Sep 30, 2011

FP That Bro

Total Cost: $5

Guys. I have had an epiphany. BYU is the hugs ugly step sister....the high five. The hug and handshake have completely gone missing. I mean yes guys high five a lot, I get this. But the other night I saw a date coming to an end over by a pond and you know what happened, the guy stuck his hand up in the air and they high fived it out like they'd just won their neighborhood soccer game or something. People are sticking their hands up in the air everywhere over's pandemonium! Friends walking by each other on campus and instead of saying something they just nonchalantly high five, a boy in a group of girls says good bye by running through the group of girls with his hand stuck out.  I mean what's next, fist pounds from all the professors when we turn our papers in. Okay wait... that would be awesome. Woah, new epiphany, I need to get this fist pound thing started asap.

I think I just found my calling in the world (sticks her fist out for a fist pound).

Sep 29, 2011

The Littlest Fish

blouse: thrifted    jeans: vigoss   shoes: target
Oh to feel like a shrimp. It's just the worst of feelings isn't it though. Like everyone is staring at you through a magnifying glass and you have lipstick on your teeth and a leaf that looks like lice in your hair, and toilet paper stuck to your shoe. 'Tis not a good feeling. And it's all I felt yesterday. You see, I'm growing up. It's a terrible thing really this growing up business. I'm graduating and swapping all of my amazing classes for a full time job come January and the dreaded job hunt has officially begun. 

So yesterday my Sir Matt practically dragged me to the career fair on campus. I have to admit I gave myself a bit of a pep talk before I went to meet different companies. It went something like this.

And then I walked in the doors and my confidence flew out the door right along with that girls burrito wrapper that she dropped on the floor.

It was a pitiful sight to see, this business fair hulabalooo. Everyone in suits and business attire, pouncing like sharks on any company representative that would speak to them. Giving them thirty second shpeals as to why they were so awesome and amazing and some other a-word... and that they should be hired that very second. 

So there I stood, hundreds of students whirling around me, and I was completely still....the littlest of fishies . But you know what, I went for it.

I went for it! I felt like the biggest idiot in the world but I went for it! I talked to companies like 'ol chums, shook hands with all the strangers and then got the heck out of there!

And you know what?! I didn't impress a soul. I know right, What??? No one dropped to the floor in shock that I am officially on the market for a company to snag??? Yes, I looked like every other person out there.

But here's what I'm trying to say. I felt completely out of place, and it would have been really easy for me to never give it a try, to never walk in. But I did!

So today, I'm okay. Okay with being a shrimp, and okay with feeling a little in over my head, a little out of my comfort zone. I don't have to conquer everything at once ya know. 

Yeah, today I'm okay.

Sep 28, 2011

Nobody Really Likes Gumbi

blouse: thrifted        blazer: thrifted and revived       trouser: Banana Republic       belt: thrifted            shoes: thrifted

Me and Sir Matt are in the battle of all battles. The battle that defines our marriage. The fight that's worth fighting for! We're battling it out about what to be for halloween. You see, it all started with an innocent text.

Me: "Sweeeeeetieee"
Sir Matt: "yes"
Me: "It's that time!!"
Sir Matt: " time for you to buy me that awesome watch I saw on amazon last night?!"
Me: "What? No. It's time for us to decided what we're going to be for Halloween. I was thinking Mary Poppins and a chimney sweep!"
Sir Matt: "Sorry I already have my costume planned out."
Me: "Well what are you going to be?"
Sir Matt: "Gumbi."
Me: "You want to be Gumbi??"
Sir Matt: "Yeah."
Me: "Have fun figuring that one out...."
Sir Matt: "Oh yea....can you sew me a Gumbi costume?"
Me: -------rolls eyes------ "Oh I see, you'll be Gumbi and I'll be the girl that sewed the Gumbi costume."
Sir Matt: "Yeah doesn't that sound awesome!"

So not awesome. Come on guys, help me convince Sir Matt that Gumbi is NOT the answer! What do you guys think we should be for Halloween?!

