Mar 22, 2012

Revival Files: My Favorite So Far

 Total Cost = $5
This is what came of  my color remover party this weekend. I practically hovered over a giant cauldron (okay pot) on the stove and cackled like a witch while I sucked all the peach I could out of that dress. It went something like this ,"Yes my pretty! Be gone peach! Muah ha ha ha!" After about an hour of stirring and stirring it turned into this nasty beige color and then I spent the rest of the  night ombre dying it. As I was dying the dress in the bathroom Matt kept saying, "Honey, you all right in there? Did you fall in?" Har har har. Good one. It isn't the first poop joke that's come out of Sir Matt's mouth and I'm afraid that it won't be the last. Eww poop and mouth should definitely never be used in the same sentence. It's just wrong isn't it.

Water Color Memories

I always love going through old photos of Sir Matt and I. There's just something about reminiscing that makes me so grateful for what I have now. So as  my way of keeping all of our fun memories alive I decided to create a water color memory book of us. Hopefully someday it will be something that we can look at as a family and share all of our silly stories with our wee ones. I think I might have found a new hobby too. I mean I have no clue if I'm doing it right by any means, I kind of just started mixing junk together and plopping it on the paper (I think that's how these painting gigs go right?) but it's pretty dang fun! If it's alright with you guys, I'd love to post all of them on here in the future and tell you all the stories that go along with them? What do you think, sound good? 

Mar 21, 2012

Gym Creatures Unite!

jeans: f21              blouse: H&M           bag: Asos           shoes: Target

I’ve been getting a lot of deep thinking done lately at the gym, mostly because while I run on the treadmill I can people watch like nobody’s business without looking like a total creeper. I mean honestly, who can blame me for looking straight forward as I run on the treadmill? NOBODY that’s who! So yes, I’ve been people watching and thinking very deeply about these gym creatures. These are my thoughts.
-Most guys have the nasty back sweats while trying to hit on girls. Isn’t this just the last thing you would want to have as you try to woo a lovely lass. But alas I suppose the guys just don’t get it, they think it makes them look more masculine perhaps. But boys, to us you just look like a stinky sweaty hog boy!
-If you wear puffy pants to the gym, it’s probably your first time there. Don’t get me wrong I love the sound your pants make as you walk, but really though, any person with puffy pants is always wandering around like a lost little puppy, and all the cool cats are wearing 80’s spandex pants these days.
-I’m convinced that some people don’t come to the gym to work out at all, but just to waddle around with their shoulders to their ears. Do you ever see those people? They don’t seem to ever get on a single machine but just walk in circles around the equipment and get trillions of drinks at the drinking fountain. OOoooooh so tough!
-Short boy shorts are popular these days. And it makes me want to cry….okay now I really am crying.

Mar 20, 2012

Weekend I Prefer The Weekend

1. Spending some time on a water color memory book.
2. What Mormon's do on St. Patty's day. Drink root beer out of glass bottles and then take drunken pictures. You know how we do.
3. A little dying experiment for a revival files (I hope I finish it in time to show you guys this week!)
4. All the spring time weather was just teasing us....the snow came again....again again.

Mar 19, 2012

Poop and A Goat...Sounds Like A Song Title?

 blazer: thrifted      skirt: Nordstrom       blouse: thrifted        purse: thrifted       shoes: Call It Spring

I may look all calm and composed in these pictures but I tell you what, this is what I tell you. A dang goat was standing right next to my tripod while I took these pictures! That's right, a.goat I say! So you know what I did, I stood there and I thought to myself, "Are goats dangerous? I mean their crazy step cousin once removed is a ram so maybe they charge? Maybe?" So I sat there and contemplated and this is what I came up with I said to this strange crazy eyed goat man, I said, "Shoooooo goat. Shhooo!" And you know what he did. He looked at me like my second grade teacher Ms. Tanguma with the lazy eye. She would look at me and it looked like she was looking at the wall to the left of me but you know now that I think of it I'm pretty sure she was really looking at me, yes the goat was looking at me like that. And then he started to dig around in my camera bag. What a rude goat if I ever did see one. So I decided that the photoshoot had reached it's end, and I didn't care if I only got a picture of my left pinky toe, I didn't want to hang out with this poopy goat for one more second, so I hightailed it out of there. And then I realized there was poop on my shoe...and then I declared it the worst photo session ever. And then I scraped the poop off of my shoe because I mean, what kind of weirdo would leave it there ya know. The end.

Mar 17, 2012

Noteworthy: Hunger Games Style

In honor of The Hunger Games coming out this week I just had to put this song up. This will be on the soundtrack for the movie and oh is it glorious. When I first watched it I had no idea it was Taylor Swift. She looks all natural and earthy and what not. I have to say I like this look on her better. Okay, listen and tell me what you think!

