Dec 29, 2011

Indie The Binge Eater

skirt: thrifted     blazer: TJ Maxx     blouse: thrifted     tights: Kohl's     shoes: thrifted     belt: thrifted

When Indie comes home for Christmas she really just can't control herself anymore. She found herself tempted by treats left and right and thought to herself, my diet ends today! Today I enjoy Christmas! And so she's started sneaking food from unsuspecting toddlers, begging for treats from underneath the dinner table and even resorted to sneaking into cupboards and closets to satisfy her Christmas sweet tooth. I'm concerned about her losing her girlish figure, I mean really how much of this holiday binge eating can one girl handle?

The damage?
-1 bag of cough drops puked up on the patio
-3 M&M's snuck from a stocking
-4 barbecue Pringles stolen at lunchtime
-1 giant bag of doggie bone presents that she found and demolished before we could give it to her for Christmas
-Whipped cream from a fallen pie slice
- And a milky way bar...once again found puked up on the patio.

She's living the dream. And has also committed to joining weight watchers the second her Christmas break is over.

Dec 27, 2011

Photo Booth 101

When taking pictures in a photo booth...
1. Do try to cram as many people as possible in, it makes for lots of laughing
2. Don't sit so close to the camera that your forehead takes up half of the pictures
3. Do make at least one pig least one.
4. When in doubt...kick the husband out. Sorry Sir Matt but girls love the face time.
5. Next time give your niece a boost so there's more documentation of her than her nostrils and eyes.
6. Last but not least, just look as crazy as dang possible. It makes for great memories.

Dec 23, 2011

Revival Files

Total Cost: $6
Disclaimer for my angry face in the first picture, I didn't realize I looked like someone just ate the last bite of my cinnamon roll and I was about to go all crazy face on 'em. I mean really though, who eats the last bite of your cinnamon roll!? You know the ooey gooey center that you've been trying to get to the whole time you've been eating the cinnamon roll, and then someone just snatches that thing like they did you a favor. Man don't mess with me and my cinnamon roll finale. I mean it's not like this happened in real life and I might have pouted about it for an hour in cinnamony anger...yeah it's not like I'm holding a grudge or anything. Yeah...that's what I tell myself at night when I realize I can never get that last bite back and a solemn tear rolls down my cheek. Just one tear, their more dramatic. Moral of the story, lego my Ego, sorry trying to rhyme with cinnamon is harder than it looks. You get the gist.

Dec 22, 2011

Holiday Hair Tutorial

 I'm sure all of you shnazzy girls out there have lot's of Christmas celebrations to go to this weekend so my awesome girl Stephanie who is the most talented hair and makeup artist I know made a holiday hair tutorial just for you guys and it is so easy and perfect for a holiday look! Enjoy guys!
P.S. Stephanie does makeup and hair for weddings and she has an awesome site with all of her styles on it. I love to go there for hair inspiration, go check it out!

Dec 21, 2011


Remember the fashion shoot I styled last month that I was so completely in love with. Well here are the final prints.I absolutely loved working on this project. The total spread took twelve hours and with two pizzas,  lots of Starbursts, cookies and chips and salsa we were all able to hang in there and make ourselves a pretty dang good fashion spread.What do you guys think? You likey?

Also, the green trousers (sz2), cream heels (sz6), wine plum dress (sz2), and floral dress (sz11) were all revived and are now for sale.If your interested e-mail me!

Photographer. Hair and Makeup. Styled by yours truly.

Dec 19, 2011

And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

blazer: thrifted    blouse: thrifted   necklace: thrifted    belt: thrifted    jeans: Vigoss    boots: Call It Spring

We're in Colorado! It was a grueling drive because of course me and Sir Matt had absolutely no sleep from finals week. So as the crem de la crem of wives I volunteered to drive the first half so Matt could sleep. So there I am driving, jamming to my sweet tunes (NO BIEBER ALLOWED!) and then all of the sudden Matt does a full freaky body twitch and sits up straight and says, "Ah man I just keep dreaming that you're driving us off the edge of a cliff." Nothing like lots of trust and confidence to make you feel like a driving rock star. After about twenty of these jolts and telling me I was driving us to our doom I declared there would be no sleeping for Sir Matt, "None at all!" I said. A word to the wise, never tell a sleepy Matt he can't sleep, it will result in two big gulp Dr. Peppers, two bags of gummy bears.....simultaneously sneaking Indie gummy bears when he feels the need for entertainment, one box of Redvines, one bag of mambas, making Indie do the Mamba for a few laughs and a partridge in a pear tree....or something unto it. Either way, I'm just glad to be home and so is Indie because let's face it Matt was getting desperate for something to keep him awake and was starting to consider dressing Indie up in my fabric scraps that I brought to make her look like one of the three wisemen...yes we arrived just in the nick of time.