Sep 27, 2011

Revival Files: 50's Style Dress

After such a busy weekend I needed to get some serious relaxation going on so you know me...I settled down by sewing my life away. I know, I'm the best at relaxing. I should get an award it'll say "Sarah, a girl who doing lots more work." But hey I totally sewed in my skivies and greasy hair so there's a little bit of freedom and relaxation in there somewhere right.  Yeah, I know, I'm a wild woman. Wild.Woman.

On a completely unrelated subject. Have any of you guys seen the new show Pan Am yet? My eyeballs 'bout exploded from all the visual glory when I saw it. New favorite, and to die for clothes. Oh sweet glory I drooled on the tv screen, and then wiped it up with a napkin because that would be weird if I just left it there...okay I'm tired and starting to say awkward things.

Oh and this revival is in the shop just in case you likey.

oh also also. Do family members that kiss each other on the mouth weird you out as much as it does me? Or am I just a crazy person saying awkward things again. Let's go with I'm just sleep deprived, it makes me less accountable...

Sep 26, 2011

Our Weekend Went a Little Like This

1. Friday after work me and Indie did a little lounging and reading in the yard...apparently eating my feet sounded way cooler to her than reading a good book.
2. Indie tries to avoid bath time at any cost. She hides underneath the bed like we don't know she's over there. Until next time my little Indian.
3. Matt's birthday is this Wednesday so we decided to get our party on a little early and I made him a few of his favorite desserts. This strawberry cake may just be my favorite thing on earth.
4. It wouldn't be a proper birthday weekend without some rock climbing. While we were climbing Indie was stealing the hearts of all the hikers.
5. Me and Sir Matt always get each other some of our favorite foods for each other's birthday. I left with just about everything in that store in my basket. Mission.accomplished.

How was you're weekend?!

Sep 23, 2011

Revival Files and A Giveaway Winner!

Total Cost = $4
I had the best of intentions to sell this dress. But... we may have just bonded over the course of three hours yesterday while I was sewing it. I'd sew a sleeve. She'd look gorgeous. I'd finished the hem, positively divine I tell you! And then once I took in the waist I knew it was a done deal. So, yes, I'm just a wee bit attached to Martha (can you blame me for naming such a beauty?!).

Anyways, after I finish sewing dresses I always try them on and give it a good twirl around the house so that Sir Matt can assess my work. Don't be fooled by Matt's charming good looks....he's the harshest of critics when it comes to assessing clothes. Usually I present my finished work and his eyes dart up from his laptop and he nonchalantly says, "Very nice." and then proceeds to go back to work. But today, TODAY WAS DIFFERENT!

 I came out, presented my dress to the panel and no joke this was his critique. "Wow the colors on the dress are awesome. It fits you so good too. DON'T SELL THAT ONE SARAH!"

I tell ya what, I could've died a happy woman, but instead I did a little foot tap dance and stars came shooting out of my toes.

So yes.
Martha stays.

Oh also.
P.S. There are some more revivals up in the shop for sale today! If your looking for revivals in a different size shoot me an e-mail so I can make a dress in your size next time!

Sep 22, 2011

On Weight Loss and Beauty

I was not going to talk about this. Really, I didn't want to speak a word of this on my blog. It's one topic that makes me cringe because if not talked about just right it can be taken the wrong way and do more harm than good. Just know that I have the best intentions in writing this post. Now that I have thrown that out there, I really feel that something needs to be said.

I kept receiving numerous comments from readers over the past year. They would all go something like this.

"Good for you for having a fashion blog even though you don't have the typical perfect body. Keep up the good work!"

All of these comments were written with the best of intentions, I know this, yet they were written with a specific underlying theme. The theme that if you weren't a certain size you weren't as pretty and desirable as  other smaller girls, somehow it made me feel like I was worth less than other people.

