Jan 31, 2012

Ramblings of A Scatter Brain

cardigan: thrifted     t shirt: Skyline Fever (buy it here)     skirt: thrifted        belt: thrifted        shoes: thrifted

I feel completely and totally drained when I get home from work these days. What is it about an office that makes you feel like you've been lifting weights all days. Or perhaps maybe just like you've been lifting weights with your corneas all day. Yeah it feels more like that.  Guuh, so today I came home and plopped on the couch for ten minutes while Indie gnawed on my ankles and looked at me like, "What's wrong with you hag. You're such a bore." and then continued to poke at my sides with her nose (yeah that was cute for oh...never.). Oh to be a young dog again...errr kid again. I don't know, I'm tired, and at this point in my day you could probably convince me I was once a dog in my childhood. On the upside, today on a walk with Indie I met a man named Joe who wanted me to know that he was once a  Jewish Atheist and that he's from New York and also would greatly appreciate my vote for council man or something or other....I don't know I got distracted when he started talking about that part because Joe's dog Lyrna pretty much tried to eat Indie during the conversation. True story. Lyrna's just fat like that.

In summation.
Corneas lifting weights. Think about it and you'll giggle.
The Jewish Atheists fat dog tried to eat Indie.
I'm not lying. Lyrna's a bully.
I could really use some chocolate in my hand right now and perhaps a ten hour nap.

Jan 30, 2012

Cats are Taking Over our Interwebs

Me and Matt were in tears over this last night. Oh sweet man cat.

Blue + Blue =

Top: c/o Francesca's Trousers: Asos (Buy them here) Scarf: F21  Purse: Thrifted  Shoes: Thrifted

You'll be seeing lots of work friendly clothes around here from now on because let's face it, being Sir Matt's sugar mama while he goes to school requires some class-say dressing (Did I mention that Matt hates it when I call myself his sugar mama?Oh but I love it! I just love it!) So last week after wearing skirts and dresses to work for three weeks straight I realized that I did not have a single dress pant to my name. Thus the trouster hung began, and after hunting for some crazy-A colorful trousers I finally found some! Come on, you guys didn't think that the second I started being the sugar mama that I'd start wearing all black now did you? So anyways, dress pants acquired. Color problem solved. Now I'm off to solve world hunger...or perhaps just my hunger.

Jan 29, 2012

Giveaway Winner!

Thanks so much for all of the sweet comments about the heroes in your life. Jenna, your story completely melted us and we hope your mom loves the necklace. Send me an e-mail so I can get you your prize!

Jan 28, 2012

Note Worthy

Okay so other than the fact that this girl twitches and shakes like she's trying to get a million ants off of her in the second video, Phantogram is pretty wonderful. Especially for Friday night dance parties in your living room. Not saying that that's what me and Matt do...

Jan 27, 2012

Me and Mel Gibson are Hanging Out This Weekend....Probably.

dress: thrifted   belt: thrifted  tights: Target   shoes: thrifted

Sir Matt and I are headed to the Sundance Film Festival tonight to go stalk us some celebs. Yes, we are so THOSE people. What, it makes for a fun date night. We've told each other that we will keep cool at all times unless:
1. We find the Biebs proposing to Selena in the middle of the street.
2. We find Brad (Arm) Pitt driving in the car next to us picking his nose.
3. And of course last but not least, if all the cars around us begin to turn into Transformers. (Totally possible because Biebs says never say never)

Other than that. We'll be cool as cucumbers and of course taking as many creepy fan pictures on our phones as possible.

Here I come Mel Gibson! Hope you have a brave heart (okay that was terrible but I couldn't resist).

Jan 26, 2012

Shop Update!

I've been wanting to update the shop for oh....forever now. But this little thing called laziness seems to be taking over my life. It's been manifesting itself in the form of Parks and Rec, Pizza Parties and non-stop reading of books. But finally an update!

