Nov 30, 2011

The Best Nickname In All The Land

We were so excited for Indie to finally get to meet all of our family over Thanksgiving. I was getting a little bit nervous though you know. I mean I talked her up SO much. What if she didn't deliver the goods. Or even worse, what if she puppy farted in their face and they hated her forever! How horrific, a true travesty! So I gave Indie a little talk, I said to her, I said, " Indie, everyone thinks your amazing, and you are don't get me wrong, but sometimes you can be nibbly and gassy (she looked down in embarrassment, I don't think she likes to talk about her flachalants much)." So she nodded and i knew that my Indie genius would be just fine. So with her head held high we walked in the doors and you know what happened the second we walked in. My adorable little niece said, " LOOK! It's Undie! Undie! Undie!" and all Indie refinement left the building and she loved those kids and nibbled and tooted as much as her little body could handle. Meh, we love her for the little poop she is I suppose. Poor Indie has a new nickname forever now though, I just wish we had multiple Indies so I could yell UNDIES at the top of my lungs when they needed to come inside. I know, when I wish, I wish big.

Nov 29, 2011

I've been so excited to tell you guys about this!

I know I say this all the time but I am so incredibly grateful for you guys and I wanted to do something special for you this holiday season. Once a week, each week before Christmas I'm going to give away something made by yours truly. And it will be free of course! Because really what's better than free?! Nothing, the answer is nothing. Whether it's a  download, pattern or tutorial it's just my little way to say that you're awesome and that I am so incredibly glad to have you guys around this Christmas season!
I hope my first Christmas present to you can save you a few smackaroonies. I know that Christmas cards can be expensive...and also extremely ugly. So I made a Christmas card printable! 

 Just right click on the image and click "save as" and it's all yours!
P.S. I'm selling my Nikon D5000 (I named her Nancy!) If you're interested in buying it you can  find the ad here.

Nov 28, 2011

Thanktitude...or something like it.

dress: thrifted   belt: thrifted  tights: Target  shoes: Call It Spring
We're back! Sorry I disappeared on you guys, it was just one of those things where being with family was exactly what I needed and I just wanted to soak up all of it and not be distracted by anything. We had an awesome time in Cali, we spent most of our time in San Diego. The delicious food was in  abundance, the cute children were plentiful, and the family gave warm fuzzies a many. Can I just get sappy for a second and say that I have so much to be grateful for this year. So much has changed, and when I mean so much I mean just about everything, jobs, career plans, friends, housing. But I wouldn't have it any other way, Me and Sir Matt are learning and growing together every day, and I'm so grateful that sometimes when everything seems to change I know that me and Sir Matt are there to support and love one another. And que the sappy sob. Aside from my stud of a man, I have an amazing family that are my closest and best friends. I have AWESOME friends, no names needed, you know who you are. And of course my little Indie, what would I be without my Indian!? I would cease to exist without that scruffy ball of fluff! And did I mention you guys? Because really, your sweet e-mails, friendships and support are really just the butter to my roll. My delicious homemade Thanksgiving roll that is.

Nov 22, 2011

blouse: thrifted and revived  jeans: nordstrom   necklace: e-bay  watch:thrifted  boots: thrifted   belt: thrifted

Me and the gang are heading out to California for the week! Ahh sweet glory the craziness can take a pause for a while. I'll catch you poops (poops is a term of endearment around these parts) on the flippity flop.

Nov 21, 2011

The Dream Team

 I've been working for a while now on a styling job for a high fashion commercial photo shoot and the shoot was this weekend! I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak behind the scenes before I show you guys the entire spread. Ahhh it was so fun, and can I just say how bad I want styling to be my full time job. It's so much fun dreaming up outfits for characters and then creating them and getting to see it all come to life. All the crazy sewing and fitting and preparing is so worth it. We had an awesome time at the shoot too, by the end of the night we were calling each other the dream team, seriously, I got to work with some talented people that are so great at what they do. And well...they kind of happen to be great people too. Blah blah sappy sappy, dream team I'm telling you.

Here's some of the dream teams links:) Photographer. Hair and Makeup Stylist.

