Aug 24, 2011

Thems be fightin' words

shirt: thrifted          skirt: thrifted         belt: handmade       shoes: Target

I always thought that that the crazy face kids were the ones that got into fights in school. You know who I'm talking about. There's the boy that yelled at you when you bumped him in the shoulder on accident when you walked by and he yelled a "Yeah that's right, keep walking!" as you scurried to your next class. Or there's that loco chica, she’s the girl with that crazy look in her eyes and nails filed like dang tiger claws, oh yeah, don't you dare look at her the wrong way or she’ll make your life miserable….and then make her cousin beat you up.

The evidence was clear to me. Only the crazies got in fights, and I wasn’t one of them so I thought I was safe. I mean right?!

So imagine one day in the eighth grade, you’re sitting on the black top with your friends and a girl comes up to you with a posse of six girls behind her.
She has her eyebrows shaved off and penciled in a thin line all the way to her ears. Her lips are lined with black lip liner and then glossed a pale white. Her bangs are curled in an exact circle and then hair sprayed until the can broke….apparently.  

And she says this to you.

Swishy gang leader: "Wassss wrong wit you gurl."
Sarah: "Huh."
Swishy gang leader: "You know what you did. Don play stewpid."
Sarah: "I'm not playing...stewwwpiid. I just don't know what you're talking about."
Swishy gang leader: "I hurd you been talkin' 'bout me."
Sarah: "I don't even know who you are."
Swishy gang leader: " Yeah thas zactly right. You don know me. So don talk 'bout me."
Sarah: "Uhh"
Swishy gang leader: "What choo wan fight or sumpin?"
Sarah: ""
Swishy gang leader: "Thas it gurl. You won even know what hit you gurl. Meet me after school today. If you ain't too scared."

------Crazy girl and posse exits, gansta walking as they go, one hawks a nasty lugie...looogie? (you know to add a bit of intimidation)---------

 So say you show up after school (because you can't ruin your reputation now...). And nobody shows up.

And the swishy pant gang never made eye contact with you in the halls ever again.



And also probably one of the most random days of my life.
 So now I want to hear your stories. Tell me about the most random day of your life wont cha?!

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  1. bahahaha best ending EVER to a "fight story". i'm sorry, i can't top that with any story of mine...

  2. I was home schooled, so no great stories like yours. However, love the colors and drape of this outfit.

  3. Lol, I wish all of my fight stories ended like that, but no such luck.

    Very pretty and ladylike outfit!! I love the ruffle top and lace skirt together. You look absolutely gorgeous!! :)

  4. LOVE this outfit. you are a genius. love your story too. :)

  5. Haha, hilarious story!! Love the outfit today!! It's simply gorgeous!

  6. Did you go to my junior high? That sounds too familiar :)

    Love your skirt!

  7. Hahah...great story. In 7th grade, this mean girl kept making fun of me and for some reason, held up her key and threatened to cut me with it. Huh? I had it with her at that point and schwapped her with my ruler (it was math class). She never bugged me again.

    And...great outfit!


  8. Why do all the bullies speak really poor English? Maybe that is why they threaten to beat people up. That shirt is so pretty. I love the way it waterfalls.

  9. A) You're soooo drop dead gorgeous in this outfit. You're always attractive but sometimes it's cute, sometimes glam, sometimes beautiful or pretty. Mostly all of the above with a particular emphasis. Today's emphasis is drop dead gorgeous.
    B) I LOOOOVED your story.
    C) I feel like I need a third point….