Oct 19, 2011

Why Do I Always Talk About Bodily Functions??

cardigan: F21   skirt:thrifted   blouse:thrifted   tights:target   shoes: thrifted

I have to tell you...I must tell you...no I can't....BUT I MUST(internal struggle!)  So me and the Indian, we get our cuddle on at night. You see, Sir Matt is always my numba one cuddler, but I usually go to bed before him so Indie takes his place as my not so manly but way more fluffy cuddle buddy. What can I say, I can't sleep without a little cuddle first. So last night me and the Indie are falling asleep, I even started getting those brilliant thoughts that are actually crazy and completely irrational, but to your sleepy mind they sound like gold, PURE GOLD! So I'm thinking my brilliant thoughts and I feel Indie wiggle around a bit, she kept wiggling and wiggling sliding further and further up the bed, but I didn't care at all, I was thinking of high heels made of spaghetti noodles and whether or not bathroom sinks could be stopped with loaves of bread. But then something atrocious happened. 

I feel like someone just sneezed on my face or something, and I'm startled by the worst smell resembling rotten avocado and a container of milk that's sat out in the hot sun all day.

I quickly open my eyes and there's Indie's hiney. Practically touching my face. And Indie is turned around, wagging her little tale and smiling at me.

I had experienced none other than an up close and personal encounter with a puppy fart to the face! ooh the embarrassment!!! Oh the humanity!!!!

Not cool Indie.

Not cool at all.

I'm just going to go hide in shame now....ugh my mouth was open and everything.


  1. Oh Indie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the outfit though. With an outfit like this (all ladylike and proper) it totally makes puppy farts more acceptable for conversation. Poor Sarah!

  2. Ha ha that's hilarious! You'll have to return the favour!

  3. picture three is like a true magazine. you should probably quit everything you're doing and take up modeling.

  4. First, I love these picture! This outfit is sooo so pretty!

    ha & we all go running when my puppy farts!
    He does it in the worst moments too..oh everyones eating dinner then BAM out of nowhere..thanks for that Gavin.

  5. Well, at least those pictures are awesome! I'm liking everything about them.

  6. I just laughed to hard I was snorting.

  7. Just came across your blog and this is the first post I read. You literally rock my socks.

    Not only are you gorgeous and have a great sense of style - you're also incredibly hilarious.

    New follower here!!


  8. Sarah do you know that a picture from your blog and link has been put on Lovelyish on the Xanga network here's the link to the post! I was like OMW that's Sarah when I saw it! http://www.lovelyish.com/755923647/mormon-fashion-blogs--is-it-hottest-to-be-modest/

  9. Hahahahahahahah!!! Aawww Indie you little silly puppy you! I have never experienced puppy fart, but I found (through stories from friends) that they actually think people like puppy fart. Like it's a really cool thing they do and like to do to their be loved owners. Feel loved Sarah, she has owned you. LOL :D

  10. oh my goodness! I have that same cardigan and I paired it so similar!!