So remember when I found these vintage shoes and died inside because they were too small. Well those boots' twin sister once again came back to haunt my dreams. I found almost an identical pair...once again way too small. I hope they fit one of you guys! Shoot me an e-mail if your interested in any of the items!

Jan 25, 2012

Do you think heaven will have Charmin or Cottonelle?

blouse: Thrifted     vest: c/o Francesca's    belt: thrifted      jeans: gifted (AE)       shoes: thrifted     watch: thrifted   ring: c/o Francesca's

While I was wearing this Matt came up to me, gave me a brotherly swat on the back and said, " Hey mamma bear." and then nonchalantly walked away. Oh I knew he just loved the taste of it as it left his lips, I could see that grinny grin grin above his chinny chin chin that just taunted me. I had to say something clever quick.... so of course I blurted out, "Well give me some Charmin and make me poop behind a tree." Yeah it really wasn't as cool of a comment as I thought it would be. And more awkward then clever really.Nevertheless accurate though no?

Also on my mind. Do you think heaven will have Charmin or Cottonelle? Because if Cottonelle is wrong I don't want to be right. Okay yeah once again not as clever and also more awkward than pictured. Forgive me I know not what I do. Doo doo that is.

Jan 24, 2012

Tis A Slippery Slope....Literally though

Guys. This is what I'm living in right now. No but really, this video is from here in Utah just yesterday and it hasn't stopped snowing since so let's just say things just keep getting worse. Watch the whole video, I'm telling you it just gets more ridiculous the longer it goes on.
And que multiple bowls of chili and hot cider. I'll be over here in my camouflauge snuggie watching movies and refusing to go out in this cray cray weather...wait you don't really believe I have a camouflauge snuggie do you? Do you?!

Jan 22, 2012

Will You Accept This Rose?

shirt: thrifted       dress: Anthro (on serious clearance!)       belt:thrifted       tights: Kohl's      shoes: thrifted

Blogs seem to be doing The Bachelor reviews these days so I just had to do an anti Bachelor Review about all of the things that I thought were absolutely ridiculous last week. Somehow I still manage to remain hooked to the show (I don't want to talk about it, I think there are some serious love issues going on underneath the surface). Are you ready. Here are my thoughts (they run deep unto the ocean so beware).

1. I can't even remember The Bachelors name...what's his buckets name? All I know is that he looked exactly like a dude from last season. Exactly like him! Anyways he seems nice I suppose.
2. The best quote from last weeks episode was ,"On a scale from 1 to 10 I'm going to puke." I've said it in response to just about everything Matt has said this week and it really can be used in just about any situation. Matt stopped laughing around the fourth time I used it. 
3. Guys did you know that Emilly is coming back as the Bachelorette next season. Country accents just make people seem sweeter don't they. Ya'll come back next season ya' hear!
4. What's up with everyone getting all nakey all the time. Bikini skiiing....I just can't even....on a scale from 1 to 10 I'm going to puke.
5. I would just like to say that the "mysterious party crasher" thing was completely fake. completely planned. completely staged. Guys are you buying this stuff?!
6. That one girl didn't even pass out. I mean am I crazy. She just said I'm going to pass out and then sat down. And then went backstage and talked about how she passed out. Did I miss something?!
7. Sorry fake pass out girl, even playing dead won't keep you from getting kicked off. 
8. Why am I so obsessed with this show! Why must they keep putting these girls in bikini's every five minutes.
9. Oh yeah his name is Ben! And he looks like the Geico cave man!
10. I want to get paid a million bucks for letting everyone know there is only one rose left on a table. I can subtract...and add....and multiply if you guys need. Don't ask me to do long division though, it just gets sloppy from there.

And scene.

Your thoughts on The Bachelor please!

Jan 21, 2012


How many people does it take to play the guitar? Duh at least a minimum of five. Okay so this video is completely ridunkulous, but the song is so stinkin' good.
Thanks for letting me know about it Leah!

