Sep 19, 2011

Forgive Me Sir Matt!

removable collar: made by me       shirt: F21      skirt: thrifted       
belt: thrifted       shoes: thrifted

Me and Sir Matt are dating. I don't know if you know this. But we date...and we're married. So we were out on a little rendevous and once again me and Sir Matt's conversation got real interesting...

Me: "Now when we go out I'm always worried about Indie. I'm turning into a worried mother."
Sir Matt: "Yeah, you know what's even weirder about  you and the dog?"
Me: "What?"
Sir Matt: "Hearing you call Indie the same pet names you have for me..."
Me: What are you talking about??? I don't do that."
Sir Matt: " Oh baby, come here baby, hi sweetie....goochie gooooooooo blubidty blub blub."
Me: "I hardly EVER do that."
Sir Matt: "Fine then, are you willing to make it interesting?"
Me: "Yes, because I don't do it!"
Sir Matt: " Okay, everytime you call Indie the same name you use for me I'll answer to it. Deal?"
Me: "FINE. Deal."

You guys. Matt has answered to my little pet names for Indie about seventy times this weekend. I think I have a serious problem. I call my dog sweetie and baby more than I call my husband that.

It's official. I'm a crazy dog lady.

I just need to grow a mole on my nose, tell kids to "SCAT" and shoo them off my property and age fifty more years.

Help. me.

Also. Cinnamon sugar toast rocked the socks off of my weekend.

also.also. I did a little guest post about my family over here this week. check check check a' check it out.


  1. I call my animals names like that all the time too. &My Your not the only crazy lady! :)

  2. Hehehe, I do the same thing!

    Cute outfit- that big bow is rocking.

  3. Not many people can pull off wearing yellow and red together. But you make it look great!


  4. I love this top! I'm really into the vintage collar. I think dating when you're married is so cute and necessary!

    sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

  5. First off, this outfit is the cutest!
    Second, I have like 35 names for my dog..
    poor thing never knows when I'm talking to him..
    he just comes right on over when he hears my squeaky voice!

  6. :) cutie

  7. That's the best conversation / story ever.

  8. i love your skirt!!
    kisses from prague and have a great day!!!

  9. ooh this looks positively too sweet! I love how you've tied a huge bow around the collar and I also love the fact that you're a self proclaimed crazy dog lady :)

  10. Hahahah oh my god Sarah! I had the same problem!!!! It was funny too cause everytime I changed boyfriends and possibly changed pet names for said boyfriends, I'd call my dog the SAME endearing name! I don't know how it happens, I have no idea how my pet name for my boyfriend takes over the one for my dog!

    What I did was, call my fiance the short version of "baby"...just the first syllable of "baby" for him and for my dog it's either "babe" or the whole "baby" this way, I'm not confused. Sometimes he gets confused but I think I also have a tone of voice that I use for my dog (the baby voice thing that we ALL do with our dogs, they probably think we're crazy). So anyway, that's what I do I'm sure you'll find something...poor Matt shame on you! hahahahah

    I love that collar that you made! I really love mixing colors up, but I keep sticking to turquoise and pink! I really need to branch out soon! :D

  11. mmmm! I smell a diy on that collar!!! ^-^

  12. You look lovely in your outfit. Hehe. I have all sorts of pet names for my fam.

  13. See, you gorgeous gal, you didn't need my help at all! You are so thin now! gorgeous! Love this outfit! :) How much weight have you lost now? I have only 15 to go... :)

    @Glamour Glory

  14. Thanks Reyna, that triathalon I did got me in good shape. Now I just have to keep up the good work!

  15. holy crap you are adorable. Way to be creative with making the removeable collar! wow I love this entire outfit. You thrifted that skirt?! amazing. love it all!

    The House of Shoes