Dec 16, 2011

Free Bokeh Pattern!

I love taking pictures of christmas lights with a bokeh on the lense. They make lights look so whimsical and pretty. So I wanted to give you guys a pattern to make your own bokeh for your camera!

All you need to do is right click on the image below and cut and tape together. Enjoy!

Dec 15, 2011

A Giveaway For A Good Cause

Tis the season to give to a good cause..isn't that what Santa says? One thing that always gets me in the Christmas spirit is giving service to those in need, really though, doesn't it just give you the warm fuzzies? There's really something magical about completely forgetting yourself and trying to help others out. So this week my friend Claire told me about how she's selling her handmade jewelry for a good cause and I was so excited to let you guys know about it. Claire is having a giant jewelry extravaganza where she's selling jewelry that she's handmade herself and donating the proceeds to The Caring Place Cancer Center. How cool is that?! She's doing it in honor of her aunt who is now in remission. So here's where you guys come in. First of all, she wants to give away this necklace I'm wearing to one of you! And invite you all to come to her jewelry extravaganza here in Orem Utah this weekend. Can't make it? That's totally fine, you can still make a difference! I'll be taking donations for the Caring Place Cancer Center all weekend so just e-mail me and I'll get you all set up. Even if it's just a dollar every bit helps. If you would like to buy some awesome jewelry for a great cause here's Claire's post all about the event. As far as the giveaway, just leave a comment below the post telling us who your hero is and why you'd like to give them this necklace. The giveaway will close Sunday night and we'll announce the winner Monday. Good luck guys!

Dec 14, 2011

Hang In There

 blouse: in the shop   skirt:thrifted     tights: Target     boots: thrifted     belt: thrifted

Sorry for the lack of writing this week. I promise I'll be back to my opinionated wordy self once finals are over. Until then please watch this for me. I absolutely died over the two brothers at the end. I can't even...

Dec 13, 2011

New Traditions

Me and Sir Matt are new at this whole being a family thing. It's kind of a funny thing really, I just never really thought of us as our own family before. But suddenly it smacked me in the face, I got all panicky and I said to Matt I said, "Matt, we're a family....we need traditions! We need traditions today!" so we put on our best thinkers and decided what our little McCammon family wanted for our Christmas traditions. We came uo with some old , some new, some awesome, okay all awesome and put into action our new traditions yesterday by making our very own homemade ornaments. Matt made an oh so Christmasy boy in a baseball cap and I made a Domo. I know they just scream holly jolly and all things merry. On a very random note I think you should all know that every time I pass by Matt's ornament I think of the Pillsbury dough boy being poked in the belly button and going "hooo hooo!" You know exactly what noise I'm talking about don't you:) Strange. yes. But True.

Dec 12, 2011

Busta Move

dress:thrifted and revived     tights:Kohl's     necklace:thrifted     belt: thrifted      shoes:thrifted

Me and Matt are trying to figure out the longest thing we've ever memorized. We've decided that mine is the Fresh Prince of Bel-air theme song and his is Ice Ice Baby. Yeah, that's right, so classy. Now excuse me while I go bust an old school Will Smith rap with my main squeeze.

10 bonus points for another pal that has it memorized. Redeemable when we move to Bel-air and play b-ball outside of the school.

Dec 10, 2011

Note Worthy

I'm just going to keep the music coming on Saturday's because I love finding new music from others and last week from your guys' suggestions I found a ton of awesome stuff.  My girl Kylee introduced me to these guys and I could not stop listening to them all week, I'm telling you while I walked to class, while I rush sewed my final project, while I edited what seemed like millions of pictures.It kept me calm when I felt so ridiculously overwhelmed.
So what do you guys think?! Any more music suggestions for me!?

Dec 9, 2011

Cash Credit or Soup

blouse: Nordstrom (50%off !) trousers: Anthropologie (70%off!)

