Apr 30, 2012

She Creepeth Into My Life

blouse: c/o OASAP (buy it here)   belt: thrifted  skirt: thrifted    shoes: thrifted    bag: thrifted

Oh awkwardness. She follows me like a loud lady at a Christmas party that just wants someone to tell her stories too, over and over and over again. No matter what you (and I mean I) do you just can't seem to shake her. And then as you finally think you've escaped her...she asks for a ride home. Wow cerebral high five for that metaphor. Well awkwardness, she hath struck again.

I am the pooper scooper around these parts of the McCammon household. Matt does that lawn mowing and therefore all scooping of poopings is up to me. So I'm out there, doing my job like a loyal Indie lover should, and I've got this bag where I you know....compile all of the Tootsie Rolls if you know what I'm saying. And it's getting pretty full. Not humongously full, just regular full. So as I'm continuing my pooper scooper duties this old man comes walking past and he stops, looks at me and says

"That's a lot of poop you got there."

and I just stood there and said,


And then we stared at each other for a little too long of a second, and then he just kept walking. And then I contemplated for about thirteen hours when it became socially acceptable to comment on one's canine's feces.

And then I went to Target and bought a nail polish...because it made me feel less weirded out.


  1. I swear sometimes your stories really help me get through my day. This is hilarious and you look ravishing in your outfit as well.

    Also, who says this? Just wondering . . .

  2. Oh geez. I love your stories! They just make me laugh. (Which is especially awesome during finals time). I also love how most of your awkward stories are a result of little Indie.

    I love your outfit by the way, that purse is just the bees-knees.


  3. oooh, you look so amazing Sarah! I love this mustard pencil skirt :) x

  4. Your stories literally make me happy.
    That there is someone else out there with awkward happenings.
    Love it.

  5. love the story! so awkward!!!


  6. Crazy stuff... It seems like and endless amount of crazy things happen to you :) Hey I know you love music so I though you might be interested in checking out my band on youtube. My sisters and all all play guitar and sing. You can check out our youtube channel here: www.youtube.com/davidaband Thanks! God Bless...

  7. How strange. I mean really just keep walking don't stop to start conversation about animal feces. Ha. But hey it made for a great story/post. And love this top!!!!


  8. I might have typed the address wrong... it is www.youtube.com/davidaband :)

  9. You gotta give us a tutorial on the hair! It looks awesome! Also, this outfit is perfect.

  10. Most hilarious thing ever! You can always count on the elderly to make picking up poop MORE awkward.

  11. hahahahahah! Your stories. They are ALWAYS the best! I was just talking about how awesome your blog is with my friend today. She'll be stopping by soon, I'm sure of it!

  12. I LOVE that yellow skirt...and the red accessories! By the way...your hair is amazing!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  13. Hahaha so funny! New nail polish totally helps ease any poop-related embarrassment. And I love your top! I'm searching for a pretty bird-print shirt but can't find one anywhere. The search continues... :)

  14. that blouse is so sweet!


  15. oh you sure are adorable in that there outfit Ms. Sarah. :) xoxo

  16. everything you thrifted is so pretty,
    i can never find anything when i attempt
    to go thrift shopping ):

  17. oh my god hahahaha yes it does follow you around.

    great outfit!

  18. another lovely outfit :) i love how colourful your outfits always are. inspires me to wear more colour! x

  19. I love this entire outfit! Perfect colors.