Dec 29, 2011

Indie The Binge Eater

skirt: thrifted     blazer: TJ Maxx     blouse: thrifted     tights: Kohl's     shoes: thrifted     belt: thrifted

When Indie comes home for Christmas she really just can't control herself anymore. She found herself tempted by treats left and right and thought to herself, my diet ends today! Today I enjoy Christmas! And so she's started sneaking food from unsuspecting toddlers, begging for treats from underneath the dinner table and even resorted to sneaking into cupboards and closets to satisfy her Christmas sweet tooth. I'm concerned about her losing her girlish figure, I mean really how much of this holiday binge eating can one girl handle?

The damage?
-1 bag of cough drops puked up on the patio
-3 M&M's snuck from a stocking
-4 barbecue Pringles stolen at lunchtime
-1 giant bag of doggie bone presents that she found and demolished before we could give it to her for Christmas
-Whipped cream from a fallen pie slice
- And a milky way bar...once again found puked up on the patio.

She's living the dream. And has also committed to joining weight watchers the second her Christmas break is over.


  1. Gorgeous look- I aboslutely love your striped blazer, and your bangs are perfection!

  2. girl, you look amazing! I love the striped blazer :) Gosh, i need a TJ maxx... x

  3. What is it with pooches and the holidays?? My little poodle was the same way. Maybe they can be weight-loss buddies! :) P.S- LOVE the outfit. You look beautiful!

  4. love love love this look!


  5. careful! Chocolate can be poisonous to pups! or so says the myth anyways

  6. This is one of my most favorite outfits ever! I must go thrifting with you. I never find cute shoes! :)

  7. i totally love the baby pink pencil skirt...and that striped blazer it's like the most perfect combination i swear(:

    xoxo katlin

  8. Love your striped sweater, SO CUTE! :)

  9. Isn't that why you exercise before the holidays, so you can eat whatever you want during them? You should have told Indie, you sneaky dog.

  10. that skirt kills me! you are adorable.