Apr 27, 2012

Polar Bears and Prescription Glasses

blouse: ebay    jacket: thrifted   pants: f21   bag: ASOS    shoes: Rubbish

Yesterday I was sitting there in a conversation, listening off and on and off and on, I can be a terrible listener sometimes really. Well this was one of those times, I was in the conversation but I wasn’t really in the conversation you know. What I really wanted to be doing instead was go over to the store next door and peer into the windows and ponder whey they needed three stuffed polar bears in a window display when they were an eye glasses company. I mean really, polar bears trump conversations about politics any day in my book. But then the polar bears, they lost a bit of interest for me after I’d been thinking about them for twenty minutes, there’s just no reason that the polar bears should be there, unless of course….do polar bears have bad vision? So obviously I needed a new topic for my noodle to canoooodle over. And then I got thinking. This couple that we were talking to, their faces…they look like each other. They look like brother and sister. I became gravely concerned, as you can imagine. At what point in a marriage do couples start to look like each other? You know what I’m talking about right, they adopt all of the hand gestures, facial movements, hunch backs… what have you. Are me and Matt there yet? Or are we just one of those couples that will never ever look like each other because he’s a tall gangly white guy and I’m well….I’m not a tall gangly white man. This concerns me, should I be striving for this, or fearing this? I have not quite decided.

Also on my mind, and oh so important. Have you ever met someone that’s married and then pictured and assumed what their spouse would look like? Para exemple, a quirky tiny man should be with a dainty energetic crazy woman right, it just makes sense. I do this, without fail, every time I meet someone. And I was SO wrong the other day that I did this and well…really embarrassed that I’m such a jerk in my head.

Wow. Well I hope this has just been as riveting for you as it has been for me. The life of a rockstar is what I’m living. 


  1. this outfit is just perfection, I love that blouse and the color of your pants!!

  2. I love that top! You look so classy!


  3. My husband has longer,curly hair but not long enough to be in a pony tail (although it has been)... I recently cut my hair and when I wear it curly I think we look alike. So I will only wear it straight now. He also wears glasses (he's in optometry school... I'll ask about the polar bear thing) and if I wear my glasses AND curly hair, we are twins. Minus he is a foot taller than me.

  4. This whole post literally made me laugh out loud.
    Your brain works like mine!!
    I totally do the picture spouse thing! And I am usually so wrong!
    Oh and thos shoes are wonderful.


  5. those pants are so cute!
    i love the choice of shoes and the bag with this outfit (:

  6. Um... Ok. we have two couples that we call The Twins because they are so alarmingly alike. It's our secret.
    Cute blouse.

  7. I am secretly petrified of this happening to me. Not because I don't think my husband is handsome, but because it just seems wrong for a petite woman to resemble a fully grown man with a beard..

  8. Very cute ensemble! I love that color combo.

  9. Love this look girl, you are so dang fooine

  10. I absolutely adore this look! Those pants are so perfect.

    Oh, and I absolutely do the same thing with married couples...imagining what someone's spouse looks like. It's kiiiind of a fun game ;)

  11. Such a gorgeous outfit! Love the classic pieces - blazer, red cropped pants, blouse.

    Haha I think it's worse when people start looking like their dogs! I don't know which one is taking on the other's characteristics... :)

  12. This is one of my most favorite outfits you've posted!! Love it!! So if you didn't know my last name, would you ever have guessed my husband looks like he does??!! Actually, I do wish I looked a little bit like him! :-)

  13. I am FLOORED by these pictures. You are stunning! Those colours!!!
    My fiance and I wear similar giant black-rimmed hipster glasses (because we need them! Honest!), and people always interrupt me when I'm speaking to tell me I talk just like he does. He = English accent, me = Australian accent. Does that count?
    I more often consider how people look just like their dogs.

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