Jan 18, 2012

My Secret Talent

blouse: Nordstrom      skirt: Downeast       belt: thrifted        tights: F21      shoes: thrifted      bag: thrifted

I like to tell myself I'm funny. You know even when I crack a joke and Matt looks at me with his eyes a litttle bigger than usual and his mouth is wide open like he's trying to catch a fly, you know the, "Who do you think you are" husband look. (this look also occurs when I wear ugly dresses and make up dances in front of him). Anyways yes, I think I'm funny. It's like "The Secret", if I think I'm funny then I am funny. Just putting it out in the universe ya know. But then there are always those times where you know you indeed are just not as funny as you think. For example...for four years straight I kept a porcelain bird on the dashboard of my car. Why you ask? So that when I got flipped off I could show them the bird....my literal porcelain bird of course (I wish I was joking and that this was not a true story). Not so funny Sarah thought this was awesome. Not so funny Sarah thought this was hilarious. Not so funny Sarah made a ton of flamboyant middle finger flippers really angry. So sometimes I like to test out if I've still got game you know. If I'm still the hilarious person I think I am. Usually I'll do something like buy a whoopie cushion and put it on Sir Matt's side of the bed, but the other day I really needed a confirmation. I needed to build upon my testimony of my own jokes, if you will. So I went to my harshest critic (Sir Matt of course) and you know what I did. I busted a friggin' rap. I dang sick rap (sick does indeed mean cool all you non hipsters, I am not talking about an ill rap...although ill also means cool. Just get with the times yo.) Anyways here was my wrap to my Sir Matt, straight from the babes mouth. The Sarah babe's mouth of course, not babe the pigs, just in case you were confused.

I give you: Sarah's Hilarious Awe Inspiring Rap

Sometimes I sit, I sit and wonder why the heck Indie smells like she came from down under.
Is it because she's gassy? Is it because she eats poop?
Nah it just be because she contracted croup.
But if that's her excuse, then what's yours Matt my boy?
Because you smell like you've been eating nothing but soy.
Oh slam yeah that hurt, but you know what hurts more?
The fact that this rap is giving you a laughter side sore.

Bam yo.


  1. Your rap is awesome! I feel like I think I'm funny when I'm actually not...haha, but if you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at right?

    xoxo, Jjanga!

  2. gorgeous outfit, i love your lip color!


  3. you're always wearing the cutest outfits!!

  4. I seriously want to keep a porcelain bird in my car now. And I want that skirt. You crack me up Sarah!

  5. you look fabulous!!

  6. hahahaha. I will confirm for you that you are indeed hilarious! So hilarious that I wish you were my friend in real life cause you seem awesome! And I love your shirt!