Apr 30, 2012

She Creepeth Into My Life

blouse: c/o OASAP (buy it here)   belt: thrifted  skirt: thrifted    shoes: thrifted    bag: thrifted

Oh awkwardness. She follows me like a loud lady at a Christmas party that just wants someone to tell her stories too, over and over and over again. No matter what you (and I mean I) do you just can't seem to shake her. And then as you finally think you've escaped her...she asks for a ride home. Wow cerebral high five for that metaphor. Well awkwardness, she hath struck again.

I am the pooper scooper around these parts of the McCammon household. Matt does that lawn mowing and therefore all scooping of poopings is up to me. So I'm out there, doing my job like a loyal Indie lover should, and I've got this bag where I you know....compile all of the Tootsie Rolls if you know what I'm saying. And it's getting pretty full. Not humongously full, just regular full. So as I'm continuing my pooper scooper duties this old man comes walking past and he stops, looks at me and says

"That's a lot of poop you got there."

and I just stood there and said,


And then we stared at each other for a little too long of a second, and then he just kept walking. And then I contemplated for about thirteen hours when it became socially acceptable to comment on one's canine's feces.

And then I went to Target and bought a nail polish...because it made me feel less weirded out.

Apr 27, 2012

Polar Bears and Prescription Glasses

blouse: ebay    jacket: thrifted   pants: f21   bag: ASOS    shoes: Rubbish

Yesterday I was sitting there in a conversation, listening off and on and off and on, I can be a terrible listener sometimes really. Well this was one of those times, I was in the conversation but I wasn’t really in the conversation you know. What I really wanted to be doing instead was go over to the store next door and peer into the windows and ponder whey they needed three stuffed polar bears in a window display when they were an eye glasses company. I mean really, polar bears trump conversations about politics any day in my book. But then the polar bears, they lost a bit of interest for me after I’d been thinking about them for twenty minutes, there’s just no reason that the polar bears should be there, unless of course….do polar bears have bad vision? So obviously I needed a new topic for my noodle to canoooodle over. And then I got thinking. This couple that we were talking to, their faces…they look like each other. They look like brother and sister. I became gravely concerned, as you can imagine. At what point in a marriage do couples start to look like each other? You know what I’m talking about right, they adopt all of the hand gestures, facial movements, hunch backs… what have you. Are me and Matt there yet? Or are we just one of those couples that will never ever look like each other because he’s a tall gangly white guy and I’m well….I’m not a tall gangly white man. This concerns me, should I be striving for this, or fearing this? I have not quite decided.

Also on my mind, and oh so important. Have you ever met someone that’s married and then pictured and assumed what their spouse would look like? Para exemple, a quirky tiny man should be with a dainty energetic crazy woman right, it just makes sense. I do this, without fail, every time I meet someone. And I was SO wrong the other day that I did this and well…really embarrassed that I’m such a jerk in my head.

Wow. Well I hope this has just been as riveting for you as it has been for me. The life of a rockstar is what I’m living. 

Apr 26, 2012

Foggy Windows and Humiliation

blouse: c/o OASAP (buy it here) skirt: Nordstrom   headband: handmade   shoes: Call It Spring

