Oct 26, 2011

Cornbellis Does Not Mean A Belly Made of Corn

Every year to get in the fall mood me and the gang take an adventure to Cornbellies. I have to admit when I heard the name Cornbellies for the first time I giggled...of course at the thought of a belly made of corn. HOW ATROCIOUS! Anyways, after making fun of it, we decided to try it out and it's been a tradition ever since. We of course only participate in the most fallish of activities;  riding mechanical bulls, wandering through corn mazes, eating carmel apples, pumpkin spice cakes and soup out of bread bowls, racing blow up horseys....ah yes nothing like the good 'ol cornbellies experience. Just one tip if you do go though...you won't have the full Cornbellies experience unless you're wearing a flannel t-shirt and boots. Just sayin', it just won't be as good. You've been warned. Bring the flannel.


  1. Haha! Love cornbellys! So much fun! I wore boots and a poncho... Close enough???

  2. OMG, seriously, these pics are too cute..I need a little more fun in my life, lmao!!

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  3. I'm itching to go to Cornebelly's!

    If only there were enough weekends in the month! :]

    looks like you had a blast!

  4. cool pics!!!

  5. this looks like sooo much fun!

    <3 steffy

  6. I wish we had Fall in Australia (we call it Autumn though). I think some states get it but in Queensland we pretty much run from "winter" (wish is barely even cold) straight back into summer.

  7. these are the most darling photos ever. looks like so much fun!
    sweet as can be too!

    Kait xo

  8. Hey Sarah, totally off topic of this post, but have you seen the "facial flair" earrings on the modcloth website? Totally up your alley methinks.
    Love your blog, by the way :)