Aug 5, 2011

Revival Files: Passion fruit?

Total cost = $4

The other night I caught Matt grinning like a fool at his computer screen

And the conversation proceeded as thus.

 Me: Why are you smiling at your computer?
Matt: I found this guy on you first I thought he was weird. But I can't stop watching his videos, I've been watching them all night.
Me: What are the videos about?
Matt: He teaches people how to eat food.
Me: What? Why?
Matt: I don't know... oh and also he told me that the key to not being sick is to be healthy.
Me: That's deep stuff right there.
Matt: I want to be like him when I'm older.... oh and he taught me how to eat a passion fruit!

This is one of the many videos Matt was watching. Random, I know.

So now Matt wants to go buy exotic fruits so he can teach me how to eat them. So yes, he has decided our weekend is going to be filled with an exotic fruit extravaganza. What are you guys up to this weekend?

Also, this you tube video right here will ALWAYS get a laugh out of me.

Also. Also. Thank you so much for all the puppy advice! I'll be doing some serious dog research this weekend too!


  1. I recommend trying a coconut and a papaya. I don't know if those are considered exotic, but they sure are good.
    I LOVE miranda! Harris loves it when I sing like her.

  2. Do I sense a new series for you?! How to Eat Fruit according to Sir Matt? That's a winner! : ) Enjoy your fruit this weekend!

    And yet again, I'm in awe...I love this dress!

  3. very very pretty!!!:)

  4. this is so cute!! i love the pattern, it looks really good on you!

  5. You are so awesome at these! I'm in awe of your sewing skills :)

  6. The fit on this dress is perfect! I love the stripes and that it's sheer! Congrats on yet another fantastic revamp!

  7. HAHAH, miranda videos make me laugh every single time.

    p.s. very pretty dress!

  8. It's not only unimaginable talent that you take something like THAT (looks to left) and make something that looks like THAT (looks to right) but that you saw the potential!
    You're like Michelangelo seeing what's inside the big slab of marble, waiting to be chiseled out.

  9. Wow. You must be crazy good at sewing. Your recreated dress' always look so good :)

  10. Oh my God, your blog is such an inspiration! I want to go and make some great dresses right now)) I really like how this turned up - the color, the stripes, a really great fit. Amazing <3

  11. I love what you did to this dress, it looks amazing!! Haha and that sounds like a fantastic weekend, so funny =D
    Loving your blog, following you now =)

  12. You look so cute here! I love your revivals! I always have to click the link when I see it in my feed, you are like a wizard!

  13. Rachael: Man your comments always make my day. I always know you'll give me something awesome to chuckle over. ----Your little Michaelangelo

  14. Do you go to school in Provo??? I can tell by the beautiful mountains.. I think.. haha... I feel like so many fashion bloggers I follow are at Rexburg. I go to Provo,and I really want to find some more bloggers from that area! Love the re-make!

  15. Hi Sarah!so my question is How did Matt even find this site. The guy is funny! You look gorgeous as usual! How is the house moving going? Emma, Adam and Leah are great!! Leah asked for you!