores and the likes of the people that shop at The Nordstrom are well….not the same. Let’s put it this way, one drinks tea with their pinky in the air while one smells like old chicken and cheese. Not the same.

So need it be said that I have grown comfortable with my moldy chicken and cheese people and that I had no desire to rekindle my memories of The Nordstrom Dwellers.

So I’m in the dressing room at the Nordstrom. Wiggling my way into some ridiculously tight skinny jeans when I hear the following.

Girl #1: “Uhhhhhhhh ug ug ug…I’m so ug.”
Girl #2: “oh my gosh you so are not.”
Girl #1: “ uhhhhh and this dress is ug…ug ug ug.”
Girl #1: “and my mom totally won’t let me wear it….wait do you think I could fit a credit card in between my knees and the skirt….because then I could totally wear it.”
Girl #2: “I don’t know… look at my badonkadonk.”

At this point my eyes got really wide and I simultaneously started silent laughing. I had many questions for this strange species.
1.Do you think she was wearing ugs while talking about being ug?
   2. I have got to put a face to the girl I am imagining right now! (not a question but still relevant right?!)
3. Do you think their skin is orange from too many tanning adventures?
4.Ooooh and I’m betting jet black long dyed hair…..
5.Do you think that she thinks that she invented the word ug?

So I strategically walk out of the dressing at the same time as the two girls and yes. Black hair. Extensions.  Orange skin.
I gave my self a cognitive high five and then realized that I, the white Mexican, am a stereotyper.


So that makes the stereotyping thing better right? I mean right???

So anyways, usually when I meet people like that I kind of want to do something drastically ridiculous, you know to give them a proper thrifter greeting.

But I didn’t. Instead I just went home and practiced my karate moves.
What do you think? Worthy to be Jackie’s friend?

HUGE DISCLAIMER: I do not think all Nordstrom shoppers are goobs. Please still like me.


  1. Wowzers, your blog is way cute! I'm loving your thrifted and remade finds! Following you now. :)

  2. thats too funny. you need to take me thrift shopping!

  3. Hello! Just wanted to say hi so I'm not a creepy lurker. Your blog is quickly becoming my favorite. It's nicest to read about fashion from someone who has so much FUN with it! And yes, high-end department stores are soooo intimidating after spending years pawing through bins at the Goodwill. :-/


  4. Kathleen, you me and some serious thrift store shopping the second I get back from vacation next week. Plan on it!

  5. I love this post so much!
    I don't know if it's your awesome karate moves or your amazing descriptions of events but this has definitely got me smiling!

  6. I love being a white Mexican! It makes life super great!

  7. FILARIOUS! Thats it. Flipping Hilarious!

  8. Absolutely love the whole outfit. My sister just called to tell me she loves loves loves how you dress :) We love your blog!

  9. Hahahaha.
    This is great. I used to work there! Think of all the fun people I was able to meet!
    My favorite are the people who buy millions of overpriced staples, like t-shirts. I wanted to ask them if they've ever heard of Target.
    Love, Leigh

  10. Jo(ke): Just about the sweetes thing ever. Tell your sister she's a-okay in my book.

    leigh: Hey i'd work there if it meant an occassional free promo item right?! I never have understood that about expensive stores. Why are they all selling $40 v-neck t-shirts???

    jessie-girl: White-mexicans for life!

  11. lol. Aren't those people just lovely?? haha.

    Cute outfit. Gingham is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

    I have to admit I really love going to Nordstrom's for their food. $5 for grilled cheese and tomato basil soup is pretty spectacular. (it's on the kid's menu).

