Aug 2, 2011

Sometimes I fall...a lot

Shirt: I made it              Skirt: I made it                 Necklace:Thrifted                 Shoes: Target   

There are lots of things I don't like.
  Vanilla ice cream.

Guys with really hairy backs.

Sweaty guys with really hairy backs. 

Sweaty guys with really hairy backs and a mustache.

My high-school choir teacher (who happened to have a mustache).

Have you noticed my sentences getting longer? I did it on purpose so the words would make a pyramid.

But one thing that I kind of both hate and have a fear of is getting hurt in public. Gahhh I hate it. Like that time that you tripped on the stairs and everyone gasped and half reached (as if that might help your situation). And you look up from your fallen state and see everyone completely frozen and staring at you and you want to cry, not because you're that hurt but because you look like an idiot. Ahh I just despise that!

So this morning I was riding my bike. But mostly I wasn't really riding my bike, mostly I was dancing to my i-pod whilst sitting on my bike. And because I was so caught up in bike dancing (a very competitive yet elusive hobby of mine) my handle bars went all hobbly wobbly and I ate it HARD. 

With my palms all rasberry-licious from being dragged on pavement and my knees throbbing...I slowly peeked my head up to see if anyone was around....feeling that throb in my throat at the ready in case I needed to shed a tear.

But alas I was alone!!!

And I have to admit, it was the most satisfying fall of my life thus far! (besides the fact that I tore up my very favorite pair of jeans, I'LL MISS YOU MY LOVES!). But seriously, other than that my i-pod music kept playing, not a soul saw it and I just popped up and went on my merry way. I would highly recommend falling all by your lonesome, it's much much less humiliating than you would think.

Not only that, but today I felt like a total BA (I mean bachelor of the arts of course) because I have scrapes and scuffs on my hands and all day I  had this look on my face like, "Listen ese, you don't even want to know what I was up to this weekend....yeah that's how I got this wicked road rash!"

So yes, lets see what have we learned today? If you need to be your clumsy self, do it in the private of your own aloneness, oh and also, don't tell your husband that you still fall off of bikes. He'll just laugh at you.


  1. haha i think we would get along because we have all the same dislikes. hair backs are THE WORST. and vanilla.. bleck. always chocolate! anyway, i love your bright colors :)

    <3 steffy

  2. uh better not see my husband's face 'cuz it surely has a pervy stache like your high school choir teacher!

    (i promise he doesn't have a hairy back, though.)

    and i dread the winter every year not only because of the bitter cold, but because that's when i turn into bambi-on-ice----i need spikes on my boots i swear! falling SUCKS.

  3. one time, when i was little, i had this BA (:) ) mountain bike that was way too big for me, but my mom said i'd grow into it (i didn't).
    any way..
    i was the only girl on our block and all the other neighbor kids were boys. mean boys. i was constantly trying to seem more awesome and tough by playing baseball with the boys but they'd throw it really hard AT ME instead of regular so i could hit it.
    (this is not a sad story i promise, well its kind of sad.. so i take back that promise).
    well... these two brothers were playing with a bouncy blow up ball (the ones that you got from the grocery store.. in those huge bins that were tie-dye colors) and it rolled into the street while i was riding my way-too-big mountain bike and i had this genius idea that i'd "kick" it back to them with my front tire.. so i sped up and instead of popping it back to them, my tired rolled up and made my bike come to a complete stop which threw me over the handle bars and onto the street.
    talk. about. embarrassing.
    it gets worse and more awesome.
    i started bawling.. like, snot running down, drooling, ugly-face crying..
    and the worst part..
    the boy's dad was outside and was dyyyinngg laughing. which led his boys to start pointing and laughing.
    that was my que to running as fast as i could back to my house and never ride that bike again.
    the. end.

  4. really? i choose vanilla ice cream over chocolate anyday. one time in high school [the worst place for such a thing to happen] it had been a rainy day and i had been dumb enough to wear flip flops. you know the type that have horrible gripping on the bottom of the shoe? yep i was wearing those. i was late for class [which was a good thing in this situation as most people were in class already] so of course i was running down the hall. there was a water puddle waiting for me. i didn't see it and bam. scene from a movie. slipped and fell right on my butt. this kid started laughing and pointing and i turned around and he said "oh my it was kylee" and only started laughing harder. it was the worst. if only i had been alone and had my ipod in like you. could have been a much cooler and happier story.

  5. Good grief. I'm getting all nervous just thinking about falling in public. Ugh.

    Despite the fact that your outfit does not follow the "rule" of pattern mixing, somehow it works and I LOVE it!!! You look awesome.

  6. oh no! taking a spill over your handlebars can be seriously embarrassing. i also ate it pretty hard earlier this summer on my bike. stopped short and went flying onto the pavement. luckily there was a passerby who was kind enough to make sure i got home!

    but, now you're totally a bad ass because you're really hardcore haha.

    also, you're skirt is adorable. what a talent you have for sewing and creating!

  7. Lesley Kylie and Kacie, your falls take the cake by far. You win my friends, you win.

  8. As always, I finish reading your blog with a smile on my face that wasn't there before I clicked over.
    You are a riot.
    I'm the opposite.. Less likely to cry if it happened in front of people. When I'm alone and eat it, I sometimes indulge and cry like a baby.

  9. Suhweet color combo in your threads by the way.

  10. I'm a carhop at Sonic and I fall once about every two/three months. And someone always notices D: I'm just like, "I'm fine, I can get up myself, pretend you didn't notice that."

  11. Awwww man, I hope you weren't hurt! Hey, at least you can RIDE a bike! I never learned!

  12. Hahaha, it sounds like you just don't like body hair in general.