All the while, when these comments started to become more frequent I began training for a triathalon. I did not decide to do a triathalon to lose weight, it was simply something that me and my sisters decided would be fun to do together. My triathalon training required that I work my body very hard I was determined to meet my goal. To do something I'd never done before. And because of my rigorous training I began to slowly lose weight.

Once again I began to receive comments.

"Have you been losing weight, you look so good!!!!"

 These comments were nothing but the sweetest of compliments, and I'm still so grateful for all the encouragement and compliments from all of you sweet girls. But once again. in my twisted mind, all I heard was that my beauty was found in a number. In a waist measurement. That my worth came from what size I was. That I was only beautiful if I was skinnier.

The fact of the matter is that I've always had an athletic build. I've never been the typical skinny girl and for years it killed me. I was never content with how my body looked. I hated my body. I looked at it as if it was a plague. How terrible is that, I hated the most beautiful gift that God has given me.

And then the one time in my life that I wanted to accomplish something just....because, having nothing to do with wanting to change my appearance, here was this issue of my body confronting me once again.

 I'm going to be honest. I still struggle with accepting myself as I am. And I have a long way to go before I reach that point.

But for others out there that might be struggling with the same thing as me, I want you to know that you are beautiful. You are beautiful! And no matter how you might feel about your body right now, remember that you are you unique and beautiful because of what you bring to this world, not because of how your body looks in clothes, or whether you can see light between your thighs, or how big your waist is. You're beautiful because you're you!

Love always,

Sep 21, 2011

Hello My French Friend

dress: thrifted  shirt: target  shoes: thrifted   sunnies: thrifted

Me and the Indian were on a little run. You see, I have this thought about dog freedom. I feel like there is possibly no better feeling for a dog than running free in a field. So when me and the Indian go for runs I take her to the field of all fields and let her run free behind me. You see she loves this. Her ears flap in the wind, her tongue flops on the side of her mouth and her little non existent tail swings from side to side like a pair of windshield wipers in a monsoon (oh you bet I just similed the heck out of that).

So there we were running, and all of the sudden I don't hear the little pitter patter of my Indian. I turn around and there Indie the arms of a big burly man  and she's looking at me like, "come on, who wouldn't pick me up." (Indie has this affect on people, she's quite the hottie, they just pick her up and love on her all the time). 

So I turn around and begin to walk toward them

Me: " I'm so sorry, I didn't see that she left my side."
Large dog hugger: "Eeees okay, shees adorab-lay."
Me: "Oh thank you.....where are you from if you don't mind me asking?"
Large dog hugger: "I'm frome Fraaaahhnce."
Me: "Oh how cool! I've always wanted to travel there!"
Large dog hugger: "So where do you live-ah?"
Me: (a little caught off guard at a stranger asking this question) "oh just in the neighborhood."
Large dog hugger: "Well maybeeee I'll get to see you and your little pooopie around some time."
Me: "Uhhhhhh...I'm sure you will. If you see her with someone else though it's just my husband." (you bet I snuck that in there, creepie french man!)
Large dog hugger: "Oh okay....see you later."

You guys. In one week I have had two chick flick scenes in my life. 1. Girl falls off bike and is caught by unsuspecting man 2. Girl runs into french dog loving man

Who's life am I living? And where is Sir Matt when I need him??!!

Sep 20, 2011

Our Poor Sleepy Eyes

There's nothing like coming home to find these two sneaking in a mid day nap. I jumped right in and got my cuddle on too. We're all tired around here these days. Indie's busy partying with her toys the whole night and filling her bladder up with every known liquid in the apartment...including the toilet bowl. And we're busy taking her out to empty that pea sized bladder. So yes sleeping during the day. very good. Sleeping during the night. also very good, but so not happening right now.

Do any of you dog owners out there have tips on how to get your puppy to sleep at night time and to keep the bathroom trips to a minimum? Or is it just a wait until their older type thing?

Sep 19, 2011

Forgive Me Sir Matt!

removable collar: made by me       shirt: F21      skirt: thrifted       
belt: thrifted       shoes: thrifted

Me and Sir Matt are dating. I don't know if you know this. But we date...and we're married. So we were out on a little rendevous and once again me and Sir Matt's conversation got real interesting...

