Oct 3, 2011

A Little Bird Told Me

blouse: thrifted      belt: thrifted   skirt: TJ Maxx    shoes: c/o Cents of Style

Sir Matt is a man of many talents. He's got some mad dance skills, he styles his fohawk like nobody's business and can reach just about anything I can't...but there's one hidden talent of his that just might be my all time favorite thing about him. He leaves the BEST voice mails. I'm talking epic. So good that sometimes when he calls I don't answer because I want to hear one of his messages. I'm telling you guys, you have not lived until you have recieved a classic Sir Matt message. Here's one he left on my phone the other day.

"twweeet tweeet....tweet twweeeeet...tweet tweeeeeet.
Just wanted to let you know that you are the numero uno in my life.
(in a sphanish accent) ahhhhh soooo ahhhsexxxxxy is what you are!
Call me back.
tweeet....tweeet tweeeeeeeet."

Amazing right. This man is a piece of glory I tell ya.


  1. Okay, I'm about to run to T.J maxx just to get that skirt right now! :D &That's the most adorable thing! Mine likes to change my voicemail on my phone so when people call it says something random..lol

  2. AW he sounds like the nicest guy to you!! love that skirt!

    <3 steffy

  3. What a sweet post. You look darling.

  4. Hahaha! That is awesome!! :) love the outfit! And I watched pan am this weekend! Loved it! Is it on on Monday's? And are you coming to the party this Friday?

  5. Outfit = simple, classic, beautiful. Thanks for being an inspiration! :)


  6. Geeze lady, could you stop looking so perfect all the time?! And if those shoes ever, ever go missing then you may have to look in my closet because it would definitely have been me who stole them. :]


  7. I love this look! I am mentally checking to see if I have all the pieces needed to receate it. I might have to do it next week, because I love love love this!