Jan 25, 2012

Do you think heaven will have Charmin or Cottonelle?

blouse: Thrifted     vest: c/o Francesca's    belt: thrifted      jeans: gifted (AE)       shoes: thrifted     watch: thrifted   ring: c/o Francesca's

While I was wearing this Matt came up to me, gave me a brotherly swat on the back and said, " Hey mamma bear." and then nonchalantly walked away. Oh I knew he just loved the taste of it as it left his lips, I could see that grinny grin grin above his chinny chin chin that just taunted me. I had to say something clever quick.... so of course I blurted out, "Well give me some Charmin and make me poop behind a tree." Yeah it really wasn't as cool of a comment as I thought it would be. And more awkward then clever really.Nevertheless accurate though no?

Also on my mind. Do you think heaven will have Charmin or Cottonelle? Because if Cottonelle is wrong I don't want to be right. Okay yeah once again not as clever and also more awkward than pictured. Forgive me I know not what I do. Doo doo that is.


  1. I think you look so cute and I do hope Heaven has Cottonelle.

    xoxo, Jjanga

  2. Oh my goodness Sarah! hahaha! You are hilarious and random. :)

    Love the outfit!

  3. Clearly they will have Angel Soft in heaven. The name explains itself.

  4. As for heaven, I am unsure of the type of TP you will find. However, I do know that I really like they way you styled the vest and polka dot blouse. I also featured you on my blog today.

  5. LOL this post is adorable and you look super cute. love your lip color!


  6. Haha I hope they have some form of good toilet roll!

    Love the vest.

    C x

  7. How darling! I totally love your style with the blunt bangs and red lips. Fun to connect with other Mormon style bloggers :)

    Cable Car Couture

  8. HAHA. I legitimately laughed out loud. "Make me poop behind a tree". Awesome comeback!

  9. This made me literally laugh so hard.:D I love thoughts that sound fantastic in my head but when I say them...yeah....

  10. This made me laugh SO HARD. So so so hard.
    I just bought some Charmin this week, because I had the epiphany that if we bought better TP we'd probably use less at a time and buy it less often...okay so I actually bought the Wal-Mart knockoff of Charmin. Whatever. I think I miss Cottonelle though....those ridges! So cozy! Ahh....if only Wally World had a Cottonelle knockoff.