Sep 29, 2011

The Littlest Fish

blouse: thrifted    jeans: vigoss   shoes: target
Oh to feel like a shrimp. It's just the worst of feelings isn't it though. Like everyone is staring at you through a magnifying glass and you have lipstick on your teeth and a leaf that looks like lice in your hair, and toilet paper stuck to your shoe. 'Tis not a good feeling. And it's all I felt yesterday. You see, I'm growing up. It's a terrible thing really this growing up business. I'm graduating and swapping all of my amazing classes for a full time job come January and the dreaded job hunt has officially begun. 

So yesterday my Sir Matt practically dragged me to the career fair on campus. I have to admit I gave myself a bit of a pep talk before I went to meet different companies. It went something like this.

And then I walked in the doors and my confidence flew out the door right along with that girls burrito wrapper that she dropped on the floor.

It was a pitiful sight to see, this business fair hulabalooo. Everyone in suits and business attire, pouncing like sharks on any company representative that would speak to them. Giving them thirty second shpeals as to why they were so awesome and amazing and some other a-word... and that they should be hired that very second. 

So there I stood, hundreds of students whirling around me, and I was completely still....the littlest of fishies . But you know what, I went for it.

I went for it! I felt like the biggest idiot in the world but I went for it! I talked to companies like 'ol chums, shook hands with all the strangers and then got the heck out of there!

And you know what?! I didn't impress a soul. I know right, What??? No one dropped to the floor in shock that I am officially on the market for a company to snag??? Yes, I looked like every other person out there.

But here's what I'm trying to say. I felt completely out of place, and it would have been really easy for me to never give it a try, to never walk in. But I did!

So today, I'm okay. Okay with being a shrimp, and okay with feeling a little in over my head, a little out of my comfort zone. I don't have to conquer everything at once ya know. 

Yeah, today I'm okay.


  1. I love this, go you! Being in teaching, those career fairs were slightly different but no less daunting. Everything happens at the right time, at the right place, but just learning that takes time. You've got that part down, you're good to go!

  2. I won't lie to you... the transition from "student" to "employee", including that awful, overly long, awkward, rejection filled time period known as "the job hunt" SU-UUCKS. I'm in the midst of it right now! But you know what really helps? Today, it was your blog post. Sometimes it makes you feel like less of a lonely shrimp when you hear there are other shrimp out there who are swimming the exact same ocean as you!

  3. Go Sarah, go Sarah, go Sarah!!!!!

    That is the coolest story. Also, I love this casual look on you! The top is fun and the jeans are cuh-ute!

  4. Good luck with job hunting! &I LOVE that shirt, I want Your gorgeous. xx

  5. I never liked job fairs. They are seriously awkward sometimes. Job hunting, as well, really sucks right now. You know that whole recession thing, it's no joke on us college grads (or pretty much every other unemployed person). Anyway, good luck with the job hunt!! It may take awhile, I mean I graduated in December and I'm still unemployed.

    Oh, I have that top! haha. Just thought I'd mention that too. :)

  6. this top is adorable
    love it

  7. that youtube video you linked to is awesome.

    Career fairs are scary business. Luckily for us at our career fair after you talked to everyone they wouldn't even take a resume and said you had to go apply online. Then the interviews through the school were chosen and it was different interviewers than those at the career fair so nobody knew that you weren't the super impressive one at the big career fair.