Jan 20, 2012

Revival Files: A No Good Very Bad Day

Dress: In the shop    blazer: TJ Maxx   Necklace: Thrifted    Tights: Kohl's

Guys Indie is depressed. She's just been laying around all day all mopey and what not. I'm pretty sure I know why. It's obvious really. She had a no good very bad day. Let me tell you how her day went.

-She woke up and headed straight for the trash can for some paper to tear up....only to find the trash can put on top of the washing machine so she couldn't reach it.
- Her main man (Sir Matt of course) took her on a walk to play fetch...but she ran straight into the ball instead of catching it. 
- She had to roll over to get a treat (she just hates when we make her do tricks for treats, she thinks she's being used for her talent)
- Her best girl (why me of course) took her out to play and got a little goofy and started pretending like she was throwing a discus....and may have accidentally gotten her rope stuck on the roof.
- She had to watch us eat ice cream.
- And then in her fit of depression she fell asleep.

A no good very bad day I would say. She threatened to move to Australia if we didn't shape up. Oh Indie, don't be such a drama queen even people in Australia have bad days.

(Okay but really all of that stuff happened today. I think she deserves and extra big treat and belly rub tonight don't you?)

Jan 19, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Reads

I took this picture a while back and just wanted to share it with you all. I kind of have a love affair going with reading. Just a few of the books I've finished reading lately:
- The Hunger Games Series 
- The Infernal Devices Series 
- Matched Series
- The Uglies Series

But oh now that I've been addicted I've run out of books to read. Might you perhaps have any suggestions for me?!

Jan 18, 2012

My Secret Talent

blouse: Nordstrom      skirt: Downeast       belt: thrifted        tights: F21      shoes: thrifted      bag: thrifted

I like to tell myself I'm funny. You know even when I crack a joke and Matt looks at me with his eyes a litttle bigger than usual and his mouth is wide open like he's trying to catch a fly, you know the, "Who do you think you are" husband look. (this look also occurs when I wear ugly dresses and make up dances in front of him). Anyways yes, I think I'm funny. It's like "The Secret", if I think I'm funny then I am funny. Just putting it out in the universe ya know. But then there are always those times where you know you indeed are just not as funny as you think. For example...for four years straight I kept a porcelain bird on the dashboard of my car. Why you ask? So that when I got flipped off I could show them the bird....my literal porcelain bird of course (I wish I was joking and that this was not a true story). Not so funny Sarah thought this was awesome. Not so funny Sarah thought this was hilarious. Not so funny Sarah made a ton of flamboyant middle finger flippers really angry. So sometimes I like to test out if I've still got game you know. If I'm still the hilarious person I think I am. Usually I'll do something like buy a whoopie cushion and put it on Sir Matt's side of the bed, but the other day I really needed a confirmation. I needed to build upon my testimony of my own jokes, if you will. So I went to my harshest critic (Sir Matt of course) and you know what I did. I busted a friggin' rap. I dang sick rap (sick does indeed mean cool all you non hipsters, I am not talking about an ill rap...although ill also means cool. Just get with the times yo.) Anyways here was my wrap to my Sir Matt, straight from the babes mouth. The Sarah babe's mouth of course, not babe the pigs, just in case you were confused.

I give you: Sarah's Hilarious Awe Inspiring Rap

Sometimes I sit, I sit and wonder why the heck Indie smells like she came from down under.
Is it because she's gassy? Is it because she eats poop?
Nah it just be because she contracted croup.
But if that's her excuse, then what's yours Matt my boy?
Because you smell like you've been eating nothing but soy.
Oh slam yeah that hurt, but you know what hurts more?
The fact that this rap is giving you a laughter side sore.

Bam yo.

