Mar 1, 2012

Hmmmm What Do I Think Of These Slip Extenders?

skirt: Thrifted   blouse: Thrifted   purse: Thrifted   tights: c/o We Love colors   slip extender: c/o The Slip Shop (use code SARAH10 at checkout for 10% off)

I'm not going to be one of those bloggers that tries to sugar coat and disguise when their doing a product review, but I have been genuinely interested in trying out a slip extender to be able to have more options in the skirts I'm able to wear, but I honestly never bought one because I didn't know if they would look completely ridiculous or not. So I thought this would be a great opportunity to once and for all settle my mind on such an important international matter! And hey, hopefully it can help you guys decide how you feel about them too! So yes, hello friends, I am doing a product review. But I promise promise to be completely honest. 

- I like to dress modestly and usually it is hard to find a skirt that I feel comfortable with the length, but now there is a much wider selection of skirts that I can wear with a slip extender underneath, they don't all have to be too my knees WAHOOO!
- It adds an awesome pop of color and texture to my outfits. It almost looks like a vintage petticoat underneath which is so my style. I love that it can completely change the way skirts and dresses look.
-The quality is awesome, I can tell that the detailing on the slip was done by hand and that everything was done so that the slip will last a VERY long time.
- Compared to other slip shops I think A Slip Shop is very fashion forward, they have a ton of awesome selections that I would wear in a second.

- Because my ruffle slip has so much detailing it has a mesh backing to make it durable, and the mesh does stick to tights.
- They seemed a bit pricey to me before I saw the slip, but after seeing the quality of it and how it is made by hand I can definitely appreciate the amount of time it takes to do detailing like this.
- While I love the fun pop of blue I think I would choose a more versatile slip next time. Were I able to go back and choose a different one, I would choose this one it's so feminine and a neutral color that would match just about everything.
- The length may not be right for everyone. The slip will reach right just above your knee which is great for some but maybe not so ideal for others (however I think they will customize the length for you if you ask).

So what do you think of them? And no it's not a rhetorical question, I really do want to know what you think. Is it something you would wear? Do you think they are worth the buy? Am I wearing every color in the rainbow today? Yes, the answer is yes Sarah you are.


  1. I think it's cute!! I totally need to try that because my legs are pretty long and dresses/skirts are always way too short on me

    Xo Ashley

  2. I think that this is SO adorable! I would wear that one in a heartbeat. It is a good way to make old boring skirts feel new again. Good pick! :)


  3. I've never heard of these things! But I am a huge fan of slips for their practicality (see-through stuff stops being see-through, skirts stop sticking to your tights, etc). I think I would prefer lace to ruffles - I've never been a ruffly kind of girl - but I agree, these would give you a lot more options!

    PS: you could always sew some lace trim to an existing slip to make it a bit longer ;)

  4. I had my mom make me a slip extender and I love it! I had two or three dressed that we just a little too short and now I can wear them again! {plus it's a lot less expensive than buying new skirts!}


  5. This is something I will most certainly be looking into. I'm so TALL that it's so hard to find anything that goes to my knees!

  6. Yay, I wear these too! In general, I like the look of a long half-slip. This one is so fluffy, it almost looks a little juvenile. The bold color saves it from looking like a ruffly diaper cover, but I agree that a more neutral one would be more versatile. Their black tulle one is my favorite!

  7. As someone who is tall and yet prefers her dresses and skirts to come at least to her knee, I have FOUR of these and wear them almost every time I have a dress on. It's become a staple in my wardrobe!

  8. I had no idea that these were so popular. I'm glad you guys like them.
    Jen- I agree, you have to be careful when you style them so they don't look to little girlish.

  9. i really like the ruffle one that you're wearing. i was looking at their etsy shop- it seems that you could only use it for a certain length of skirt. I'm not sure how I feel...

    But you're rockin' it, and it looks rad!

  10. Such a festive look. I love all the colors. You did a great job bringing it all together.

  11. I have several of these from A Slip Shop and they are fantastic. They are super versatile and the girls that run the shop are awesome. They totally worked with me and allowed me to order a custom length because I am 5'11". Their standard was a bit too short for me so they made them several inches longer and it's perfect. I totally recommend them.

  12. I love slip extenders! This one has a little too much ruffle for my taste, but it looks great on you! I am also loving all of the fun colors!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  13. I absolutely love these, I'd get one of each kind if I could afford it. That being said, I have one, a pink scalloped eyelet one. I wore it once under a pink striped skirt, and everyone kept telling me that my slip was showing... gah! That's the point, but apparently it still didn't look right? To be fair I did get some compliments, I think I'll try it under a denim skirt next time. I think the ruffly tiered ones look the most versatile.

  14. I think it looks awesome! I could definitely use a couple of those because I try to be somewhat modest as well, but have a tendency to buy skirts that are too short just because they're cute or on sale and then never have the guts to wear them...

  15. I've never even heard of these before today- but they look cute! Not sure if I would wear one or not...I probably would, depending on the availability of one and the right skirts. :) Very beautiful!

  16. I think it's stinkin' cute! A few slips + a few skirts = nearly endless possibilities! :)

    <3 The Daily Dani

  17. I have thought about buying a slip extender, but I have never gotten around to it. For the skirt you are wearing it looks great, but I don't know if a slip extender looks great on every dress or skirt.

  18. Oh my goodness! They are so Cute! i totally love all of them on the Etsy Site...I'm going to definitely tell my girl friends since we are always in need of modest things as well!