I have been scarred. I’m talking remain mute and twitch every three seconds scarred. Can we have a little blog therapy time? You can just nod and let your eyes glaze over if you want, but this story is entertaining as heck so you may want to stay alive, alert and aaaaaaafixiated (sorry I just wanted to have three A words in there)…. Anyways (hey there’s a fourth!). So this one time in middle school, I’m out for a late night jog. And I’m running in this gravely parking lot, the kind where all you can hear is that loud cccuuush sound that your feet are making as they grind against the gravel. I start to head toward the end of the parking lot where there is this car, it’s light blue, with rust creeping around the edges. But something doesn’t seem…normal. The two back car doors are open, and out of one side hang four little legs all intertwined and tangly, and there are certain…..noises…..occurring. So I did what any na├»ve fourteen year old would do, I booked it as fast as I could out of there before my eye balls turned into jello. I was lucky, it was a true miracle that I didn’t….see anything. So anyways, yesterday, I’m out with the Indian, and we’re walking past this parking lot. And the Indian, she books it over to this car on the far end of the lot. And she starts circling the car, circling and circling, all angsty and weird like. So I head towards her and yell, “HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING WEIRDO!!! COOOOMEEEERE! COOOOMEEERE!” and  then I see them, two people all tangly like....if you know what I'm saying. And they're completely frozen, like if they don’t move then they’ll just disappear into the upholstery of the car, and I realize that they totally think that I was yelling at them. All that I could think to do was grab Indie football quarterback style, and run away……oh so very far away and as I did I yelled, “ THIS IS SO AWKWARD! THIS IS SOOOOOO AWKWARD!” And then I went home and did an Ace Ventura style cleanse, scrubbed my eye balls with rubbing alcohol, gave Indie her first birds and bees talk. And then I died inside. The end. Can I get a little therapy up in here? What’s the most awkward thing YOU’VE ever experienced. This trauma victim could use a little laugh.

Apr 24, 2012

My Weekend Looked A Little Like This

We spent the weekend at Laguna Beach for a family wedding and spent the whole glorious weekend with our family. I just could not get enough of my sweet nieces and nephew, especially my little niece Siena. It was our very first time meeting her and she was just the smiliest giggly bunch of baby I've ever seen. Those kids, they are just the cats pajamas, I tell you what, the bee's knees. Every time I went to take a picture my camera just kept focusing on them, it wasn't my fault, my camera was obsessed!Thanks for the amazing weekend McCammons!

Watercolor Wedding

Our wedding day was completely dreamy. A trifecta of glory one might say. I remember both of us getting on the plane to fly to Colorado for our wedding and I looked over at Matt and started mind screaming, "Holy crap this is really happening?! I'm marrying my best friend! I'm marrying the hottest man on the planet! I'm marrying the hottest and funniest man on the planet!" With my giant wedding dress draped over our laps passerby's kept commenting on how young we looked, which then of course followed with us actually telling them how young we really were, and they were then even more shocked, of course. But no matter what people said; Your too young. Are you really sure? You'll never be able to make this decision again? Are you really ready to give up the single life? How are you going to make things work as college students? I had absolutely no doubt. Honestly. Not a single bit of it. I was just excited, because for the first time everything felt completely right, like something just locked into place when we met, and we both just knew. Is that silly to say? We both just knew? Well we did.

Apr 23, 2012

I Have No Censor

There have been some things going on  in my head that I probably shouldn’t speak out loud but I think I just will anyway. Okay? Okay.
1. Girls in mini skirts butts must touch their seats when they sit down…. right? Can someone confirm or deny this for me, because whenever I see a bus seat, or park bench or a waiting room chair I think that some strange girls bare behind has probably touched that seat. And then I choose to stand.
2. What makes something an ade or a juice. We have orangeJUICE but lemonADE. But it’s pretty much the exact same fruit, only ones yellow and the others orange. We have grape JUICE but limeADE. Must something be sour in it’s most raw form in order to be an ADE when it’s made into a drink. Is it because sugar comes to the lemon and lime’s aid to make deliciousness?

3. You know what drives me crazy. Blogger writing out email addresses. Don't get me wrong, I know that us bloggers are a special breed, we love to feel unique and all trendy and junk but we're the only ones that do it. When everyone spells their email "imthebestbloggerintheworldatgmaildotcom" it makes me want to shove peas up a kittens nostrils. People, you are making emailing you the last thing in the world that I would like to do. The efficiency of this is just madness, madness I say, we're all copy and pasting your email address and then MANUALLY changing it. People, nothing is manual these days. Nothing. I mean I've even hired a bald man named Glen to deliver my daily nutrients straight into my veins via needle so I don't have to eat. NOTHING IS MANUAL. Is it just me or are we all just sitting around with our minds exploding and not emailing you EVER because it infuriates us so. 