Jan 17, 2012

DIY Peter Pan Collar Necklace

Hi. I'm Sarah and I'm addicted to peter pan collars. Now lets make some peter pan collars.
1. On paper draw a circle that is 61/2" in diameter.
2. Using a curved ruler draw the style edge of the collar with front collar 2 1/2" thick and then tapering off toward the back to 1" thick. Now cut out the pattern that you just made and make a cute in the center back portion of the collar.
3. Pin your pattern to black felt 
4. Cut it out.
5. Using transparent fabric glue paint the collar with fabric glue and then apply glitter.
6. After the collar is dry attach two strands of ribbon either by sewing or by hot glue to each back piece of the collar. This will make it so the collar will tie in the back.

You're done! Now go blind everyone with your ridiculously sparkly awesome collar.

Jan 16, 2012

DIY J Crew Heart Sweater for Under $10

sweater: DIY'ed     blouse: thrifted      jeans: gifted (American Eagle)     hat: made by my sis      purse: thrifted (Mossimo)      boots: Call It Spring

A while ago I saw this J Crew sweater and immediately fell in love....and then barfed when I found out that it was eighty eight dollars. I mean seriously people that's cray cray! Who pays $88 dollars for a sweater? Whooooo!!!!  So  I decided that I was going to stick it to the man and make my own. And thus my heart sweater journey began. I searched all over the internet for a look alike but cheap sweater and ended up buying this sweater (their still in stock!) in the color camel for a whopping $9. Then I cut out a felt heart and stitched it to the sweater. Bammm $79 smackaroonies saved and one hecka cute sweater acquired. Sorry J Crew, I love you but a poor students got to do what a poor students got to do. Am I right or am I right people!

Jan 12, 2012

DIY Mod Art Tutorial

My sister knew of my undying love for all things dear and made me this awesome painting for me for Christmas. I pretty much died over it, I mean really, I was speechless and such things are unto a blue moon...or a green one. Green moons are pretty rare too. Anyways, it was looking a bit bare on my wall so I decided to make some mod art paintings to go along with it. I wanted to share a tutorial of how to make one of your own! This pattern can also be used to do chevrons too. You just have to fill the triangles in in a different pattern. Anyways, enjoy!

Jan 11, 2012

How To Get A Complete Stranger To Walk Your Dog

 Jacket: a thrift miracle   dress: thrifted   tights: c/o We Love Colors   shoes: thrifted

How To Get A Complete Stranger To Walk Your Dog
1. Go take your lunch break at your usual spot. Sit on the bench, you know that bench you just love, the one with the beautiful view of the tree and the mountains. Yeah sit there.
2. Eat your apple and peanut butter while Indie frolicks in her very favorite field....let the Indian sneak a few licks of peanut butter for herself.
3. Get completely entranced by Clockwork Prince and start wondering what Tessa has that you don't...I mean really I'm good enough for Will Herondale!
4. Get so completely wrapped up in your book that you don't notice Indie meandering over to a man walking his dog.
5. Pretend not to notice when the said man starts walking your dog along with his.
6. Start to wonder where the heck your fluffy pup went.
7. Look over to see said fluffy pup wooing strange man.
8. Watch yet another heart be captured by the Indian.
9. Give the man an awkward, "Hey we both have dogs!" kind of wave as he says goodbye to your pup.
10. Watch your scruffy ball of fluff tucker out on the grass from walking exhaustion...and then continue to contemplate that you love apples, and peanut butters and Will Herondale's... and also strangers that walk your dog for you.
11. Oh also...eat a brownie. I mean it's not crucial for getting someone to walk your dog, but it makes the journey that much sweeter. Just sayin'

Jan 10, 2012

My Silly California Boy

It snowed about 1/4 of an inch and the second Sir Matt saw the snow from our window he came running into the bedroom yelling,

"Sweeeeeetie!!! It snowed! Let's go sledding!!" 
Me: "Oh you naive California boy."
Sir Matt: "What???"
Me: "You can't go sledding on 1/4 inch of snow."
Sir Matt: "Yes we can!!! Come on it's going to be awesome!!!"

