Dec 3, 2011

Note Worthy

I have not been able to get Lisa Hannigan's amazing music out of my head for weeks. Her voice is unto a steam engine (weird metaphor, but nevertheless so true!) and when she's paired with Damien Rice, sweet magic that must be how babies are born. Here are my top 4...also someone please throw paint at me so I can be cool like Lisa. 
Want to share with me some of your favorites right now...because finding new music is kind of one of my secret loves.


  1. What beautiful music! I am in love! And her videos are so creative!

  2. I love the first one. Awesome awesome!

  3. this was the best. i love new music.

    and here is a couple you ought to look up:
    - you're the one that i want by the lennings [it was on the tv show parenthood]
    - lullaby II by moth and flame
    - bloom by the paper kites

  4. Oh my gosh Kylee I am seriously swooning over Bloom right now. Let's be music buddies:)

  5. Ed sheeran is awesome i love little bump and A-team :D
    Becki xxx

  6. I think you would probably like Mindy Smith, Ingrid Michaelson, and Ben Rector :)

  7. anything by the civil wars is fantastic. :)

  8. A new favorite of mine is The Head and the Heart, especially their song "Lost in My Mind." Mmm. They could sing about murdering my pet fish and I wouldn't care.

  9. If you love Lisa Hannigan/Damien Rice, you should absolutely check out The Swell Season (if you haven't already) and Marketa Irglova's solo stuff.

    Also--if you get the chance ever, GO SEE DAMIEN RICE LIVE. You'll cry in the best way imaginable.

  10. I recommend:
    Allie Moss - Late Bloomer
    specifically the song "Corner" so pretty.


    Mozella - Belle Isle
    this album is so fun and catchy! I find myself playing it all the time!

  11. I love Damian Rice and his song Volcano - I tried to find out who was singing with him and never could... so thanks for posting :-)

  12. Oh, you might like The Civil Wars, too!