Oct 31, 2011

We Dream of Snickers and Twix

We just wanted to stop in and wish you guys a Happy Halloween! Let it be filled with all your hopes and dreams, lots of sweets...and mustachios of course:)

These Glasses Are The Size Of My Face.Truth.

blazer:thrifted    shirt:swapped(F21)      belt:thrifted       jeans:TJMaxx      glasses:Boss      purse:swapped(Target) boots: thrifted

Two Halloween parties at my house this weekend and one food poisoned Matt makes one exhausted Sarah. I need a weekend for my weekend.  Oh sweet glory help me get through this week, I'm already in Thursday's greasy hair because I woke up way too late mode. It's going to be one greasy, fall asleep in my classes week. Alas it was for a good cause, THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS SPOOKY! I shall prevail. 
Also. I got my hair did. But more on that later!

Oct 28, 2011

What what on my face?

dress: thrifted     belt: thrifted    tights: We Love Colors    boots: thrifted

So I have this secret daily joy. Reading what people google to get to my blog. Can I share? Here are my favorites from this week.

1. "hickies on my face"
2. "girl the dresses like miley cyrus"
3. "beached car"
4. "Boy face big"
5. "the weird milkmaid"

All you googlers I applaud you. Keep making my day won't you?

Oct 27, 2011

Twix Isn't Just a Candy Bar These Days

shirt: handmade     scarf: handmade     belt: thrifted     jeans: Vigoss     boots: thrifted    sunnies: thrifted

Want to know something scaryily appropriate for halloween? I haven't cut my hair in over a year. Did you shriek? Isn't that just terrifying. I mean if I were a man, I'd look homeless...well and also look like a man. So I figured it was time, so I called up my usual place to schedule a hair appointment (and by usual I mean annual, what we're poor college students. don't judge.) and I ask for an appointment with my main man, his name is Shep if you must know. And the cute little receptionist that gave her s'sssssss just a little too much sssssss told me that he was booked until January. JANUARY?! JANUARY?! Must I say January one more time?! I thought only people like Snookie and Lady G were booked that far in advance. So I ask for another stylist she likes and she books me an appointment for this weekend.
Guess what his name is?
This concerns me. 
1. He's named after a candy bar (one of my favorites by the way!)
2. Will I perhaps walk out with numbers shaved into the side of my head because he's a straight up G.
3. Doesn't Twix just sound...girly.
4. Did I mention he's named after a dang candy bar!

I was way too intrigued by this twix man to say no. I mean who am I to judge. My name is Sarah after all and that's pretty out there and unique as far as names go so wouldn't that be just calling the kettle hot...or black....or full of tea. So I made the appointment...with Twix, and if Monday I have pictures as a bald woman, well now you'll know why.

Oct 26, 2011

Cornbellis Does Not Mean A Belly Made of Corn

Every year to get in the fall mood me and the gang take an adventure to Cornbellies. I have to admit when I heard the name Cornbellies for the first time I giggled...of course at the thought of a belly made of corn. HOW ATROCIOUS! Anyways, after making fun of it, we decided to try it out and it's been a tradition ever since. We of course only participate in the most fallish of activities;  riding mechanical bulls, wandering through corn mazes, eating carmel apples, pumpkin spice cakes and soup out of bread bowls, racing blow up horseys....ah yes nothing like the good 'ol cornbellies experience. Just one tip if you do go though...you won't have the full Cornbellies experience unless you're wearing a flannel t-shirt and boots. Just sayin', it just won't be as good. You've been warned. Bring the flannel.

Oct 25, 2011

Rhymes With Walls...

dress: thrifted blouse: thrifted  shoes: JC Penny

You know the feeling of trying to do just a little bit more than your puny little cerebellum can handle. Like trying to talk on the phone while typing, or trying to listen to a conversation while you read,dare I say... it's impossible! It makes me feel like all of the little circuits in my cranium might explode. Yet I keep on trying...just to see if maybe just maybe this time I can do it. 

There's always been one thing though that I always think I can handle but turns out disastrous every time. Talking on the phone and riding my bike.

But you see, my need to talk on the phone to leave Sir Matt a message was dire this time, absolutely critical! of the utmost importance!

So there I was, leaving Sir Matt a message on the phone with one hand, and awkwardly steering myself on my bike through a crowd of people on campus. All of the sudden this girl turns right in front of me...just straight up zigs her zags. I braked as fast as I could, but my only free hand happened to be on the front brake, and I just may have launched myself straight off of my bike. I fumble, I groan, I let out this nasty little word of mine that is sooooo not something I should say but just happens to fly out of my mouth any time I'm stressed...or angry...or feeling obnoxious. (You want to know what it is now don't you, how I started saying this word in dire situations is another story, please ask me about it sometime!), anyways, back to the falling, so I'm on the ground and then I look around and see that at least fifteen people watched me fall off my bike and yell this terrible word of mine (okay okay I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with halls, DON'T HATE ME MOM!). Ughhhh whhhyyyy must I be so clumsy! I'm cursed I tell you, cursed!!!

So anyways, I get up to go home, tell myself to remember that I'll probably never see any of these people again. But still I'm feeling all shaky from the adrenaline rush and like maybe I just might start sobbing.

So finally I make it home, walk in the door and Sir Matt's just laughing at me. The whole fall was recorded in the message I was trying to leave him. OH THE EMBARRASSMENT! It went something like this.

 "Guess what! I saw the creepiest mustache man on campus today....ahhh what is she doing...ffdjksalf;djskdjsakl... AH *ALLS! ughhhoooohhh. Oh that hurt."

Needless to say he deleted it out of pity for me, what a gent.

Moral of the story? I'm a clutz and have also probably done some serious damage to my ovaries.

The End.

