May 3, 2012


Just a few random thoughts for ya.

1. Our lilac tree is in bloom. And she smells and looks similar to what I think a unicorn hug would feel like. Wutt?? Yes. A unicorn hug. So me, I read under it every day, and the Indian, she sits under it all day (what dog would say no to shade). It's our own little spot in the yard.

2. I'm doing this thing called....trying to be domestic. Ugh that tastes awful coming out of my mouth. Okay so I haven't been such a fan of cooking in the past. But I'm trying, okay I'm really trying...a few times a week. I attempted some summer time tomato basil bruschetta and it made the taste of domesticity...a bit sweeter.

3. Laguna was GORGEOUS. To get to Laguna you wind through this beautiful green canyon and you can't help but stick your head out the window and smell that sweet salty beach air as you wind through the canyon. I kept telling Matt, "So this is where we're ending up...RIGHT!" We love California, and our plan is most definitely to end up there some day soon.

4. I found the swimsuit of all of my hopes and dreams in Laguna. You see, I design clothes in my head on an hourly basis. I'm always thinking, "Man I need someone to design this so I can go buy it" (Yes I could do it myself. And most definitely YES I'm lazy, so I stick to head designing instead.) I wandered into this little boutique in Laguna and seriously found the literal swimsuit of my dreams, I'm not kidding, I'd dreampt up the exact thing last summer and had been contemplating sewing it and then bam, straight up swimsuit of my dreams appears in a window display. How do you like that for your hopes and dreams coming true.

5. I have not washed my hair in three days. And I just wanted you to know that I'm not ashamed, just ridiculously proud of myself, and that birds nest of hair up there is my trophy.  Ain't she a beauty?

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  1. So glad you enjoyed Laguna! Cant wait to see the baithing suit you found.. you did buy it right??

    You now have a new follower in IG.. oh yeah ;)

  2. Can't wait to see a picture of the swimsuit of your dreams!


  3. Haha, I wouldn't worry too much about your hair because it's gorgeous!! Love those bangs :)

  4. Hey there! Love your blog! I just added myself to your followers for support, and I wanted to invite you to come enter a fabulous MODCLOTH giveaway I'm having right now!!

    Hope to see you there! Thanks so much!