Me: "Now when we go out I'm always worried about Indie. I'm turning into a worried mother."
Sir Matt: "Yeah, you know what's even weirder about  you and the dog?"
Me: "What?"
Sir Matt: "Hearing you call Indie the same pet names you have for me..."
Me: What are you talking about??? I don't do that."
Sir Matt: " Oh baby, come here baby, hi sweetie....goochie gooooooooo blubidty blub blub."
Me: "I hardly EVER do that."
Sir Matt: "Fine then, are you willing to make it interesting?"
Me: "Yes, because I don't do it!"
Sir Matt: " Okay, everytime you call Indie the same name you use for me I'll answer to it. Deal?"
Me: "FINE. Deal."

You guys. Matt has answered to my little pet names for Indie about seventy times this weekend. I think I have a serious problem. I call my dog sweetie and baby more than I call my husband that.

It's official. I'm a crazy dog lady.

I just need to grow a mole on my nose, tell kids to "SCAT" and shoo them off my property and age fifty more years.

Help. me.

Also. Cinnamon sugar toast rocked the socks off of my weekend.

also.also. I did a little guest post about my family over here this week. check check check a' check it out.

Sep 16, 2011

How I Keep Life Spicy In A Strange Way & A Giveaway!

blazer: thrifted     blouse: thrifted     jeans: thrifted    belt: thrifted    shoes: c/o Cents of Style

You know what I do when I need to make life a bit spicy. I know your just bursting with curiosity!

I put my lipstick on before I brush my teeth (oh yes but think about it, could there be more of a thrill in this world?!)

 Because here's the thing. If you don't brush your teeth just right you spread lipstick all over your teeth...and what's more thrilling than the anticipation of what will happen, red teeth or no red teeth?! What I ask, WHAT?! I'm serious try it. You'll feel full of courage and valour...but most of all...your life will feel spicy again. real spicy.

Do you guys like my new kicks? I got them from Cents of Style and I'm kind of in love. They add a bit of spicy to my outfits too. So yes, teeth brushing with lipstick on and these shoes equals double the spicaaaay. So glad you know how to add...and multiply....and mock me. Moving on. So guess what?!
Here's how to enter.

Just go to Cents of Style's website and then come back here and in the comment section tell me what you'd pick out from the store if you won.

After that you can receive one extra entry for all of the following.
1. Liking their facebook page
2. Being a public follower of this blog via google, facebook, twitter, bloglovin or pinterest (one entry for each)
I'll pick one winner randomly next Friday the 23rd . Good luck guys!

 * Cents of Style also wanted to give all of you guys a discount to their store through the end of this month. When you use the code MYSLEEVE you'll get 10% off your entire order!

Sep 15, 2011

Revival Files: The First Revival Is Up For Sale

So there's this hill I have to ride up every day to get to campus. It is my arch nemesis. It is unto a hill made of tears, sweat, and the cries of children. It is huge, huger than huge...the hugest. Every morning that I see it I let out a huge sigh and then begin my trek up that mountaneous beast. Oh how I loathe it. Every day, by the time I get to the top my knees are all wobbly and I feel like I'm trying to walk on stilts of jello. Nobody wants to walk on stilts made of Jello I'll tell you that much!

So yesterday I'm trucking up this hill on my bike...and I'm starting to breath heavy...and my sunglasses are starting to fog up because I'm getting so hot...and I can feel my newly curled hair start to twang up from the humidity.

People. It was not a pretty sight.

All of the sudden my bike gave up the ghost. Oh it was tragic! It lost it's will to live and started randomly shifting gears every half second. But do not pity the bike, no no, PITY ME! I was chucked off of my bike and landed straight in the arms of an unsuspecting man.

