Nov 4, 2011

Is Huzzah Even Said In Real Life Anyway?

sweater: F21   shirt:really old   belt: thrifted  pants: Kohl's  boots:thrifted

Me and Sir Matt are the most stubborn of stubborn people. So you see, this makes for lots of golden debates. Now, I say debate because well, we love it. It's a battle of the wits! Nay a battle of honor, to see who comes out on top. One of our favorites is calling each other out on song lyrics. The other day we were in the car listening to "Good life" you know One Republic style. And our conversation went something like this.

Sir Matt (singing): A bear and a gina in Colorado.
Me: Wait wait what did you just say?!
Sir Matt:Nothing.
Sarah: Did you say a  bear and a gina in Colorado?
Sir Matt: No
Me: Okay then what did you say?
Sir Matt: I don't know.
Me: hmmmm....proceed, keep singing.
 Sir Matt: Now I don''t want to
Me: ohhhh just all of the sudden don't want to. It's not because you just realized you had the lyrics wrong?
Sir Matt: No
Me: mmmmhmmmm, Its "from paris, to china to Colorado" by the way.
Me: mmmmmmhmmmmmm

Triumph. Take that Sir Matt. It may be short lived, but today I have the wits and honor! Huzzah! (does anyone even say that word outside of text. I think it would sound ridiculous.)

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Yep, we have frequent convos like that in our house. Dan and I both stubborn!!!

    Um ok, that sweater is SO CUTE! :)



  2. Ok so i love your bangs! I know twix did them, but where does twix work? I have a hairstylist but she is clear up in north slc and i am in little old orem. its kinda a long way to go!

  3. :) my sister and i would have debates like that.

    and YES huzzah is an amazing word. use it and use it often!


  4. My sister used to think that Pour Some Sugar on me was actually Awesome Tubular Love. These are the best debates of all time. And I love to get a peek inside you and Matt's convos. In fact, can I come over for dinner? JK

  5. Hahaha! Love that. :) I kind of feel like those lyrics are hard to mess up... Haha!

  6. bahahaha SSB & I go through this all the time. His cover, however, is saying he is CHOOSING to sing the wrong lyrics.

    Right, because people CHOOSE to be wrong all the time, just willingly. Oh boys.

  7. that is the best cardigan!

    <3 steffy

  8. I totally say huzzah outloud.
    I'm a huge nerd.

  9. Debates are a way of life for us! & trust me, huzzah is more than appropriate for real life ;)

    Triangle Necklace Giveaway!

  10. You,Sarah,have THE bestest smile. AND style ! (:

    Love yah!

  11. sarah, dear sarah. are you looking for work? some extra money perhaps? ever consider doing commission work for someone who might want to send you some thrifted dresses to be altered in that magical way that you seem to know how to do? just thinking out loud as i've been looking at your revivals and am so stinkin jealous...

  12. i am TERRIBLE at lyrics...

    and I'm going to go find that sweater and buy it. LOVE this outfit.

  13. haha this is hilarious! I love you guys! :)

  14. I make up lyrics all the time! It drives my husband nuts! :)

  15. This look is so alluring. I keep coming back to look at it. Really love it!

    xoxo, kat

  16. I just found your blog recently and I seriously love reading all your stories! you're so funny! This one reminds me of the time when one of my friends and I were singing Proud Mary really loudly together, and then we got to the chorus and he just starts singing "big wheels keep on turnin, BROWN BABY keep on burnin..." Very passionately might I add. So awkward.

    and I say huzzah all the time. Tobias Funke anyone? Sometimes it's just the best way to convey my emotions.

  17. Love your blog! Always look forward to reading new posts ... :D

  18. Majorly lovin that sweater! The whole outfit is just awesome!

  19. both of you are such a funny and sweet couple..=)godbless..

  20. could you please please tell me what lipstick you are wearing? brand, & color? i LOVE it!

  21. AHH I need that sweater!
    That is SO adorable!! Forever 21? I wonder if it's still available?


  22. So I just need to ask... Who takes all your pictures for your glorious blog? I just started style blogging, but my pictures aren't too swift... Any advice?! :)