Sep 28, 2011

Nobody Really Likes Gumbi

blouse: thrifted        blazer: thrifted and revived       trouser: Banana Republic       belt: thrifted            shoes: thrifted

Me and Sir Matt are in the battle of all battles. The battle that defines our marriage. The fight that's worth fighting for! We're battling it out about what to be for halloween. You see, it all started with an innocent text.

Me: "Sweeeeeetieee"
Sir Matt: "yes"
Me: "It's that time!!"
Sir Matt: " time for you to buy me that awesome watch I saw on amazon last night?!"
Me: "What? No. It's time for us to decided what we're going to be for Halloween. I was thinking Mary Poppins and a chimney sweep!"
Sir Matt: "Sorry I already have my costume planned out."
Me: "Well what are you going to be?"
Sir Matt: "Gumbi."
Me: "You want to be Gumbi??"
Sir Matt: "Yeah."
Me: "Have fun figuring that one out...."
Sir Matt: "Oh yea....can you sew me a Gumbi costume?"
Me: -------rolls eyes------ "Oh I see, you'll be Gumbi and I'll be the girl that sewed the Gumbi costume."
Sir Matt: "Yeah doesn't that sound awesome!"

So not awesome. Come on guys, help me convince Sir Matt that Gumbi is NOT the answer! What do you guys think we should be for Halloween?!


  1. haha I just recently did a post asking others for the same advice - this conversation is not unlike the ones my boyfriend and I have been having. Sometime the men just don't get it!

  2. You would be an AWESOME Mary poppins! And a chimney sweep would be so so fun!! :D do it!

  3. Aw that yearly Halloween couple debate. This year I'm going as the Progressive girl. I don't know why other than it will be pretty easy. And I think Mary Poppins and a chimney sweep is a great idea! C'mon Matt! You could get all dirty!!!!

  4. Didn't Gumbi have a rocking horse sidekick or something?? You could be that... or not.

    My boyfriend and I are going to be a toreador and the Chiquita Banana lady. I can't wait to wear a GIANT fruit headpiece!

  5. Gumbi? That is so funny!

    I always thought He Man and She Ra would be fun.

  6. That is funny that you are thinking Mary Poppins, because I was considering her for this year too. Unfortunately I don't have a guy I can guilt trip into being a chimney sweep, though. Make him do it! No Gumby!

  7. i love this look!!

  8. Haha we were totally thinking the Mary Poppins thing too! Must have been the influence of that lovely Keiko Lynn last year :)

  9. you look gorgeous

  10. I don't even know who gumbi is so that's obviously not the answer! :) I like the marry poppins idea!

  11. I love the jacket! I`m going to be Amy Winehouse tonight.

  12. My boyfriend and I are being Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf! It took some convincing, but I hate not matching costumes. What if someone else shows up that matches your costume. It would look like you were with them!

  13. Ummm.....I'm really jealous of that blazer. I think I need to visit the Salvation Army like now to see what I kind find similar to that.

  14. I have been thinking about costumes for a week now. A WEEK. I don't know why it's so hard o.o.

    *Talks directly to Sir Matt* - You mister, can not be Gumbi, it's just not the right costume. I mean Gumbi is great and we all know that but... *raises eyebrow* really?? I would however love you to consider, mary poppins and chimney sweep. Now THAT is a fun idea...right?? *nudge nudge* :D

    Okay, there I tried my best, I hope he sways from Gumbi, I really do...for your sake.

    See I wrote all that and I still have no suggestions to what you guys can be on holloween. I will, jump up and comment it once I think of something though, like randomly on your other posts :D

    By the way, that blazer is so gorgeous!

  15. You can go as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan!

  16. I am stunned by your beauty and your ability to transform frumpy thrifted clothes into something new, flattering and fun.

    PS: Gumby is so not okay.

  17. mary poppins is the best costume ever! i did it last year and have never found a better costume idea. i found everything i needed at thrift stores. so basically i'm telling you that making mary poppins happen would be the best.