It was one of those moments that happens in the movies. Damsel trips and unsuspecting gent catches her. I looked up, my sunglasses all sideways and twisty on my face, my headphones yanked out of my ears and I blurted out


He just laughed at me (I mean who wouldn't really at how disheveled I looked), " were almost to the top of the hill of death."

My glasses still foggy, " It is the hill of death isn't it! (I raise my fist to the air) I WAS SO CLOSE!"

He turns, " Been there, don't worry the same thing happened to me."

And then the mysterious guy exited just as quickly as he entered and vanished into a fog of hollywood likeness (okay so he just kept walking up the hill).

Such a random awkward experience. But then I thought about what he said. What? He had been there and had the exact same thing happen to him? Been thrusted into the arms of an unsuspecting man who rescued him from his death? Why didn't I ask him about that story. That sounds way more awkward and entertaining than mine! Anways, thanks mysterious movie man for saving my life! I owe ya one!

* P.S. Just like I promised I'm going to start selling some of my revival files to you guys! This one is now up for sale in the shop!

Sep 14, 2011

The Milk Maid Braid Tutorial

 1. Part your hair in half and make two loose braids. Tie both ends off with clear hair ties.
2. Bring the first braid up and to the center of your part. Pin it there with a bobby pin.
3. Bring the second braid up and lay the end of the braid over your hair tie and then tuck the top of the second braid under the first braid. Pin in place.
4. You can pull out a few loose ends of hair if you want it to look a bit messier but other than that you're all done! 

Sep 13, 2011

Encounter of the Twitchy Kind

sress: thrifted        cardigan: thrifted        belt: thrifted        shoes: Target

Have you ever seen a competitive thrift store shopper? Oh you'll know when you see one. As you nonchalantly flip through the blouses one by one, taking your time, she's right behind you, eyeing you, furiously launching clothes to the other side of the rack trying to get in front of you. Each thing you put into your cart she stares you down with the look of the devil and you know you just picked something up that she likes. She's got that crazy look in her eyes like she's been trapped at home with the baby all day and she just might snap and murder you if you get to that periwinkle blouse before she does.

When I found this dress there was one of those girls right behind me, and I swear I saw her eye twitch a little when she saw me pick the dress up. I saw it and I kind of gasped a little (you know because all beautiful things deserve a gasp) and then the lady went completely still and held her breath as if that might make me not want the dress or something.

Yeah right lady! I took that thing and I took it good!

she pursed her lips and once again that look of the devil was directed straight at me...the rest of the half hour that I was in the thrift store. 

So have you had any encounters (of the third kind) with the crazy twitchy ladies at thrift stores? Because honestly, they have me pretty terrified...and I think they eat children for supper.

Sep 12, 2011

Do you Dosie the Twosies?

Jeans: Vigoss   Shoes: Target   Blouse: Thrifted

You know what poops constantly, sleeps half of the day and smells like a rodeo...well of course besides that homeless man I saw in Hawaii trying to take a poop on the side walk, yes you guessed it. It's my dog, that sneaky little Indian of mine. 

Today we were over at a friends house. She was just playing around, being all cute, playing with the baby, licking the baby, cuddling the baby. When I look over and there she was, just ya know the usual... taking a dump on my friends floor. 

Me and Sir Matt were so embarrassed, with our heads hung low we scooped up that sac a poo (literally) muttered as many apologies as we could and then high tailed it out of there before our dog surprised us with another undiscovered talent of hers, like oh...eating their first born child or something.

Ugh what do you do in that time when you're training a puppy but they just don't get it yet. I mean I know she's sooo young, and that training takes time, but can we get over this whole poop on strangers floor thing, we're running out of friends here!

 So last night after the numba two fiasco I was all grouchy, ya know, I felt all miffed that our night had ended so early because of our poopy pup. But then I heard Matt talking to Indie as Indie stared straight into Matt's eyes all wide eyed and innocent.