Oct 21, 2011

DIY Revival: Altering A Neckline Tutorial

1. Cut your neckline a 1/2" higher than you would like it to be

2. Use an extra piece of fabric (I like to use the fabric that I take 
when I alter the hem) and pin it right sides together around your neckline.

3. Sew the piece on at the neckline at 1/2"

4. The piece that you have just shown will stick out and not lay flat after you have sewn it.

5. Clip in 1 1/2 segments along the attached strip to flatten the fabric to the garment. 
Then flip the attached piece inside the dress.

6. Topstitch along the neckline to keep the attached piece laying flat while you wear it.

You're done!

What do you guys think, should I sell this one or keep it all to myself??

Oct 20, 2011

A Self Portrait

In one of my classes I was asked to do a self portrait. Everybody was complaining about how hard it was to take pictures of themselves. Turns out taking my picture with a tripod and timer every day can come in handy! So when we had our critique and everyone was asked to interpret the picture these were the guesses for mine, "You're tripolar!" "You're the third in a long lost set of triplets!". Yes yes, spot on I confess. My main idea for my self portrait was to show the different sides of me. Can you guess what they are?

I Look Like A Literal Granny In These Pictures.

A few of my girl-friends asked me if I wanted to take a girl trip to Colorado to show them my stomping grounds. Ummm could there be something more fun....my awesome friends and a roadtrip home! So yes, I said yes. Here are a few pictures from the first day or our trip (I know still more pictures to come). I took them to some of my favorite places in downtown Denver. Oh it was glorious, the was much glory, the glory was in abundance. And we may have got a little...out of hand without boys to keep our heads out of the piles of clothes clouds.

Yeah, we basically shopped our little hearts out. Just wait to see what we did day two:)

P.S. I did a little bit of closet cleaning and there's lots of new stuff in the shop!

Oct 19, 2011

Why Do I Always Talk About Bodily Functions??

cardigan: F21   skirt:thrifted   blouse:thrifted   tights:target   shoes: thrifted

I have to tell you...I must tell you...no I can't....BUT I MUST(internal struggle!)  So me and the Indian, we get our cuddle on at night. You see, Sir Matt is always my numba one cuddler, but I usually go to bed before him so Indie takes his place as my not so manly but way more fluffy cuddle buddy. What can I say, I can't sleep without a little cuddle first. So last night me and the Indie are falling asleep, I even started getting those brilliant thoughts that are actually crazy and completely irrational, but to your sleepy mind they sound like gold, PURE GOLD! So I'm thinking my brilliant thoughts and I feel Indie wiggle around a bit, she kept wiggling and wiggling sliding further and further up the bed, but I didn't care at all, I was thinking of high heels made of spaghetti noodles and whether or not bathroom sinks could be stopped with loaves of bread. But then something atrocious happened. 

I feel like someone just sneezed on my face or something, and I'm startled by the worst smell resembling rotten avocado and a container of milk that's sat out in the hot sun all day.

I quickly open my eyes and there's Indie's hiney. Practically touching my face. And Indie is turned around, wagging her little tale and smiling at me.

I had experienced none other than an up close and personal encounter with a puppy fart to the face! ooh the embarrassment!!! Oh the humanity!!!!

Not cool Indie.

Not cool at all.

I'm just going to go hide in shame now....ugh my mouth was open and everything.

Oct 18, 2011

Do They Think We're Weinershnitzels??

jeans: F21  shirt: F21  scarf:F21
(I'm pretty sure this is the only time something in my outfit hasn't been thrifted)

There is one part of the Halloween festivities that no matter how old I am I may just never be able to give up. I loves me some haunted houses. I've been to a few already this month, I don't know there's just something about running for your life, digging your nails into whoever happens to be next to you, tightening every muscle in your body when you turn a corner. I guess I'm just a sucker for adrenaline. But this year....I've been seeing strange things in haunted houses. Let's talk about it for a sec shall we.

1. I turn a corner, smell gasoline, I'm thinking chain saw and all the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, ready to get the crap scared out of me....only when I turn the corner and I'm greeted by an old lady mowing a lawn. I just sat there, watching her go back and forth thinking...."I don't get it. I just don't get it"She looked at me like, yeah I know this is lame, and I just kept walking, still not really sure if I'd really just seen that.

2. In one haunted house I walk into a meat room. There are fake animal parts hung from the ceiling. Okay this is totally creepy to me...who knows who the heck you're going to meet in a butcher shop right. But then I see a man dressed as a pig....a pig face....holding the cow meat asking me if I want some. What the what??? Why would I want your nasty cow meat you piggy face. Now get out of my regular face!

3. I walk into an extremely messy kitchen (i guess extremely scary for neat freaks or something) and a man asks me if I want supper. I said, "Depends what 'cha cookin?" he said, "some brain stew." all nonchalantly and like a friendly grandfather. I wanted to give him a hug and ask him how his grandkids were doing more than I wanted to run from him.

What's the deal here people? Are haunted houses just running out of ideas??Are they getting all soft on us or something? Am I going to run into the ghost of christmas past next?? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here (name that movie)!

Oct 17, 2011

An Ode to Fall

These days me and the Indian cannot seem to stop talking walks.
The second I slide my boots on or get out my socks well first....she steals them, and then after hiding them under the bed or behind the couch she heads straight for the door. The other day we just wandered, nowhere really to go but just wanted to be outside and get our cheeks a little rosy. We ventured around the neighborhood me pointing at Halloween decorations like Indie was going to comment on them or something, and she trying to eat every bright yellow leaf she found, only to spit it out seconds later to go capture a new leaf. I really just cannot get enough of it....and luckily Indie doesn't seem to mind the excessive amounts of walks either.

Oh fall, you have captured my heart so.