    White-mexicans! lol. I am a half-mexican who went to school with 98% of the student population being Mexican. I stood out like a sore thumb, being as pale as Casper you know. :)

  12. Sooo funny! Love it ... don't know how you didn't laugh out loud!

  13. eeeek. I always feel super out of place any time I venture out of thrift stores to shop. Like "ooo crap, should I have put on makeup before going out in public???" or "maybe I should have worn real clothes instead my 8th grade orchestra shirt.." So I just avoid shopping anywhere that I'll be spending more than $5 on anything

  14. your hair is soooo cute like this! and love your top!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  15. I love the comments you hear people make in the dressing room. One time I heard a girl ask her mother what she was smoking (something to do with an outfit she didn't like). So funny! P.S. Where do you thrift? My Goodwill so does not carry the amazing things you find at thrift shops.

  16. I was introduced to your blog from from your aunt who I knew in CO. Love your wit and style....creativity rocks!
    I'm not a White-Mexican --- I'm a white Cuban...aka cubancracker. Comes in handy when this blonde green eyed girl understands and can talk back in Spanish....awesome to see the looks on their faces:-)

  17. HAHA, you are hilarious. Love your outfit too.

  18. Hahah too funny. I hate listening to people talk while's usually ridiculous!

  19. Girl. This post FINALLY inspired me to go to Goodwill for my first foray into thrifting. And it was epic. 17 pieces for $70! Vintage 50s style house-dresses (no refashioning needed! haha), gingham button-ups, silk scarves, a floral skirt, a suede brown bag, a tweed blazer and pencil skirt, white braided belt, ocean blue capris--MIND. BLOWN.

    When I read "blouse/necklace/belt thrifted" I was like "Okay, I HAVE to get my butt out the door. NOW." Thanks for the inspiration, girl! I'll probably blog about this epic night of fashion soon on my own personal blog ( you credit, naturally! :)

    My next item of business: Buying a sewing machine.

  20. I'm a Nordstrom shopper but I promise I don't have extensions or orange skin hahaha. Actually, you'll find me more at the rack than at the actual store, unless there's a sale! Anyway, I love your sense of humor! :)

    Oh and that's a great casual look!

  21. Hahaha! I laughed so hard at this post! Sarah, you are hilarious!

    And the karate kick even more so.

    The other day is said Kakkerlak, which is Afrikaans for cockroach, when I dropped something on the floor in a dressing room.

    There was a little English boy in the room next to mine and he mimicked what I said. I laughed so hard! Luckily I didn't use a curse word!

  22. Yeah, I rarely go into high street shops either, and last time I too overheard a pair of teenagers discussing how "hideous" and "fat" they looked. I don't get it: are they fishing for compliments, or do they think that's what they're supposed to say in these situations, or do they really think they're fat and hideous? Whatever the answer, it's depressing.

    PS: I am impressed with your karate moves, and with your camera skills to capture them with!

  23. CUTE! Love the karate pics, ha!

  24. HI-LARIOUS! Stereotypes begin (and continue) with truth.

  25. Holy Crap! this was an awesome post! i think i just love the way you write about it too...i mean old chicken and cheese...Hah! i think thrift stores smell more like old slightly dirty fabric, mothballs and maybe less organic than chicken and cheese. but i sure like hanging out there to shop, too!

  26. Emily: You know my Aunt Patti?! She's just about the coolest aunt a girl could ask for. I miss them so much now that their in Cali. Thanks for checking out my blog! I love when the word spreads about it!

    Kristi: That sounds like the thrift haul from heaven girl. I'm telling you, my mind exploded the first time I walked into a thrift store and now I literally laugh out loud anytime something is over $5. Let me know when you have pics up of all your stuff. I'd love to see it!

    Tanya: ha ha I forgive you my friend. No actually I love the rack. You can find some really great stuff there. Rack away my friend!

  27. That necklace is an amazing thrift find. Looks like the Kie and Kate necklaces I've been seeing a lot of lately in the blogosphere, although I'm sure you paid much less. I just scored a vintage Dooney & Burke AWL Doctor Satchel for $13. I LOVE THRIFTING!!!

  28. love your blog! I just found it today but can't wait to see more.

    check out my blog