Nov 17, 2011

To Be Wed

skirt: thrifted  shirt: target   belt: thrifted  tights: Kohl's 

I'm off to Salt Lake this weekend to shoot a wedding for one of my best friends. I'm so extremely happy for her and to get to see every little moment through my camera will be so fun. Also, Salt Lake is so cute and pretty during the holidays. I'll snag a few pictures of it for you guys too. you didn't think I would forget you now did you:)

Nov 16, 2011

You Like My Buns?

blouse: thrifted    sweater:thrifted    skirt: handmade    belt: thrifted    tights: Kohl's    shoes: Call It Spring

Yesterday while my hair was doing it's crazy bun thing a girl came up to me and said,
"excuse you do your hair yourself."
me: "ummmm....uhuh."
girl: "you shouldn't do it anymore..."
me: "huh."
girl: "you should have your husband do it for you."
girl smiles
me: "Is it a little too crazy for you?"
girl "......nooo?well does your husband like your hair?"
me: "sometimes. Sometimes he doesn't. But I do what I want."
girl: (awkward smile)"...oh....okay then"
awkwardly walks away.

What just happened there? Is that what I think it was? Did she diss my hair when she hadn't even met me before? You know what this gives me...incentive to make the bun even bigger today and hope that I see her again. I'm coming for ya crazy bun lady!

Furby's Creep Me Out

skirt: thrifted      blouse:thrifted      tights: Kohl's     belt: thrifted     shoes: Call It Spring

When I'm having an off day most days I can attribute my craziness due to the fact that I was raised in the 90's. Let's think about this for a sec and maybe it shall all make sense to you too.

1. My biggest dream for my life was to have one of those inflatable couches in my room. Dream came true and then suddenly deflated (HA!) when my dog bit my brand new hot pink sofa. Come on, you know exactly which couches I'm talking about.
2. Slap bracelets were If you didn't have one then really..what was your purpose in life?
3. I spent most of my time wondering if my Gigga pet had enough to eat....or if it might just inexplicably die tomorrow. Or were you one of those people with a Furby instead? I had nightmares of those things for years!
4. When I wasn't feeding my virtual pet I was jamming out to Spice World and wondering if I was more of the scary spice or sporty spice type (puhleaase, is there even a question, sporty spice wins every time).
5. If acid jeans weren't cool, than life had no meaning.

Oh 90's how I miss you.

Nov 15, 2011

How To Become a Hoarder

First you find an owl. It's a harmless
 owl really, so cute and tiny, and it was only two dollars. There's no beating that. So yes, you keep it.
But then you see the deer. Oh and he is cute too! He's all noble and holiday like. Oh you love him too....and your owl DOES need a friend. It would be a lonely place without the deer too. It only makes sense to get the deer...and the deer is only 100 pennys. Yes, getting the deer makes sense...for the owls sake of course.
And then you see these strange strange things. Two heads? Who bought these? Nay who made these? They look like creepy children of the corn. Sir Matt would HATE these! Oh he would DESPISE them! I must have only makes sense. To get a good laugh out of Sir Matt...yes it is worth it, and after all, they are only a dollar. 
 And then I realized that I have become a hoarder, and that I have two creepy heads staring at me on my dresser.

Nov 14, 2011

Flop Flop Flop

cardigan: thrifted    dress: thrifted    tights:c/o We Love Colors     shoes: Call It Spring

Oh you guys. I failed you. 11:11 was a total flop. I got to work at precisely 11 and then at 11:11 thought to myself, "Don't I need to be doing something right now." It wasn't until  I was eating lunch scarfing down my avocado grilled cheese while walking on campus  that I yelled "AHHH FREAK!" because I'd completely forgotten about it,( the yell was promptly followed by a dirty look from a googly eyed couple beside me). But then I remembered that there were two eleven elevens in one day! Ahhh such luck! There was hope! I vowed not to miss it. I crossed my heart even, it is true! So then during the second eleven eleven I was watching The Big Year and eating fistfulls of blueberry sour punch straws and simultaneously wondering how a movie about birds could be so dang interesting. It wasn't until one in the morning as I was falling asleep that it hit me that I'd missed it...AGAIN. I rolled over and woke Indie up to tell her the devastating news, "I missed the most triumphant day of my life Indie." to which she responded by halfway opening one of her eyes and snorting, only to fall back asleep again within the second. Obviously Indie felt my pain too. I missed it??? I missed it dang it!! Oh heartbroken am I. Will I ever have such an awe inspiring opportunity again? And also, what are Indie's dreams about? These are the things that haunt my mind.

