Apr 13, 2012

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins

Jacket: Bohme   Sunnies: F21  Skirt: The Amazing Lace Swap! (see how other girls in the swap styled it here!)  Tights: Kohl's   Boots: Call It Spring  Blouse: F21

The Indian and I had an encounter of strange sorts today. We were at the park, playing by the stream and you see, she’s started this new thing where she runs at full speed and spreads her little puppy arms and belly flops into the river as very hard as she can. The bigger the splash the better you know. She then tromps up and down the river chasing ducks, she does this for hours, FOR HOURS!  It’s become quite the highlight of my lunches, oh yes it surely has. Well on this particularly trompfull and splendid day Indie was done with the river, quite through I’d say, soaked to the bone, so naturally she found another toy to play with….a pack of teenage boys.

Now this pack of boys was the kind of boys that cause mothers to lock their wee little ones indoors and close the blinds. They were a tough crowd you know. So Indie came up to them all, “Hey hey hey guys, play with me! You wanna? Oh will ya!!!! Please!” And you know what they did. They started chasing her, and teasing her, and calling her names related to that of the Asian culture. Now Indie I mean she didn’t care, what kind of dog would care?! Someone was chasing her! But I started getting all mamma bear on them. I was ready to tell the fools that they were cotton headed ninny muggings you know. My crazy eyes came out and all! But then the awkward gangly boys must have gotten distracted by their terrible body odor or something because they just started throwing dirt in each other’s faces. Crem de la crem those boys were.

Anyways, it got me wondering how the heck I ever survived childhood without plucking my limbs off and bathing in my tears of sadness. Because kids are BRUTAL! Like the time that all of the girls were playing on the playground and I was wearing just my cutest little rainbow skort (you know the mini skirts that are actually shorts so you can look dainty and PLAY HARD! HOORAH!) and all of the girls were like, “Ummm ewwww what is that on your legs?” And I just sat there and looked at my legs wondering what was wrong, is there a bruise, did I get peanut butter on my legs from lunch?? “Like do you not shave your legs! GAAHROOOSSSS!” People I was 10! Friggin 10, of course I didn’t shave my legs. I had child hair! Fine, wispy and full of joy! Well, needless to say I stole a razor from my older sister and was never seen with hairs on the likes of my legs again!

So I guess in conclusion. Should I shave Indie’s legs so she fits in with the other kids at school???? And also, should I go public or private schooling? One can never be too cautious!


  1. Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins is seriously one of my favorite things to say! I love that movie so very much, so this headline made my day!

    As far as Indian is concerned, I vote homeschool. Then you get her all to yourself all day long. And she'll never leave home. Not ever never.

  2. Boys are disgusting, just pray for daughters instead!

  3. Hahhahaha. Poor Indy getting a dose of a new experiences.

    Boys are icky.

    Love you outfit by the way!


  4. Glad she's got a sweet little mama to take care of her! Those silly boys totally saw that claws were about to come out of your fingernails and got scared. Obviously.

    Love that jacket btw!


  5. You my dear are such a delight to read about, so glad Indian has a momma bear to protect her when things can go array.

    Wonderful outfit, love how you paired the leggings with the skirt... that is something I’m working/struggling with because I am just now getting a sense of layering clothes.

    Have a wonderful weekend and I know this is the first time I have posted a comment but I just had to tell you how much I really really love your blog :) ~Annette~

  6. Oh my goodness - I had almost an identical experience!!! Only I was 11 and I was wearing my super-rad red and blue plaid overall-skorts. And then my Mom convinced me to try waxing before shaving for the first time and it was the most painful thing ever and I havent attempted it again since. But dude. Kids are SO DANG MEAN. But it makes you tougher if you have to deal with it and it teaches you how to be kind...so I think Indie would survive public school and be awesome because of it :)

  7. Oh my gosh - I had a similar experience on the playground too! Only I was 11 and was wearing none other than the raddest red and blue plaid pair of overall skorts. And then my Mom talked me into waxing before diving head first into shaving (which was the most painful experience of my life and I've never attempted it again). But dude. Kids are straight MEAN!
    Anyway, I think dealing with meanness makes you tough, and teaches you to be kind. It's a neat thing! Indie would survive public school and be all the awesome because of it, I think :) good luck, Momma Sarah!

  8. That outfit is absolutely fabulous! I love the lace, the layering EVERYTHING! :) Love it. Following.

  9. That is such a fun outfit! I love it :)

  10. I LOVE how you styled that skirt/dress! You look like a rockstar! And that story is hilarious!