May 9, 2012

DIY Supre (AKA Mullet) Skirt

You'll Need:
A Skirt
Sewing Machine (or needle and thread if you want to do the hem by hand)
Skirt hanger

Craft Time: About 20 minutes

1. In the center front pin where you would like the shortest point of the skirt to be.
2. With the pin still in place fold the skirt in half along center front and center back of the skirt. (this means the side seams will now be in the front)
3. Starting at the pin in the front use chalk to draw an S shaped curve.
4. Cut along the chalk line you just drew.
5. Hem the skirt by folding the hem under 1/4 of an inch and then top stitching all along the hemline.

Wa la! Mullet Skirt!


  1. So cute love it! I will definitely be trying this ASAP!

  2. smart! it updated the skirt so much!

    just found your blog..super cute.. i'm a new follower! check out mine at

  3. wow, this looks way easier than I thought it would be! who knew a mullet skirt could be so cute?! ;)

  4. I am not a big mullet skirt fan, but I do like it with the fuller skirt - this is super cute and super easy!

  5. This is a great tutorial! I love your skirt.

  6. love this! I just finished a mullet dress last night -posting tomorrow :)


  7. I love it to have this dress. beautiful style.

  8. I love wearing the assymetrical skirts...they are just so fun and flowie....the thing holding me back from making my own, is the fact that I hate hemming!