Jan 17, 2012

DIY Peter Pan Collar Necklace

Hi. I'm Sarah and I'm addicted to peter pan collars. Now lets make some peter pan collars.
1. On paper draw a circle that is 61/2" in diameter.
2. Using a curved ruler draw the style edge of the collar with front collar 2 1/2" thick and then tapering off toward the back to 1" thick. Now cut out the pattern that you just made and make a cute in the center back portion of the collar.
3. Pin your pattern to black felt 
4. Cut it out.
5. Using transparent fabric glue paint the collar with fabric glue and then apply glitter.
6. After the collar is dry attach two strands of ribbon either by sewing or by hot glue to each back piece of the collar. This will make it so the collar will tie in the back.

You're done! Now go blind everyone with your ridiculously sparkly awesome collar.


  1. Very cool DIY! I want to try this out once I'm done with finals :)

  2. That is SO freaking adorable!! I love your creativity! :)

  3. Fabric glue and no sewing involved? I think i COULD do this! Very cute!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  4. super cute, thanks for sharing!!


  5. Oh Sarah it's like your reading my mind! First the sweater now the collars. Love this!!

  6. such a cute diy!! ive been meaning to make one.. this week is the week ;)


  7. argh! i just found you via a google search for yellow tights and i am in love with your blog, and this diy is awesome!! :D XOXOXOX