4.My last and final thought, the most riveting I'm sure. When you guys saw the "Somebody That I Used To Know" music video. Did you just think of Willy Wonka a la Johnny Depp the whole time. Because I'm pretty sure that was him all painty and weird in the video trying to nakedly seduce the crazy teeth man. And also, I'm pretty sure, only pretty sure though, that the paint was just a new type of paintable candy that he was testing out. Probably

Apr 19, 2012

He Caught Me

Matt keeps catching me outside on the lawn getting my read on. He kept calling me grandmother bear claw all day after he found me reading like this. But truly the blanket is completely necessary for an optimal reading experience mmmkay.I've been reading tons and tons of books lately. Here are the latest that I loved!

The Shape of Mercy: I cried and then cried some more. It is so epic. It's a story about a girl who wrote a journal while she lived in Salem during The Salem Witch Trials...and it has a juicy love story in it too. I'm telling you. epic.
Divergent: People have been comparing Divergent to the next Hunger Games, but honestly it's so so different, but still awesome in its own way. Four (the main stud) is the manliest of men, I'm talking Peeta style stud. And Trice (the leading lady) is a total B.A. which I loved because let's face it, a lot of fiction books lately are all about weak women getting rescued and protected by manly men, I loved that Trice could hold her own.
Anna and the French Kiss: A good classic love story that will leave you wishing for an English gent of your own. It's a teensy bit on the cheesy romance side, but really, who doesn't want a bit of that in their lives every once in a while.
The Book Thief: I've read lots of Holocaust books, but this one was so completely different than all of the others. The narrator is death itself which gave the book such a unique perspective. Just a warning though, if you read this, get ready to bawl your dang eyes out.

Now do me a favor and go soak up the sun with a blanket and a good book. Oh an also, tell me a few of your favorite books and why you love them! I'm in need of some new reading material!

Apr 17, 2012

Spring Shop Update!

It's about time I updated the shop! As always, just email me at woohoo4sarah@yahoo.com if you find something you like!

Apr 16, 2012


 jumpsuit: c/o Downeast Basics (buy it here)  scarf: thrifted   hat: swap meet   shoes: gifted

Can we breath for a second. This is a monumental moment...I am wearing.....breath....a jumpsuit. That would be a onsie, a ONSIE for adults! You guys, you know what I think of when I think of jumpsuits? Fluffy bangs, a wedgie (both front AND back) and some serious polyester. When I was sane, back in the good 'ol days you know, I vowed never to wear one unless either at an eighties party or making rad music videos with my sisters, those were the conditions. I cracked okay, I cracked! But dare I say that I think that I've changed my mind, because I mean, it feels like I'm wearing delicious jammies all day long and it actually looks...cute...and...Beyonce licious. I mean, I'm doing the Single Ladies hand flip as we speak! Who am I?? I'm starting to question all that I know to be true. Do Leprechaun's and the Sand Man even really exist? Do Santa's elves really even spread cheer?? I need to sit down...

Oh um also, Down East is kind of awesome and they want to giveaway one item (no price limit!) from their store to one of you guys! Here's the dealio.

To enter:
1. Go to DownEast and pick out your favorite item in their store.
2. If you have Pinterest, pin that item and then come back here and tell me what you pinned.
3. If you don't have a Pinterest account, just come back here and tell me what you would pick if you won.
4. I'll announce the winner in three weeks. Whoever wins will receive they're favorite item! Good luck all.

