Sep 6, 2011

Straightener Review and a Few of My Favorite Hair Tutorials

So remember yesterday when my hair was shiny...and how usually my hair isn't shiny like that. There's kind of a reason for it. Misikko sent me one of their best flat irons the Hana Professional, to test out. I'm pretty sure the picture speaks for itself, I mean am I right?? My straightening experience was kind of AMAZING! Seriously though, my hair is pretty frizzy, (the summer has had no pity whatsoever one me) and I was pretty sure using a different flat iron wouldn't change that, but I was really surprised at just how much using a quality straightening iron made such a huge difference, my hair really was a ton shinier and less frizzy. 

 Overall I'd give the Hana Professional a 9 out of 10 (I don't give out 10's or else you wouldn't take me seriously and we all know being taken seriously is of the utmost importance to me). If your in the market for a new flat iron or are just in need of a higher quality iron I would highly recommend that you check Misikko out. Also,they don't only sell Hana Professional, they also sell affordable Chi Irons, curling irons and hair dryers.

 Also also, I have to give props and share with you guys my very favorite anti-frizz cream that I use religiously (it works like a dream, is cheap and smells like pure glory). I use it after straightening my hair and it helps keep my hair straight and shiny longer.

And also also. Here are a few of my favorite hair styles that I do with my hair straightened.

*disclaimer - This is a review for Misikko on their Hana Professional Straightening Iron HOWEVER they knew that I would give my honest opinion about how I felt about their product. Everything stated above are my own thoughts and reflect my overall experience using their product.


  1. Good to know--I've been considering an Investment Flatiron, and I didn't know about Hana. Hey, doesn't the girl in the Knot Pony tutorial crack you up. In panel 3, she seems SO BORED with her hair. I think she's really considering what to put on her grocery list. :)

    <3 jen @ Stuff Jen Did

  2. oh my gosh i won this on a giveaway and i just got it in the mail today! im soooo excited to try it out!! haha i even had my little sister take pictures...haha im excited

  3. your hair looks incredible! i am so impressed by this flat iron. thanks for sharing your review!

  4. Thanks for the tip! I'm looking for stuff to straight some bangs I'm planning to get soon! :D Hopefully we have some of your favorite anti-frizz here :D


  5. Oooh, I'm reading your posts backwards. I complimented your hair in your more recent post and now I know why it looked different!
    Thanks for the ideas for hairstyles. I'm always looking for new ways to style my biggest little sister's hair.

  6. So, perhaps I'm a little slow, but..what is happening in step number 6? Perhaps I'm not smart enough to do the knot in my hair (it is very cute!)... But I'd sure like to, can you explain it for me, pretty please?

  7. ha ha six goes like this in my head: poke your know with a stick. HMMM yeah I have no clue, maybe it's just bobby pinning the knot so it won't fall out??

  8. I see it now, it is a bobby pin(i thought she was pulling some strategically placed short hair)! I can buy that answer, thanks!