Aug 19, 2011

Scenes from San Fransisco

 1. Riding across the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time.
2. Matt and Chris stocking up on all things Japan
3. A street festival in Japantown
4.We bought so much pocky that I might just be content for life.
5.I've been convinced that I need a panda hat well....ever since I saw this panda hat. Judge me not! They're awesome!!
6. Walking around the streets of downtown San Fran
7. Matt thought this looked like a bunch of mushrooms stacked on top of each other.
8. It's just like in full house! My dreams have come true.
9. Tape art downtown

We're having so much fun in San Francisco. The first couple of days we stayed with one of Matt's good friends downtown. He showed us the sights, took us to Japantown so we could stock up on a never ending supply of Pocky and Lychee, we meandered around the golden gate bridge like little tourists, and he took us to some of his favorite places to eat. This might sound dumb but one of my favorite things about vacations is getting to try new food. Well holy dang, the food here is sooo good.

On Monday we left San Fran and headed farther north to a beach house with Matt's family and we've been hanging out at the beach house ever since. Don't worry there's TONS of pictures at the beach house. This place is gorgeous.

Hope you guys had fun with Jen getting your beauty on this week! Happy weekend!


  1. Cute hat! So jealous... I've never been to San Fran. Tell us more about the tape art? I love that geometric look.

    <3 jen @ stuffjendid

  2. pocky is so good! and i love the scene with the balloons!!

    <3 steffy
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  3. Pocky is the best :) You rock that panda hat!

  4. I'm glad you're having fun!!!
    San Fran = work for me for so long, it's nice to see it as a destination/vacation spot.

  5. i love san fran. i biked across the golden gate. it was tandem and it was hard. but so worth it.

  6. Pocky is the best!!! I lived in Hawaii for awhile and I ate it almost every day :)

  7. lucky! i love sf :) and pocky. and these pictures :)

  8. Panda hat! So cute, I can't even <3)))

  9. Is it creepy if I admit that I know exactly which Japanese grocery store you were in when you took that photo? I lived in San Francisco for 5 1/2 years, literally right around the corner from the Full House houses, so I know it well :-)

    Glad you had a great trip!