Nov 11, 2011

I Need Your Help!

dress:thrifted  belt:thrifted    blouse:thrifted    tights:Kohls   shoes: Call It Spring 

Day's like today are just...the best of days! You see, it all started on May 5, 2005 at 5:55. I thought to myself, something amazing must happen today, it must! And so you know what I did. On 5:55, I mooned my sister. and as I streaked across the living room I yelled,
"You'll remember this day forever!"
Ah it was an amazing day! Nay unforgettable...and scarring for my little sister, but all great things come with a price right! So now I need your help, I need to do something even better at 11:11 on 11/2011, you know. I promise, if you guys give me ideas  I'll do at least one of your guys' suggestions and report back. Help me please! This day must be one for the record books!

Ready set go.

Nov 10, 2011

I'm Missing...

I'm guest posting over at Busy Bee Lauren and it's all about my favorite little black dress. One of my prized possessions that I can't believe I've never shown you's from the 50's!

Nov 9, 2011

Santa Does Exist I Tell You

sweater: F21  blouse: thrifted  trouser: c/o EShatki  shoes: thrifted

 Such things as walking and running are done a lot these days by the Indian and I. We also enjoy the frequent gallop, trot, frollick and skip as well (if you're wondering what the difference between a gallop and a trot is then you should know that in my mind a trot is much clunkier and manly than a gallop, and now you know the difference) so me and the Indian were enjoying a walk together, on such occassions I always bring with me my handy dandy roll of poop bags (sorry there's just not an elegant way to say poop bag is there...dung holder?? no, no elegant way) because walking does a magical mystical thing to Indie, all of the sudden she just has the need to poop on everything. So anyways, I indeed, forgot the wretched sack for crap. So as my luck (or terrible lack therof) would have it, Indie starts to doesie the twosie in someones yard. I'm thinking, "Well this stinks (literally), but at least no ones here to see it." Then, I hear a rattle...and a jangle...and a fumble. And I see a man, in the driveway of the yard my dog is currently dumping on, and he's getting something out of his car. I froze. I mean really what do you do in this situation (PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME!!!). I held my breath. I didn't move a muscle. And my mature brain exited my skull and my five year old brain entered and all of the sudden it seemed completely rational that if I didn't move, he couldn't see me. He got out of the car (indie still pooping), walked up the driveway (Indie starting to waddle away from the poop awkwardly), he opened his front door (indie now kicking at where she just pooped) and walked in the house, all without a glance, or hint that he'd even known we were there. IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! SANTA DOES EXIST AND GRANT EVERY GIRLS HOPES AND DREAMS! So Santa, if your reading this (wouldn't it be awesome if Santa read fashion blogs! His suit is rather dashing) I would also like a garden gnome for my bookshelf... oh and for Indie to start speaking in spanish only. Good tidings of joy and what not. Sarah.

*Also. do you like my pantalones? Eshatki gave them to me, and they also gave me a pair to give to one of you! Just visit their store and tell me something you'd pick back her in the comments section and you're entered!

Nov 8, 2011

Can Love Give You Wings?

Ahh yes another photo project. For this one we were asked to show what we would change if we could change something about the world. Mine was that when you were in love there would be no gravity. A little hopeless romantic I suppose....

Oooooh so spooky!

You guys. How the heck did I forget to show you all of the Halloween fun that went on at the McCammon house. Ahh what a fiend I am. How dare I! Halloween is the one time of year that while all the little ladies dress up in their sultry little numbers that I get to get my unattractive on. This year we had a clue murder mystery dinner, and I practically begged my friend to let me be professor plum. What do you think, am I man enough for you? Wait, don't answer that.

If you caught all of that, yes, I indeed was strangled to death by a dog toy. What, we didn't have a real rope around.If you're wondering where Sir Matt was he was busy being all food poisoned. My night went kind of like this, "Oh hey guys come on in." dash over to the bedroom "Matt do you think you need a bucket?"  back to the kitchen"Yeah grab any food you guys want." back to the bedroom "Oh another blanket you have the chills?" The poor guy had an awesome costume planned too but hey, all the better prepared for next year I suppose. Here were a few of my favorite costumes at our party.
Parks and Rec's Ron and Leslie
 A pair of "clones"
Captain America (he would like you all to know that he made his entire costume)
full time house wife/blogger/homemaker/about to lose it lady
Magician and the magicians assistant
Ah the fun was in abundance. And now....the Christmas music begins. Dare I say that I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!