Nov 3, 2011

The Adventures of Indie

These days Indie is up to nothing but the most character building of activities. She's very disciplined and cultured you see, and of course only partakes in life's finest.
Chewing on twine of course to protest the use of synthetic materials...

While this may look like she just got a sticker stuck to her rear...she's actually getting paid for this advertising gig. So creative this one.
Giving gifts like unto the wise men. She wrapped it herself.

Promptly cleaning up the wrapping after the giving of gifts. So polite and courteous no?
Protecting socks from the sock thief in our house. Somebody's stealing all of my socks around here, so glad I have my little Indian to protect me.
And of course, posing for her public.
Oh my little Indian, she enjoys only the finest things in life.


  1. aaah, Indie is very cute! I freaking love dogs! She's a very pretty model :)

  2. She is BEYOND adorable! My heart was melting more and more with each photo. What breed is she?


  3. This literally makes me want to run out the door and buy a dog right now!! Little Indie is THE cutest thing EVER! I need a dog!

  4. Seriously, cutest post. That is one perfect little pooch you have there. Indie is adorable!

  5. She is so cute! I love dogs! I keep trying to find the post where you first got her, but I haven't seen it. Is she an Australian Shepherd? My first dog looked just like her, only with blue eyes, and she was an Australian Shepherd.

  6. What a little doll of a furbaby you your fishtial braid....:)

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  7. cute cardigan :)

  8. She is so cute, can't even handle it!!

  9. I love your clothes

    Fair Whale

  10. heheh this was so cute your little baby is so presh!
    and i love that outfit in the last photo(:

    xoxo katlin

  11. Indie is so cute! What kind of dog is she?

  12. Ok I seriously have that cardi.
    and almost wear it every single day
    it takes all the control I can muster to keep myself from doing so.
    it goes with everything.

    Everyone thinks it's horses at first and then goes "oh! its poodles!" pleasantly. Then I know they'll notice it if I wear it again too soon. ahh can there be a more perfect sweater?