Here are some of my favorites from the store.
This vintage inspired swimsuit
This classy lace dress
And this timeless skirt

Apr 13, 2012

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins

Jacket: Bohme   Sunnies: F21  Skirt: The Amazing Lace Swap! (see how other girls in the swap styled it here!)  Tights: Kohl's   Boots: Call It Spring  Blouse: F21

The Indian and I had an encounter of strange sorts today. We were at the park, playing by the stream and you see, she’s started this new thing where she runs at full speed and spreads her little puppy arms and belly flops into the river as very hard as she can. The bigger the splash the better you know. She then tromps up and down the river chasing ducks, she does this for hours, FOR HOURS!  It’s become quite the highlight of my lunches, oh yes it surely has. Well on this particularly trompfull and splendid day Indie was done with the river, quite through I’d say, soaked to the bone, so naturally she found another toy to play with….a pack of teenage boys.

Now this pack of boys was the kind of boys that cause mothers to lock their wee little ones indoors and close the blinds. They were a tough crowd you know. So Indie came up to them all, “Hey hey hey guys, play with me! You wanna? Oh will ya!!!! Please!” And you know what they did. They started chasing her, and teasing her, and calling her names related to that of the Asian culture. Now Indie I mean she didn’t care, what kind of dog would care?! Someone was chasing her! But I started getting all mamma bear on them. I was ready to tell the fools that they were cotton headed ninny muggings you know. My crazy eyes came out and all! But then the awkward gangly boys must have gotten distracted by their terrible body odor or something because they just started throwing dirt in each other’s faces. Crem de la crem those boys were.

Anyways, it got me wondering how the heck I ever survived childhood without plucking my limbs off and bathing in my tears of sadness. Because kids are BRUTAL! Like the time that all of the girls were playing on the playground and I was wearing just my cutest little rainbow skort (you know the mini skirts that are actually shorts so you can look dainty and PLAY HARD! HOORAH!) and all of the girls were like, “Ummm ewwww what is that on your legs?” And I just sat there and looked at my legs wondering what was wrong, is there a bruise, did I get peanut butter on my legs from lunch?? “Like do you not shave your legs! GAAHROOOSSSS!” People I was 10! Friggin 10, of course I didn’t shave my legs. I had child hair! Fine, wispy and full of joy! Well, needless to say I stole a razor from my older sister and was never seen with hairs on the likes of my legs again!

So I guess in conclusion. Should I shave Indie’s legs so she fits in with the other kids at school???? And also, should I go public or private schooling? One can never be too cautious!

Apr 12, 2012

Our Spot

Have I ever told you that Matt proposed to me in a parking garage? No? It's a long story, but it was quite the perfect proposal. Simple, and somewhere that was a special place for the two of us. When me and Matt were dating we spent a lot of our summer nights in a parking garage downtown long boarding...okay so he long boarded and I just cruised on my butt (hello have you not met me? Clumsy things do better when sitting down.) But that really isn't what makes it so special. I think what made it such a special place for us was the fact that it was our secret little place, our spot in town. After we'd be done long boarding we'd sit on the roof of the garage with the entire city at our feet and just talk. Talk about nothing really, but about EVERYTHING, for hours upon hours upon hours. We became best friends there. We fell in love there really. And I think it was there in that garage that I realized that Matt could make me laugh more than anyone, EVER. Well, the weather has finally been getting decent around here so this weekend we went on a date to our garage and long boarded the night away. It was pretty dang sweet, and you can count on us spending many more a night over there...and maybe we'll let our little Indian tag along too.

Apr 10, 2012

The Spread

I have to say that this has been my favorite styling job so far. I had so much fun planning the little details of these outfits, from the hombre shoes with a matching hombre dyed dress to the scalloped hem line of the crochet dress and a hand stamped charm necklace, they just made my eye balls go nutso, NUTSO! And guess what, almost 100% of this styling job was thrifted! This was my kind of photo shoot I tell you what, and hey, it doesn't hurt to get to work with the most talented photographer and hair and makeup stylist ever.

*P.S. The yellow hombre shoes are for sale, but I won't be posting them in the store, if you have a 6-6 1/2 size shoe and want them give me a holla!

