Nov 8, 2011

Oooooh so spooky!

You guys. How the heck did I forget to show you all of the Halloween fun that went on at the McCammon house. Ahh what a fiend I am. How dare I! Halloween is the one time of year that while all the little ladies dress up in their sultry little numbers that I get to get my unattractive on. This year we had a clue murder mystery dinner, and I practically begged my friend to let me be professor plum. What do you think, am I man enough for you? Wait, don't answer that.

If you caught all of that, yes, I indeed was strangled to death by a dog toy. What, we didn't have a real rope around.If you're wondering where Sir Matt was he was busy being all food poisoned. My night went kind of like this, "Oh hey guys come on in." dash over to the bedroom "Matt do you think you need a bucket?"  back to the kitchen"Yeah grab any food you guys want." back to the bedroom "Oh another blanket you have the chills?" The poor guy had an awesome costume planned too but hey, all the better prepared for next year I suppose. Here were a few of my favorite costumes at our party.
Parks and Rec's Ron and Leslie
 A pair of "clones"
Captain America (he would like you all to know that he made his entire costume)
full time house wife/blogger/homemaker/about to lose it lady
Magician and the magicians assistant
Ah the fun was in abundance. And now....the Christmas music begins. Dare I say that I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!


  1. Cluedo! (We call it Cluedo, you call it Clue, dunn why, tomatoes tomatoes) - that's a brilliant idea for a party theme!

  2. Looks like massive amounts of fun were had by all!
    And is it just me.....or does Captain America look a bit less like Captain America and bit more like Captain Planet? ;-)

  3. hahaha I love the Clue costumes! Glad you posted these...I love looking at folks all dressed up :)

  4. I am DYING at your Plum costume, it is too hysterical. I saw the photo instantly before reading and thought, "where is she?" -- which only made it that much funnier when I saw you were Plum. Well done!!

  5. omg it looks like you all had so much fun
    love all the costumes...halloween looks like fun with you guys!

    xoxo katlin

  6. I don't think anyone else could have pulled off Plum quite as marvoulously as you did. I tip my had to you, sir/ma'am.

  7. Oh my. You look like y'all had a rock roaring good time. Too bad about Matt. :( Sickies are the worst.

  8. ron & leslie! LOOOVE! i'm willing to bet that your party was amazing and i'm also willing to pay you in sweet treats for an invite next year.

  9. first off i love the ron and leslie costume. second i love your costume. super original. the end.