Mar 15, 2012

Why Can't I Be That Creepy Person With Thirty Dogs?

sweater: VJ Style        belt: thrifted       necklace:DIY       trousers: Anthro       shoes:thrifted

Did I tell you that Indie's ovaries are missing? Oh yes, we've put up a missing organs ad and everything but they are just nowhere to be found. Quite gone I'd say. I tried my hardest to convince Sir Matt that we needed at least thirty more Indie's running around but Matt put a stop to my puppy heaven day dreams and took her to get fixed this week. I'm pretty sure that she knows she's not a whole woman any more because she keeps looking at me all shifty eyed and ashamed looking. Can we have a moment of silence for Indie's trusty ovaries for a second. ---------. That was weird. Anyways the best part of this whole ordeal I must say was a drugged up Indie. Oh she was quite a site. She would fall asleep in the oddest places, my favorite was when she would stand on her hind legs and put her paws on my knees to stretch and I'd look down and there Indie was, conked out on my dang knees. Picture a dog asleep standing, now picture a weird smirk on her face as she slept, now picture Matt poking her to see if she was really asleep. Now picture Matt moving Indie's paws to make it look like she was flying.....then moving them to make her dance. That was the glory I got to see all week. Amen.

Mar 14, 2012


blouse: thrifted       blazer: thrifted      jeans: Trendy X Change       shoes: thrifted      bag: c/o Francescas

Indie found an old wad of gum at the park today and chewed it for about thirty minutes.  She just sat there like a human, smacking her gum and staring at people. I could have sworn she was turning into a person right before my eyes. I figured next she would blow a bubble and pop it with her paw like it was one of those ridiculous dubble bouble commercials....but instead she just spit it out in the car on the way home. I know anti climactic right. Excuse me, I'm now going to go awkwardly rummage around my car for the gum. So if you see a girl with her butt sticking out the side door, feet flailing, booty wagging,well you know why, my dog developed a nasty gum chewing habit that's why.

Mar 13, 2012

So We Set The World On Fire

Matt bought ohhh about thirty trillion paper lanterns for us to release on Valentine's day this year....but they didn't get to us in time. So after they finally arrived this week we invited some friends over to release our love lanterns all at once. It was weirdly calming to see the lanterns float away and then disappear into the night sky....and then not so calming to see one get stuck in a tree while still on fire. I was pretty convinced we were about to set the world on fire (can't you just not stop listening to that song lately, oh it's controlling my life). No but really, one got stuck in a tree, the boys all went to save the day and the girls just ran away. What don't judge....okay yeah judge we're terrible people, BUT GREAT RUNNERS!  Alas, the boys did indeed save the day and the world stayed safely...un-charred.  We still have at least fifteen lanterns left though so we're going to need some ideas from you guys. What should we do with the extras?!

Mar 12, 2012

You Got It Dude!

blouse: F21  wrap:JCPenny   maxi: Swapped    belt: thrifted     shoes: Call It Spring
I must say that I channeled a bit of MK Olsen shabby chic for this outfit. I mean I know I'm not making a severe hunched back, wearing holey clothes, and pouting my lips with a Starbucks cup in hand but nevertheless it's about as Mary Kate and Ashely I'll probably ever get. I must say though, as weird as those two can seem these day, I'm still in love with the little one liner toddler from the old days. I'll be a fan of Michelle Tanner for life, oh you got it dude! Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Chity Chi bop botta!

Mar 9, 2012

The Spread

Here's the final spread from last weeks shoot! (As always, photography was by the amazing Landini.) Have a great weekend everyone!

Mar 7, 2012

Free People DIY. Let's Save $448 Shall We?

I saw this necklace at Free People for $458.....I'm sorry but who in their right mind pays $458 for a trendy arrow necklace. I mean it's awesome, but I mourn the sugar daddy that has to foot that bill, ya know! Yell "HERE HERE!" if you agree. HERE HEEEEERE! So anyways, as my usual cheap self, I came up with a $10 version of it. I'm sorry Free People, it just had to be done.
You'll need:
- A necklace chain (I used an old one)
-Some bakeable modeling clay.
-Some jewelry making loopy things (see #3)
- gold spray paint (I used some I already had)
- An exacto knife (is that how you spell exacto I wonder?)
- parchment paper

1. Roll out the modeling clay on parchment paper and carve out the arrow shape above (I drew on the clay with sharpie first and then carved it out), then using a bobby pin or the exacto knife poke two holes on each side of the arrow ends (this will make it so you can attach the necklace to a chain). Then bake the arrow in the oven (still on the parchment paper) at 225 degrees for 25 minutes.
2. Let the arrow cool and then spray paint it.
3. Using the gold loops stick one loop through the holes at the top of the arrow. Do this on each side.
4. Attach the gold loops to the ends of the necklace chain. 

Bam you just saved $448, now do one of those evil laughs like you just stuck it to the man....because you did.

Mar 6, 2012

We Are Young.