When it starts to get to finals week my brain starts to go all hay wire. I can't explain it really, it's like all rational thoughts exit la cabeza and some frizzy haired screechy voiced weirdo takes over. So yesterday, I'm at the bookstore checking out. The clerk lady kindly says  ,"your total is one million dollars." or some number close to that. And you know what I did? I'll tell you what I did. I reached into my backpack, right past my wallet and pulled out a container of soup that I had brought from home for lunch. I then opened the cash register...mmm chicken and dumpling aroma. All of the sudden I realized what I'd done. I looked at the line behind me and thought about what excuse I'd use, " Sorry guys I'm an idiot and mistaked this here bowl of soup for my was an honest mistake." I thought maybe I'd say, "Finals gets me every time." but instead the clerk just stared at me all wide eyed and I slowly put the lid back on my soup, put it back in my backpack and grabbed my wallet. I then whispered under my breath, "I have no idea why I just did that." She looked at me sympathetically like, "Poor schmuck." and then I kindly scooted my butt out of there.

Whenever something weird like that happens I think, " Meh I can't get much weirder than that." But then I go and do something like this and shock myself all over again. Finals be gone so I can get my regular brain back please!!

Who tries to pay a clerk in soup?? Who I ask you who??!!

Dec 8, 2011

Free Christmas Printable

 What's this you wonder, why it's a Christmas printable to make your home merry and bright! Frame it, hang it on a picture line, do as you wish. I have mine framed in my living room. Enjoy!

Dec 7, 2011

Well This Is Embarassing...

 dress: in the shop     belt: thrifted      tights: We Love Colors      wedges: thrifted

Didn't see that one coming did you. Yeah me neither, I mean I didn't even realize it until I was changing into my pajamas and I thought to myself, "Woah. Have you been dressed like a stop light all day? Yes Sarah, yes you have. Huh. Not bad." Meh, these things happen. Sometimes we dress in neutrals, warm tones and cool tones....and then sometimes we dress as traffic lights. You say tomato I say bring on the color.

Dec 6, 2011

Just What the Doctor Ordered

I've been recovering from a cold that did quite the number on me over Thanksgiving break and I've been begging Sir Matt for a night that we could just relax. So yesterday we came home, I put my most fluffy socks on and my coziest granny sweater. Made some homemade chicken and dumplings (want the recipe?) and caught up on our favorite shows. And then just sat around with a mug of hot chocolate while my Indian eyed every single sip I took. It was so just what we needed.

Dec 5, 2011

What is Hungring You Ask?

blazer: thrifted  blouse: Ann Taylor Loft  necklace: thrifted  belt: thrifted  jeans:thrifted  shoes: Call It Spring

Hungring. You know what it is don't you. You know when you're near completely losing sanity, and there's a bear scratching from the inside of your tummy...and then you decide to go grocery shopping. Oh and of course you have no grocery list, you left in haste because of your dire need for food. So you just aimlessly wander the never ending aisles throwing anything that has colorful packaging into your cart. You think to yourself, " You know what, I deserve this!Nay. I need this!" It's not until your parked in the grocery store parking lot wolfing down a package of Lofthouse sugar cookies that you realize the glory of what you have just done. And you think that you could just kiss the awkward little grocer boy that realized your hungring and bagged your Doritos, Oreos and sugar cookies all in one bag. Oh yes, some think of hungring as a plague, but I believe it is the greatest of experiences. I mean there are moments of sheepishness, like when your eating said cookies in your sweats while still parked in the grocery store lot and a pretty, tiny girl walks by and see's you double fisting those decadent glory's, but as the girl passes you just think. "Yeah that's right! I'm awesome!!! And no longer hungry!!" So here's to all the peeps who go hungring. May grocery stores never run out of sweet and salty delights and may our favorite song come on while we eat in our cars!

Dec 3, 2011

Note Worthy

I have not been able to get Lisa Hannigan's amazing music out of my head for weeks. Her voice is unto a steam engine (weird metaphor, but nevertheless so true!) and when she's paired with Damien Rice, sweet magic that must be how babies are born. Here are my top 4...also someone please throw paint at me so I can be cool like Lisa. 
Want to share with me some of your favorites right now...because finding new music is kind of one of my secret loves.

Dec 2, 2011

Revival Files: Tis The Season

 Speaking of this merry season. I overheard possibly THE most jolly of all conversations yesterday on campus. Have a listen in won't you.

Fluffy hair boy: "Hey you should come over this weekend and hang out."
The ginger :"Ok. But only if you come carollamaing with us."
FHB: "What the heck is carollamaing?"
TG: "Dude get this. We go around caroling...with a live lama.We already have the llama and everything."
FHB: "Are you kidding me?"
TG: "No. My dad knows a guy with a llama. It's the real deal man."

Umm. One question. How can I instantly become friends with these guys? Do you think they'd let me join their llama club if they knew that I once named a llama Larry and then fed him a McDonald side salad? True story.