Oct 18, 2011

Do They Think We're Weinershnitzels??

jeans: F21  shirt: F21  scarf:F21
(I'm pretty sure this is the only time something in my outfit hasn't been thrifted)

There is one part of the Halloween festivities that no matter how old I am I may just never be able to give up. I loves me some haunted houses. I've been to a few already this month, I don't know there's just something about running for your life, digging your nails into whoever happens to be next to you, tightening every muscle in your body when you turn a corner. I guess I'm just a sucker for adrenaline. But this year....I've been seeing strange things in haunted houses. Let's talk about it for a sec shall we.

1. I turn a corner, smell gasoline, I'm thinking chain saw and all the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, ready to get the crap scared out of me....only when I turn the corner and I'm greeted by an old lady mowing a lawn. I just sat there, watching her go back and forth thinking...."I don't get it. I just don't get it"She looked at me like, yeah I know this is lame, and I just kept walking, still not really sure if I'd really just seen that.

2. In one haunted house I walk into a meat room. There are fake animal parts hung from the ceiling. Okay this is totally creepy to me...who knows who the heck you're going to meet in a butcher shop right. But then I see a man dressed as a pig....a pig face....holding the cow meat asking me if I want some. What the what??? Why would I want your nasty cow meat you piggy face. Now get out of my regular face!

3. I walk into an extremely messy kitchen (i guess extremely scary for neat freaks or something) and a man asks me if I want supper. I said, "Depends what 'cha cookin?" he said, "some brain stew." all nonchalantly and like a friendly grandfather. I wanted to give him a hug and ask him how his grandkids were doing more than I wanted to run from him.

What's the deal here people? Are haunted houses just running out of ideas??Are they getting all soft on us or something? Am I going to run into the ghost of christmas past next?? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here (name that movie)!


  1. I love that sweater, and it looks great with the mustard pants. A sweater like that was on my thrifting list last year, but I never found the right one.

  2. Wow, an old lady mowing a lawn. How terrifying! I'm not sure what's going on with that. haha

    I love your outfit, as per usual!

  3. i love haunted houses too! in fact, im going to google search some in miami right now! love your pants!

    <3 steffy

  4. I am the opposite, such a wuss in those places. Last year my BF tried to get me to go to one and it was sort of twisted like the things you're talking about; like one was mimicking war and the Nazis (what?! why?!), another room focused on the meat like you talked about (vegans worst nightmare?!), and the other was just a bunch of crazy glowing people -- just dumb. I saw it all online when he tried to get me to go, glad I didn't experience it in person haha

  5. Hahahahaha! Really?! Well I could handle that! Haha! I always though they were super scary and couldn't go. Jk. I still won't go. But those are definitely weird. Love the outfit!!

  6. k the lady mowing the lawn is hilarious.

  7. I generally don't like haunted houses and just close my eyes and hold on super tight to the husband. But I went into one that was just plain silly--my favorite part was the guy wearing a rabbit costume with a stuffed bunny rabbit in his mouth. That "haunted house" has since closed.

  8. I really love this look. Now I want mustard pants... Soon all of my pants will be in non normal pant colors and I'll be the crazy colored pants lady.

    I can't do haunted houses any more. After I was attacked by barbed wire man...I had to literally be carried out of the place. I've only been to one haunted thing since that and I cried at that one too. I'm not meant for scary. But, if it's just grampa Joe cookin up some brain stew, well that might not be too bad.

  9. LOVE this way cute fall outfit! That sweater is AWESOME.


  10. I went to Knotts Scary Farm this year and felt the exact same! I worry its because we're getting older, but I'd prefer to think that it's because they are just running out of scary ideas.

    Something else to add that was more disturbing, I found that when the guys get bored they get extremely inappropriate. I was just disappointed this year.

    At least they can't screw up corn mazes!!!

  11. love your look!!

  12. Zoolander! I always quote that line and nobody ever gets it!


  13. But I thought you love old ladies?! Mustard pants and grey are a color match made in heaven!

  14. this look is adorable.
    and totally reminds me of "that 70s show"
    darling lady!

    kaitlin xo

  15. Haha. I don't do haunted houses. I wouldn't be able to handle it.
    However, I LOOOOOVE those pants! I definitely want them!

  16. completey random i know but i saw these and thought of you hope you like them


    love the blog
    becki xxx

  17. Haunted houses are my faaaav! Am I weird for wishing they were open year round? And I agree on the whole lacking in scary thing. Went to the haunted forest in American Fork and didn't scream, jump, run or want to cry near enough times. Although the very end was worth every penny we paid for that place. Have you been there yet?

  18. Hi Sarah,

    So I just found your blog from that Mormon Fashion Blogger article so I thought I'd check it out. I started looking through the photos, and for some reason, i feel like I know you! Weird... but you look really familiar. I keep getting on your blog today to see if I can figure it out... but I can't. We do both live in Provo, but other than that, I don't know. Anyway, after all that stalking, I figured I'd stop in and say hi. And that I love your blog.


  19. Okay...you get all prepared for a scare and *crickets* we might have to give a talk to these people who run that haunted house you went to. And that man who asked you if you wanted supper I felt like his reply to what he's cooking is a reply my dad would give so I'd probably have the same urge of hugging him. I'm literally bewildered by the entire haunted house experience you had. It's like you come out wondering rather than extremely scared or laughing your brains out cause you yelled so much at the things you know are fake!

    But on another side, I feel like maybe they were trying to think up of creepy things that might be more realistic to the real world. Like all their set ups were real, lawn, meat shop, kitchen and they found a few ways of attempting to make all of that scary...I guess...Hahahah here I am trying to reason out an attempt at a haunted house! What are you doing to me! Hahahha :D

    I have corduroys in the shade of your pants! I love the printed top you have though :)

  20. Ahahah! Mugatu! Loving the scarf ;)

  21. I love this outfit! I may have to go tripping to f21 soon!
    and puppy is too cute!

  22. Im totally diggin the WHOLE thing... uber cute!

  23. love this outfit! the mustard pants are awesomeness with your fair isle sweater!! <3 www.rubygirlblog.com