As he cuddled her he said, "Listen Indie, you really embarrassed us tonight. We won't have many friends left if you keep taking dumps in their houses. I mean we still love you, but just don't poop ever again, deal?"

and then he gave her a little kiss on the head and said, "Don't worry, you're still our favorite pup!"

uggh those two. Thicker than thieves. I couldn't help but smile at those two odd balls after that and laugh off the fact that my puppy just loves to dosies the twosies wherever she pleases right now. But you know what, this Indie, she has her quirks, but I think she's right where she's meant to be, because aren't the three of us just a couple of poops anyways! Yes, she fits in perfectly, ya know except the fact that me and Matt are potty trained and what not. Okay that was weird. Forget I said that. 

Sep 9, 2011

DIY Revival: Taking In A Dress

1. Remove the sleeves of the dress and turn the dress inside out. Try the dress on and with a friend have them pin starting from the arm holes where you want to take it in.
2. With the dress still inside out still sew along your pinned line, removing the pins as you go.
3. Trim the seam allowance that you have just sewn. Then using this tutorial alter your sleeves and sew them back onto your dress. And using this tutorial hem the dress to the length you want it.

Your done! You now know how to revive an entire dress! 
What other techniques are you guys interested in learning for your own revival files?!

Sep 8, 2011

Even Stevens??

Me and my pup take fashion pictures together. You know this already. I pose... she sniffs my foot. I twirl around all girly like... and she tries to play with my dancing feet. I look down at the ground...she longingly looks up into my eyes. We're quite the pair of girly girls you see.

So imagine yesterday I tell my little Indian, I say, " Indie!! You wanna go take pictures!!" and she gets all happy like and darts straight for the door. We're out working the camera...she did a little blue steal..I did a little Tyra smeysing, and then all of the sudden I hear these shrill whines and I'm thinking, "Listen Indie, don't be all jealous that I can work the camera better than you. It comes with age, one day you shall be as good as muah." But then I realize I'd clumsily stomped on her little paw.

And I felt like a wretch.

I never really understood completely what the word wretch meant while sleepily skimming through Frankenstein in my Freshman english class. Oh but now I knew. 

She limped around all sad and droopy eyed. While I could do nothing but hold her and tell her like a little goob that I was sorry.

Yes, that must be what a wretch feels like.

But not too worry, I kind of bribed her with my affections. 

  •  I brought her up to me and Sir Matt's bed and cuddled her like nobody's business (she's never allowed on the bed...when Matt's around that is)
  •  I gave her seventy milk bones and as she ate them I rubbed that golden spot behind her ears that makes her leg thump like crazy.
  •  I found her a new stick to tear apart...all over the house.
  • Oh and I forgave her of all of her trespasses. To name a few: puking in the car, pooping in my sewing room while staring me straight in the eyes (that fiend!), and stinking up our bedroom at night with her nasty doggy farts.

So clear slate Indie? All is forgiven right? Even Stevens (I cherish Shia LaBeouf's awkward years of hawaiian tees and braces don't you)??

P.S. This skirts for sale in the shop. You want?

Sep 7, 2011

Just sayin'...I'd Wear an 80 Year Old Womans Clothes If I Could

removable peter pan collar: homemade    blouse: target     jeans: thrifted    belt: thrifted    shoes: thrifted

So there I was sitting in church oohing and awwing over the adorable baby crawling under the bench. He kept peeking his little head out and then after meeting eyes with mine darting his head under the bench again.

I could tell it was going to be a good day, first because of that adorable child and second because the lady next to me smelled like roses, and well how could a rose smelling lady make your day any worse really.

My eyes kept wandering, because here's the thing, we were singing a hymn and well, my child like little mind couldn't focus on the hymn words but instead started looking around the chapel for some interesting people to watch.
And then it happened. 

I saw up in the very front a mint green outfit of glory going on and I thought in my mothers voice,
"SARAH! Quit thinking about clothes at church." And also, not so much in my mothers voice "Man I really want to make guacamole later!" but most of all I thought, "That is the coolest outfit EVER!"

