Sep 21, 2011

Hello My French Friend

dress: thrifted  shirt: target  shoes: thrifted   sunnies: thrifted

Me and the Indian were on a little run. You see, I have this thought about dog freedom. I feel like there is possibly no better feeling for a dog than running free in a field. So when me and the Indian go for runs I take her to the field of all fields and let her run free behind me. You see she loves this. Her ears flap in the wind, her tongue flops on the side of her mouth and her little non existent tail swings from side to side like a pair of windshield wipers in a monsoon (oh you bet I just similed the heck out of that).

So there we were running, and all of the sudden I don't hear the little pitter patter of my Indian. I turn around and there Indie the arms of a big burly man  and she's looking at me like, "come on, who wouldn't pick me up." (Indie has this affect on people, she's quite the hottie, they just pick her up and love on her all the time). 

So I turn around and begin to walk toward them

Me: " I'm so sorry, I didn't see that she left my side."
Large dog hugger: "Eeees okay, shees adorab-lay."
Me: "Oh thank you.....where are you from if you don't mind me asking?"
Large dog hugger: "I'm frome Fraaaahhnce."
Me: "Oh how cool! I've always wanted to travel there!"
Large dog hugger: "So where do you live-ah?"
Me: (a little caught off guard at a stranger asking this question) "oh just in the neighborhood."
Large dog hugger: "Well maybeeee I'll get to see you and your little pooopie around some time."
Me: "Uhhhhhh...I'm sure you will. If you see her with someone else though it's just my husband." (you bet I snuck that in there, creepie french man!)
Large dog hugger: "Oh okay....see you later."

You guys. In one week I have had two chick flick scenes in my life. 1. Girl falls off bike and is caught by unsuspecting man 2. Girl runs into french dog loving man

Who's life am I living? And where is Sir Matt when I need him??!!


  1. can i just say miss Sarah, that Sophie and i think you have been looking hotter than ever girl! seriously. we love your style and i'm loving the bright lips you have been rocking lately!


  2. I love your stories! :)
    Great glasses too.
    Me and my husband were given a girl dog over the summer (a Pekingese) She totally turned us into "dog people" We weren't "dog people" before...

  3. this is so retro, but I love it

  4. your stories are adorable! i love reading them, wishing they could happen to me someday, haha.

  5. You are living the life of an American film star no? Maybe Clarissa Explains it All IRL and more fashionable? ("hey Sam" . . . dun dun)

    At any rate I love how you wore Frenchie stripes for your weirdo French man encounter.

  6. Oh my goodness. On monday a french boy bought me lunch. Which was sweet. But awk cause I have a boyfriend haha. Darn those flirty frenchmen!

  7. he called indie a "poooopie".... so you really are a couple of poops!(;

  8. Ooohh!! Look at that dress! I want to run into your closet and borrow it! I love your new chick flick scene! I always had Ally McBeal moments, probably cause I'm partly neurotic.

    My dog has the same effect on people and when she doesn't she literally jumps up on the to make herself known. As if saying "Hi there :) don't you think I'm pretty?" I'm so glad there isn't a lot of big flirty french men around here or I'd be in deep trouble!

    I did have an experience though when there was a cute guy with a cute dog in love with my little "pooooopie" as well. And then my fiance McBeal moment! ahaha :D

    Here's to more chick flick moments!

  9. Your stories crack me up! Can I have your adventures please?


  10. Maybe he will see you and your little "poopie" are just a couple of poops after all, right?!

    I love your phonetic transcript of the conversation, by the way. I totally couldn't figure out where he was from either :)