We Sure Do Love Our Night Time Strolls Around Here

He climbs tall trees that shine in the moon light. 
She swings and can never get enough of that breeze in her hair.
And the Indian, well she just runs a muck and terrorizes the geese while they try to sleep. 
All while the sun is sleeping and the moon is dancing along the river.

Apr 9, 2012

Bobby Socks and Tulliips

dress: Asos    belt: thrifted    hat: F21   shoes: Target

I couldn't let Easter pass without wearing a giant springy hat. I mean if there ever is a day to wear something giant and ridiculous on your head to church isn't Easter just the best choice? So yes, giant hat, check. Today as I sat in church and watched all of the little kids march up to the podium to sing their newly rehearsed Easter songs I couldn't get over how dang cute small human beings are these days. When did they get so tiny and....precious? All the boys with their hair slicked back and their teensy bow ties and shiny shoes, and the girls with their bright floral dresses and ruffled bobby socks to their ankles (I DIE!) I leaned over to Matt and whispered, "Our firstborn will be a boy. And 'lil Timmy will wear bow ties every Sunday. Bow ties and Converse." Matt gave me a wink and squeezed my arm. The kind of long squeeze that says, "I know what you're feeling, I love the crap out of you and you'll be a rockin' mom someday" and I just sat there with my head on Matt's shoulder, a little teary eyed, picturing what it will be like when one of those off tune song yelling children will be one of mine. I'll be the proudest mama on earth. Yes, yes I will.

Apr 6, 2012

Revival Files: My Life Saver

Total Cost: $4
I've been scouring the web for over a month now in search of  a purple dress for a wedding that Matt and I will be attending in a few weeks, and as the wedding date got closer and closer I had yet to find a single purple dress,apparently the color purple has been banned on these here interwebs. apparently. So I did what any rational person would do, I told Matt I'd go in my birthday suit before I'd pay money for an over priced ugly dress....and then I stomped off to resolve my woes out at the thrift store. Thrift stores are simply the best for resolving woes I tell you what, if finding nasty old clothes won't cheer you up then the people definitely will. I walked into the thrift store and began my usual wanderings. I ran my hands over the metal bars of the clothing racks and stared at the patterns on the silk blouses, not looking for anything in particular, I walked over to the furniture, sat on a brick orange velvet recliner and rocked my woes away while the man next to me got on his knees to smell the black, saggy butt leather couch next to me. It was weird, and I smiled. Then finally after rummaging through doo dads of old fabric and glass bears with beady eyes I made my way to the dress section, and then I saw her, glimmering in all of her purple glory, and even though she was saggy as heck and nothing special she had potential, and even better, she was the perfect color!

Apr 3, 2012

Life Lately...according to my phone

1. Roller skating is my true love....any recreation that allows me to wear my faux leather pants is the right recreation for me.
2. Impromptu picnic at the park during my lunch break.
3. I found THE. BEST. finds at this new thrift store. Minty green goodness included.
4. Car wash cleanliness
5. A night sky through the cherry blossoms
6. A whimsical styling job (behind the scenes pictures coming soon I promise!)
7. Bruges in Salt Lake. They are no joke my friends.

Apr 2, 2012

I Gave In

I'm pretty sure that when you sign your contract to go to BYU it says somewhere that you have to go to The Festival of Colors, yes I'm pretty sure that it must be in the fine print at the bottom, because really every spring there is a mass exodus of Mormons (HA!) that go to a Hindu festival. I resisted for so many years. It's always been such a "Provo" thing to do. But when my sisters came into town this weekend we all realized that we're all BYU graduates yet none of us had once been to The Festival of Colors. SACRELIGIOUS I TELL YOU! We were breaking the honor code I'm sure of it! So we gave in, and partied like it was 1995...acid wash jeans and all. Okay no acid wash jeans, you got me, but we did end the day with a Bollywood dance sesh.

* And for those of you that were there, what was with the lyrics to their songs? And I quote, "Baby Krishna Very Very Naughty" Repeat that 100 times and you'll have sung the song. No.Joke.