Jan 2, 2012

Lions Tigers and Bears

shirt: thrifted     blazer: Anthro    trousers: Anthro    belt: thrifted     shoes: thrifted     necklace: thrifted/made by my sis

Have you guys ever seen sandlot? Puhleease,I know who I'm talking to, you guys are only the coolest of cats so yes...the answer is YES...or speedily repent and go see it. Anywho, there's this giant dog that all of the kids are terrified of. When I watched that movie I was all in my twelve year old brain, "LOSERS! It's only a dog! Go get your dumb baseballs back...why do you even like baseball anyways...it's boring. I'm going to go feed my Gigapet." Anyways, I thought it was no big deal this large dog mammal.

So today, me and the Indian are jogging our usual jog. Only this time I decide to keep my life nice and spicaaay and change the jogging route. So I twist and turn on a different road and wham bam we're on a new adventure. All of the suddent this ginormous beast with the mane of a lion (NO JOKE it had a mane!) and the body of a bear comes charging at us from behind a fence. And I give Indie the wide eyed look that says, "PROTECT ME MY FLUFFY BALL OF SCRUFF" Indie quickly listens to my command and hides between my legs (what she's tough in her own sensitive way okay) and so then I decide to just run off.

Quick recap. Body of bear, mane of lion. Charging at me. I run. Thing charging at me was behind a fence. And I still ran.

So after this experience I have come to two conclusions. 
1. That was no dog...that was a Bearion...clearly the logical conclusion.
2. Due to conclusion number one I am not a whimp but rather wicked awesome because hello...I just saw a Bearion with my own two eye balls and am living to tell the story. Now excuse me. I'm going to go feed my Gigapet.


  1. I hate it when we are charged by something scary. I don't blame you for running. I love those trousers!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    I'm having a giveaway...

  2. Oh hello? When did you change your background, quite interesting! And I love that jacket you are wearing, soooo cool!

    Okay, I'm lost, and apparently not so cool, what's sandlot?

  3. OMGoodness thank goodness you were alright! (and Indie!) I love the blazer!

    By the way--Mr. Murtle's the meanest old man that ever lived!

  4. I'm so happy you are safe, that's so scary!!

  5. i swear you have the best taste is patterns. i can never seem to find a pattern that i love.
    you look darling though as always

    xoxo katlin

  6. Love your blazer!

    Don't feel bad, I claim to have no fear of big dogs but every once and a while a gigantic, fearsome monster will come into the vet clinic where I work and scare the pants off me!


  7. Oh my gosh, can we go shopping together?? That outfit is darling!

  8. Your stories never cease to make me laugh.
    And those colors look good an you :)