After writing this post I did a lot of thinking about how to feel like I'm enjoying where I'm at in life and really just live in the moment. One night last week after pouring over all of your sincere and vulnerable comments (which I really cannot fully express how grateful for them I was without getting a bit teary eyed) I decided that I needed to follow your guys' suggestions. One of my favorite pieces of advice (among the many) was to do things that I might not be able to do were I not in my particular stage in life. I thought that was such a good idea! What better way to appreciate what you have then attention to it. So I called up a few of my really good friends and we took off for the weekend to Vegas to have a care free girls weekend. We shopped at all of my favorite thrift stores, ate...and ate...and ate and saw one of my all time favorite musicals The Phantom of The Opera. I must say, I like this new take on life.

Run And Tell That!

blazer: Anthro      blouse: c/o Francesca's       necklace: Made by Claire   pants: Asos        bag: Thrifted    shoes: Call It Spring

Do you ever have days where you just drive like a complete and total fool and all you can do is grin and wave as old men shake their fists at you and ladies practically roll their eyes into the car behind them at you.  What is so different about those days? It must have been that I parted my hair on the other side or something. Because this one time I parted my hair on the left instead of the right and I'm telling you, my handwriting looked completely different that day. Anyways today my driving abilities were a total wreck...a wreck that didn't get in a car wreck, but nevertheless a wreck. Anyways, it got to the point that I started waving to the people I wronged. It wasn't a mocking wave, just a, "hey I'm a person, have pity on me because you see I parted my hair on the left today and I'm pretty sure that's why I'm driving like your great aunt sally with no teeth." yeah it was that kind of wave. The only thing that gives me comfort as the flashing images of middle fingers and grimaces haunt my dreams is that I've never had a ticket or been in a car wreck. So run and tell that to your toothless Aunt Sally!

Mar 2, 2012

Knock Knock...It's a French Fry!

blouse: Ebay (Matt's V-day gift to me)  pants: Trendy X Change   bag: c/o Francesca's  hat: swap meet   shoes: Thrifted

On the way to dinner last night this little conversation blossomed like unto a beautiful flower.

Sir Matt: "I wish Indie had a job."
Me: " I want to know why?"
Sir Matt:" Because then she'd come home and be all, man guys, what a day, I'm tired. And then we'd all just sleep."
Sir Matt:" She could be like.....the city mascot!"
Me: "And then we could stuff the money that she makes in her collar and she'd walk around all blingin' and all the other dogs would be jealous."
Sir Matt: "No Sarah that's just cruel. I just want her to be a mascot."
Sir Matt: "Hey do you want to go ding dong ditch someones house and leave a pile of french fries at their doors step."
Me: "Need you ask?!"

Yes, this is what most of our conversations end up in. Juvenile delinquint thoughts. And we did indeed go ding dong ditch our friends house french fry style, and we spelled out something amazing with the french fries too, don't you worry, we did it real proper like.

(Photography is of course by the amazing Landini!)

Mar 1, 2012

Hmmmm What Do I Think Of These Slip Extenders?

skirt: Thrifted   blouse: Thrifted   purse: Thrifted   tights: c/o We Love colors   slip extender: c/o The Slip Shop (use code SARAH10 at checkout for 10% off)

I'm not going to be one of those bloggers that tries to sugar coat and disguise when their doing a product review, but I have been genuinely interested in trying out a slip extender to be able to have more options in the skirts I'm able to wear, but I honestly never bought one because I didn't know if they would look completely ridiculous or not. So I thought this would be a great opportunity to once and for all settle my mind on such an important international matter! And hey, hopefully it can help you guys decide how you feel about them too! So yes, hello friends, I am doing a product review. But I promise promise to be completely honest. 

- I like to dress modestly and usually it is hard to find a skirt that I feel comfortable with the length, but now there is a much wider selection of skirts that I can wear with a slip extender underneath, they don't all have to be too my knees WAHOOO!
- It adds an awesome pop of color and texture to my outfits. It almost looks like a vintage petticoat underneath which is so my style. I love that it can completely change the way skirts and dresses look.
-The quality is awesome, I can tell that the detailing on the slip was done by hand and that everything was done so that the slip will last a VERY long time.
- Compared to other slip shops I think A Slip Shop is very fashion forward, they have a ton of awesome selections that I would wear in a second.

- Because my ruffle slip has so much detailing it has a mesh backing to make it durable, and the mesh does stick to tights.
- They seemed a bit pricey to me before I saw the slip, but after seeing the quality of it and how it is made by hand I can definitely appreciate the amount of time it takes to do detailing like this.
- While I love the fun pop of blue I think I would choose a more versatile slip next time. Were I able to go back and choose a different one, I would choose this one it's so feminine and a neutral color that would match just about everything.
- The length may not be right for everyone. The slip will reach right just above your knee which is great for some but maybe not so ideal for others (however I think they will customize the length for you if you ask).

So what do you think of them? And no it's not a rhetorical question, I really do want to know what you think. Is it something you would wear? Do you think they are worth the buy? Am I wearing every color in the rainbow today? Yes, the answer is yes Sarah you are.