Oct 14, 2011

Revival Files

Dress: thrifted and revived   cardigan: H&M   belt: thrifted   tights: Kohl's   
boots: thrifted

The total cost of this dress was four smackaroonies. If you think about it aren't there just a million things you could do with four big ones. Aren't there though?! 

1. Buy four gold fish and set them free in a river (did it once, not as liberating as I thought it would be). 

2. Buy two boxes of foil and sail hundreds of foil boats down all the gutters in your neighborhood and create the best sail boat race of all time. 

3.  Trade your four dollars with your little sister for a five, just give them to her in ones so it will look like she's getting the better end of the deal. 

4. Tear four dollars into 100 tiny little pieces and throw them at someone and yell "It's raining money!!!"

5. Slip $4 to a greeter at a restaurant to see if you can bribe your way into a better table.

6. Buy 4 dollar menu fries at McDonald's, sit on a bench near a busy street with them and ask passerby's if they would like one. (Because really who doesn't love a greasy yellow french fry.)

7. Buy a pack of nyquil and a loaf of bread and wrap the nyquil in a piece of bread....feed it to a duck....watch the duck get very very sleepy. (Not admitting to whether I did this or not....OKAY OKAY IT WAS IN MY CARELESS YEARS!)

8. Buy a new nail polish...but don't paint your nails. Make a painting!

9. On ebay set the maximum price to $4 and bid on the first thing that comes up.

10. Buy a jar of nutella....and eat it immediately.

Yes, there are a million things you can do with four dollars. I however, made a dress, suddenly that's not sounding very interesting at all (that sailboat thing is sounding pretty cool right now though no??) 

Excuse me...I think I may just have some spare tin foil in the kitchen....


  1. Im officially jealous of your clothes. That sweater, the dress, the tights and boots. LOVE IT ALL! I just recently learned to sew and i told my mother in law who is teaching me. I wanna be able to get dresses which arent that cute from the d.i. and make them cute! LIke you!


  2. I live in the Pacific Northwest, where it rains ALL THE TIME. I am SO doing the foil boat race!!

  3. Love the outfit. That dress is really pretty.
    There are a lot of things you could do with four dollars, but buying a dress for that amount is much more impressive. :)

  4. I love this color combination! It looks beautiful with your skin & hair coloring. That's a weird compliment, but it's true! Oh and what color is on your lips?

  5. HAHA! Great list! I LOVE your outfit. I love that it's a summery dress but you made it fall-wearable with the cardigan,tights,and the awesome thrifted boots!

    PS: Your hair looks fabulous.

  6. You crack me up! Nyquil and ducks? Tisk, tisk Sarah! LOL I love your dress as usual! And with the boots they are tres magnific!

  7. Girl you are so talented! Instead of starting a store, can you just send me all of your items (to hawaii) !!!!!!! Pack it up and give me an estimate :)

  8. i love that blue color and the pattern of the dress makes it that much cuter.
    you look so adorable!

    kaitlin xo

  9. Haha this was hilarious. And now I want to do all of those things...

  10. I love this outfit, and I loved number 2.

    My husband and I have some dates like that where we go to the creeks near the duckpond...it's fun when you add zip lock bags to the mix.

  11. i deem this day a marvelous hair day for you. you always have good hair days but this day was extra good to you.

  12. oh my I love this. haha! Such awesome ideas! I feel kind of bad for the duck though...

  13. Hilarious! Love this post. $4 seems so much more fun now! :)

  14. Love this idea. You look great in the dress! I adore the way you do your hair.

    I eat nutella out of the jar too ;)

  15. Loving the dress!!!


  16. Just wanted to let you know that your blog was featured in the Daily Mail....Congrats! :)


  17. Most of your $4 suggestions were silly, but some of them were downright environmentally thoughtless and illegal:

    1: introducing invasive species to an ecosystem is always a stupid idea,
    2: yeah, polluting with a recyclable material is totally fun!
    4: it's a federal offense to destroy currency
    7: you can't give animals people drugs!

  18. How in the heck did you find those boots & the maroon skinnies at a thrift?! Gosh! :)

  19. You appeared in the UK's daily mail. They had an article about Mormon fashion bloggers.

    Here's the link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2049283/High-necklines-low-hemlines-The-rise-Mormon-modesty-blogs--fashion-bang-trend.html

  20. Aw, I love this dress and I absolutely love your hair!! What a gorgeous find for 4 dollars. I have been thrifting like mad lately and it's amazing & quite awesome how much $ you save. Anyhow...the color palette of your outfit is adorable:)

  21. That dress is stellar. You look great!!

  22. That dress is fantastic! AS are your purple tights...as are you :)

  23. Numbers 8, 9 & 10 are officially on my to-do list for this week! =D