And it was! Matt practically forced me into my fluffy hat and coat and grabbed Indie and our little sled and we took off on an adventure. I may or may not have crashed into a staircase....twice. But you know other than that we goofily sloshed and scooted down the hill, bumping into rocks while Indie chased us down the hill. We had quite the little McCammon family adventure if I do say so myself...and yes my California boy proved me wrong. You can indeed sled in a 1/4 inch of snow. 

Jan 9, 2012

Times They Are A Changin'

skirt: thrifted   blouse: Target   jacket: Macy's    tights: Kohl's    shoes: thrifted

I'm feeling a little somber today. Can I just make a list? Is that legal? It helps me feel at peace with things.

1. Friday I left my job of three years. But more than that, I left behind the absolute best boss and coworkers in the world. I don't think I know just yet how much I'm going to miss seeing them everyday.
2. I was so touched when my boss gave me a vintage brooch as a going away gift. She knows me way too well.
3. I sobbed in my car after I finished my last day of work. I mean cried like a baby. It finally all hit me that I'm moving on to a different stage in my life and it will never quite be the same again. I'll miss so many things about it.
4. Also. I cried in front of my co-workers when I had to say goodbye to them, I felt like a total blubbering blubberer. Crying Sarah lacks composure.
5. I'm graduated. GRADUATED!! Graduated? It seems like just yesterday that I was moving into the dorms and scared to death of being so far from home.
6. I have a brand new job. A really challenging brand new job. An amazing new job. I'm excited, terrified, a bit intimidated. I really don't know how to feel.
7. I'm so grateful for the friends I've made along the way. And while my life is changing, there's no way I'm letting them go.
8. Is this what growing up feels like?....but wait. I'm way to immature to be a grown up.
9. I have so much to look forward too. I have so many great things ahead of me. But today I just want to feel a little reminiscent and sad. 
10. I feel like a Wicked quote would be very appropriate in this last line. Something about changing for good. Yata yata yata...I'm a better person because I knew you.....the wicked witch of the west is misunderstood!!!!

Jan 7, 2012


Juliane Parretta is a dang stud...and I'm jealous of his fro. I should tell you about that time I permed my hair to try and get a crazy curly fro. But then I just ended up with a dead mop looking thing on top of my head for a while.Yeah that's about the whole story.Anyways, back to Juliane the soother of babies and wooer of middle aged woman everywhere.
You have any more music for me?!

Jan 6, 2012

Back to the Words

Woah woah woah there's some ground breaking stuff going on up in here. Get this, today I wore my shirt....backwards. That's right hide your kids hide your wife I'm breaking all sorts of rules up in this here hizzle. Everything worked fine and dandy until I realized that my tag was sticking out just about all day long and scratching my little chinny chin chin. But such are the consequences when you wear garments improperly I suppose. Come what may, I say! And also Sam I am and green eggs and ham! Oh and hop on pop and what not. Where was I? Oh right chinny chin chin. So anyways, Matt told me at the end of the night that he'd noticed my tag but that he'd decided not to tell me about it because he'd figured I wouldn't care. Say what butter nut (squash)? Just because I literally wear used grandmother dresses, ginormo buns on my head and my clothes backwards means I don't care if my tag shows. LUDACRIS! BLASPHEME!...okay so yeah I really didn't care...

You want to know what I do care about though?1 When people say NEWtellu instead of NUHtella. These are the things that really matter people. Whether our decadent desserts are pronounced right!

Jan 5, 2012

Coat Sale!

I must confess something... I have a strange obsession with vintage inspired coats. I've been collecting them forever and the other night I decided to give you guys the chance to have a few pieces from my ongoing collection! Just e-mail if me your interested in buying one!

