Sep 6, 2011

Art At Its Finest

Haven't you guys heard the news?? If you ever want to be a legitimate blogger some random fan has to be inspired by your oh so beautiful face and just "happen" to send you a professional illustration of you and your loved one in one of those cute watercolors that are ahhhhhbajillliion dollars on etsy.Well guess what...

(oh the envy! oh the humanity! oh the despair!)

So in my utter shock and horror, me and my hilarious friend Sara decided to draw portraits for each other (you know totally professional, because we have been trained in the art of all things horrendous). Here's the one she drew for me and Sir Matt after I gave her this little caption

"Matt really likes to make me laugh by doing weird dance moves and singing in a high pitched girly voice, he'll say the most outrageous things just to get a good laugh. He watches weird asian cartoon shows in a language that he can't understand. He thinks they're funny. Oh and Matt eats hot dogs for lunch almost every day. He's weird like that. I really like to sew, I like to take old lady clothes and make them new and awesome with my sewing skills. I also really love mustaches...on anything. Mustaches on old men, mustache magnets, mustache stationary, you name it I LOVE MUSTACHIOS!"
This one is going on the fridge my friends. and staying there FOR.EVER.

Now where's my professional illustration! Chop chop people!


  1. Speaking of Mustaches, in my room I have a mustache mirror. (Fake mustache from date to seatlle, put on my little mirror) Coolest thing ever (:.

  2. I love that mustache - hilarious! furthermore Kay - I also have a mirror mustache - great minds think alike right?

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  4. hehe. I love your blog. You are so funny :)

  5. Kay & Trinketsandtalmud, you are clearly my long lost friends. Where have you been all my life?!

  6. That is hilarious. I love Matt redone as a white asian cartoon character. We used to have so much fun watching Iron Chef in Japanese before it was syndicated and translated.