Sep 15, 2011

Revival Files: The First Revival Is Up For Sale

So there's this hill I have to ride up every day to get to campus. It is my arch nemesis. It is unto a hill made of tears, sweat, and the cries of children. It is huge, huger than huge...the hugest. Every morning that I see it I let out a huge sigh and then begin my trek up that mountaneous beast. Oh how I loathe it. Every day, by the time I get to the top my knees are all wobbly and I feel like I'm trying to walk on stilts of jello. Nobody wants to walk on stilts made of Jello I'll tell you that much!

So yesterday I'm trucking up this hill on my bike...and I'm starting to breath heavy...and my sunglasses are starting to fog up because I'm getting so hot...and I can feel my newly curled hair start to twang up from the humidity.

People. It was not a pretty sight.

All of the sudden my bike gave up the ghost. Oh it was tragic! It lost it's will to live and started randomly shifting gears every half second. But do not pity the bike, no no, PITY ME! I was chucked off of my bike and landed straight in the arms of an unsuspecting man.

It was one of those moments that happens in the movies. Damsel trips and unsuspecting gent catches her. I looked up, my sunglasses all sideways and twisty on my face, my headphones yanked out of my ears and I blurted out


He just laughed at me (I mean who wouldn't really at how disheveled I looked), " were almost to the top of the hill of death."

My glasses still foggy, " It is the hill of death isn't it! (I raise my fist to the air) I WAS SO CLOSE!"

He turns, " Been there, don't worry the same thing happened to me."

And then the mysterious guy exited just as quickly as he entered and vanished into a fog of hollywood likeness (okay so he just kept walking up the hill).

Such a random awkward experience. But then I thought about what he said. What? He had been there and had the exact same thing happen to him? Been thrusted into the arms of an unsuspecting man who rescued him from his death? Why didn't I ask him about that story. That sounds way more awkward and entertaining than mine! Anways, thanks mysterious movie man for saving my life! I owe ya one!

* P.S. Just like I promised I'm going to start selling some of my revival files to you guys! This one is now up for sale in the shop!


  1. LOL Great story. You need to track down said stranger and get to the bottom of this! I love the dress and I am so glad that you decided to start selling them!

  2. this is one of my favs! such a cute pattern, you are one talented girl :)

  3. lol sounds like a movie come true, if one you weren't married and he looked like brad pitt!

  4. ha ha Ariana after that happened I totally thought, " Why the heck was that not the way me and Matt met." fairytale story....three years late:)

  5. Lovely revival! Hmm... Can I ask how tall you are? I don't mean to be nosy, I just want to estimate whether the length on your red pleated skirt would be right for me. That skirt is SO CUTE! :)

    <3 jen @ stuffjendid

  6. yay i love revival files, the dress looks adorb!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  7. when i grow up I hope to tell stories like you do, they are freakin' hilarious! such a talented one, with the story tellin' and the revivin'. thanks for makin' my day...don't know why i don't want to use g's to day:)

  8. Hahahahah I love this story! But oh my god, huge hills and bikes are not good friends.

    You make wonders with dresses I swear, this one is one of my favorites! :D

  9. You're hilarious, I love your writing and I love your refashions.

    You're genius.