From top left: Vintage pale blue trench (size 6-7): $35, Red faux fur jacket (size 9-10): $20, Oversized button trench (size 8-9): $30, Purple Picnic Jacket (size 9-10): $20, Green Wool Peacoat (size 8-9) $35, Cream and green checkered trench (size 8-9): $20, Lauren Moffat Arrow Coat (size 9-12): $100, Baby Pink Wool Coat (8-9): $35

Jan 3, 2012

Salami and Cheese

dress: thrifted and revived     sweater: swapped      bow: Grandma'd      tights: Kohl's         shoes: Thrifted      mustache ring: gifted

Sir Matt slipped this silly little mustache ring into my stocking for Christmas and I about died when I saw it. What's a girl to do when her boy just knows the perfect little things to make his lady smile. So I gave him a giant salami and cheese to make his Christmas. No but really, I did. A giant two pound salami. What? You've never heard the saying that salami and cheese make men weak in the knees? It's probably because I just made it up. Clever no? One thing to know about my Matt, salami and cheese are two of his favorite things...aside from cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudel of course.

Let's Talk About Lipstick Shall We

Punch Drunk- Urban Decay                                         True Red-Studio Gear
0194 B- Sephora                                                  Red Lizard-NARS

Lipstick is one of my very favorite ways to dress up an outfit, I must confess. Wearing jeans and an old tee? Throw on some lipstick and you'll feel like a million bucks. That my friend is a promise. Anyways, I wanted to give you guys the list of my very favorite colors that I am severely in love with. Here are the deets.For a bright red lip- True Red from Studio Gear. It lasts for.ev.er no joke, I apply it once in the morning and I'm good for the whole day, and it's also really affordable. I'm telling you guys, this one is my go to for everything. Another bright red I love is Red Lizard from Nars. It's a bit more pricy but is a bit of a deeper red for an even bolder look. When I'm wearing a red lip I always make sure to use a liner or else I feel like my lips resemble more of a birthday party clown. The liner I use for both of these reds is a Sangria from Sephora's brand of lip liners. For an orange lip like the first picture I use Punch Drunk from Urban Decay. I especially love this one because it works as both a lip stick and a liner so you don't even need to worry about finding a liner to match it.  For a deep berry lip my top pick is Burlesque from Studio Gear. And for a playful pink I wear  0194B from Sephora. I hope that helps you guys in picking out your own lipsticks! A word to the wise, give the red at least four tries before you give up on it. It takes a bit of getting used to but I promise, you will fall in love. Questions? Shoot me an e-mail!

Jan 2, 2012

Lions Tigers and Bears

shirt: thrifted     blazer: Anthro    trousers: Anthro    belt: thrifted     shoes: thrifted     necklace: thrifted/made by my sis

Have you guys ever seen sandlot? Puhleease,I know who I'm talking to, you guys are only the coolest of cats so yes...the answer is YES...or speedily repent and go see it. Anywho, there's this giant dog that all of the kids are terrified of. When I watched that movie I was all in my twelve year old brain, "LOSERS! It's only a dog! Go get your dumb baseballs back...why do you even like baseball anyways...it's boring. I'm going to go feed my Gigapet." Anyways, I thought it was no big deal this large dog mammal.

So today, me and the Indian are jogging our usual jog. Only this time I decide to keep my life nice and spicaaay and change the jogging route. So I twist and turn on a different road and wham bam we're on a new adventure. All of the suddent this ginormous beast with the mane of a lion (NO JOKE it had a mane!) and the body of a bear comes charging at us from behind a fence. And I give Indie the wide eyed look that says, "PROTECT ME MY FLUFFY BALL OF SCRUFF" Indie quickly listens to my command and hides between my legs (what she's tough in her own sensitive way okay) and so then I decide to just run off.

Quick recap. Body of bear, mane of lion. Charging at me. I run. Thing charging at me was behind a fence. And I still ran.

So after this experience I have come to two conclusions. 
1. That was no dog...that was a Bearion...clearly the logical conclusion.
2. Due to conclusion number one I am not a whimp but rather wicked awesome because hello...I just saw a Bearion with my own two eye balls and am living to tell the story. Now excuse me. I'm going to go feed my Gigapet.