Jun 13, 2012

DIY Brooch Necklace

DIY Bib Necklace

You'll Need:

7-9 brooches (I got mine from this line, you can buy them here)

A bag of small gold connectors (15 piece)

2 chain connectors (I got mine from this line, you can buy them here)

One necklace chain (the clasp at the top was already attached on mine, also found from this line, you can buy it here)

*All of this jewelry can be found at both Michaels and JoAnne's

Craft Time: About 15 minutes

1. Gather all of your brooches and pendants and arrange them how you would like your necklace to look. (If you don't have a collection of brooches the Styled by Tori Spelling line has some great options to choose from, that's where mine are from)

2. Use the gold circles to connect the brooches together.

3. Make sure to connect the brooches to each surrounding brooch For example my center brooch with the blue and gold is connected in four different places with the gold rings because it is surrounded by four brooches.

4. Keep connecting the brooches until you have one large piece

5. At the two top brooches where the necklace will be connected attach two of these necklace connectors.

6. Then attach the chain to the necklace connectors.

You're done!

* This is a sponsored post using pieces from the Styled by Tori Spelling line however the tutorial, pictures and opinions in this post are my own. 


  1. This is completely stunning. Must pin and share:)

  2. Oh wow this is absolutely awesome!!!

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  4. LOVE IT! so easy and fun to do

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  6. gorgeous! love this little DIY

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  9. Wow that's such a great DIY! It looks so good and is totally on trend :)

    Life Etc

  10. This is beautiful! and I love tory spelling. You should check out vintage groove II. Its also at michaels and is the same type of thing. Absolutely beautiful stuff too. Love!

  11. So pretty! Just curious how you attached the rings to the actual brooches. I see how you joined brooch to brooch but not how you added the ring to the pins themselves. Thanks!

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