Nov 2, 2011

Forlorn Makes Me Think of Fog Horns...just sayin'

Jacket: Macy's     shirt: thrifted      jeans: thrifted       sweater: swapped (Delia's)      boots: Target 2010

Why is it that when junk falls out of your fridge it is the brightest most staining object in the whole thing. Let me level with you, I was thinking of what to make for dinner, and when I have such a poopy task at hand the best way to figure what to make is to open the  fridge and stare at it blankly for at least fifteen minutes. It really helps if you sprawl out on the tile too, you know, just look up at it like it's the sun and it's blinding you. helps.  I mean if that doesn't work nothing will right? right. So I went to go stare at the gaping hole of a fridge I have. And what happened when I opened it? None other than a bottle full of bright right chipotle peppers slopped all over my shoes (if that's not an omen that I shouldn't cook dinner I don't know what is). How rude you spicay little chipotles you.I mean really, couldn't it have been that plain rice sitting right next to you...or perhaps the pitcher of water. I mean what do you even use chipotle peppers for!!! Oh the irony! So it's a sign right? You're right I should never cook again. I just can't ignore the sign...because I mean once I ignored this sign that said the world was ending this year and then well we all know what happened after that...oh yeah nothing, okay that doesn't prove my point so well. Anyways, take-out has been decreed here in the McCammon land, and the fridge is moping over in the corner looking all forlorn and begging me to open it. Nottta chance you fridge full of trickery. Nottttaaa chance!


  1. You are just the cutest. Love that outfit!

  2. I think i'm heading to Macy's because I love that jacket! &your hair is adorable.

    &I think the fridge needs to be set up :)

  3. I love this whole outfit, head to toe.

    PS. I hope those chipotle peppers washed out of your shoes!


  4. I agree, the cutest :)

  5. HAHA! Oh golly, this is a great kitchen adventure - my man J doesnt get it when I get worn out at just the thought of making a meal for us!

    BTW, Love your outfit! So super cute, I even pinned you!

    xo Teresa

  6. Oh... My... Yes. Fridge. Once upon a time, I live in an apartment with 6 other girls. Yes. There are seven of us. My fridge is jam-packed with who-knows-what, and spillage is quite frequent. I feel your pain. ...And love your jacket. :)

  7. I feel your pain! Cooking is my least favorite thing to do! I am trying to learn to love it but it hasn't come yet. Anyways, way cute outfit, I LOVE your pants, I am on some hunt for some that color, hopefully I can find mine thrifted too!


  8. First off this blog post made me crack up! 2nd-love the outfit:)

    Reyna @glamourglory