I silently vowed to myself that I would tell whoever this woman was that her minty goodness of clothery was genius. And then I went back to singing and simultaneously making faces at the babe-y still peering out from under the pew.

After church ended I slowly saw the minty goddess stand up, turn around, and then I saw her... she  was in her 80's, and that didn't for a second change the fact that I would wear her clothes in a second.

And that my friends is the moment one finally realizes that they are the epitome of granny style.

The end.

*Oh and I still told her that her outfit rocked.

Sep 6, 2011

Art At Its Finest

Haven't you guys heard the news?? If you ever want to be a legitimate blogger some random fan has to be inspired by your oh so beautiful face and just "happen" to send you a professional illustration of you and your loved one in one of those cute watercolors that are ahhhhhbajillliion dollars on etsy.Well guess what...

(oh the envy! oh the humanity! oh the despair!)

So in my utter shock and horror, me and my hilarious friend Sara decided to draw portraits for each other (you know totally professional, because we have been trained in the art of all things horrendous). Here's the one she drew for me and Sir Matt after I gave her this little caption

"Matt really likes to make me laugh by doing weird dance moves and singing in a high pitched girly voice, he'll say the most outrageous things just to get a good laugh. He watches weird asian cartoon shows in a language that he can't understand. He thinks they're funny. Oh and Matt eats hot dogs for lunch almost every day. He's weird like that. I really like to sew, I like to take old lady clothes and make them new and awesome with my sewing skills. I also really love mustaches...on anything. Mustaches on old men, mustache magnets, mustache stationary, you name it I LOVE MUSTACHIOS!"
This one is going on the fridge my friends. and staying there FOR.EVER.

Now where's my professional illustration! Chop chop people!

Straightener Review and a Few of My Favorite Hair Tutorials

So remember yesterday when my hair was shiny...and how usually my hair isn't shiny like that. There's kind of a reason for it. Misikko sent me one of their best flat irons the Hana Professional, to test out. I'm pretty sure the picture speaks for itself, I mean am I right?? My straightening experience was kind of AMAZING! Seriously though, my hair is pretty frizzy, (the summer has had no pity whatsoever one me) and I was pretty sure using a different flat iron wouldn't change that, but I was really surprised at just how much using a quality straightening iron made such a huge difference, my hair really was a ton shinier and less frizzy. 

 Overall I'd give the Hana Professional a 9 out of 10 (I don't give out 10's or else you wouldn't take me seriously and we all know being taken seriously is of the utmost importance to me). If your in the market for a new flat iron or are just in need of a higher quality iron I would highly recommend that you check Misikko out. Also,they don't only sell Hana Professional, they also sell affordable Chi Irons, curling irons and hair dryers.

 Also also, I have to give props and share with you guys my very favorite anti-frizz cream that I use religiously (it works like a dream, is cheap and smells like pure glory). I use it after straightening my hair and it helps keep my hair straight and shiny longer.

And also also. Here are a few of my favorite hair styles that I do with my hair straightened.

*disclaimer - This is a review for Misikko on their Hana Professional Straightening Iron HOWEVER they knew that I would give my honest opinion about how I felt about their product. Everything stated above are my own thoughts and reflect my overall experience using their product.

Sep 5, 2011

I Hab A Pregunta...

Dress: Thrifted and Revived   Shoes: Thrifted

Total Cost = $4

I was so excited about remaking this dress last night that I completely forgot to take a before picture and I'm kicking myself for it! It looked a lot like this one know frumpy..sack o' poop, the usual. So here's the thing, we're tight right? because I need your guys' opinion on something (and really in the comment section feel free to be totally honest with me). Say I started making revival files to sell in my shop. Would you perhaps buy them? And what would you guys be willing to pay for them? I want to keep them affordable but at the same time, a lot of personal time and work would go into them so they would have to be a bit more expensive to make it worth all the work. I'd really appreciate an opinion. I'm toying around with a few business ideas and I would really love your guys' input!

Oh and also. Our 'lil pup has a name thanks to you guys! 
It's official she's our little Indie!