Jun 28, 2012

Hey Where'd You Get That?!

One of the first things I decided to work on when Sir Matt and I moved into our new apartment was a big picture wall, I wanted our new place to feel like a home! One by one I've found just the right things for our family wall (My last and final piece was my water color of us printed on canvas from Uprinting Canvas Prints! It feels good to finally have it finished!). I've gotten some questions recently about where I've found the pieces on my wall, so here you are my lads.

1. Silhouettes of Matt and I : Made in photoshop with pictures of ourselves. Want a tutorial??
2. I Love Us Print: It was a free printable! And you can print it out here in lots of different colors!
3. Water Color Canvas: I painted this last week on a small piece of paper and wanted to find a company that could turn it into a giant canvas. So I had it printed by UPrinting Canvas Prints, it's super affordable and easy to order. I just downloaded a picture, picked the size canvas I wanted and they sent my canvas to me in the mail. Anyways, you can order your own canvas here. All you need is a good 'ol thrift store frame to put it in and you're good to go! I really love how it turned out, it has the look of a real painting! (If you want more info about the canvas you can find U Printing on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook!)
4. Do What You Love and Do It Often Print: Free printable! You can print it here!
5. Cross stitched arrows: I made it. Super simple, you can just draw triangles on a piece of cloth and fill in the triangles with stitches. I think it took me about an hour to make.
6. Sewing Box: I found it at JoAnne's on sale, I think they still have them too!!

Hope this helps guys! Happy Decorating!

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  1. Sarah! I loooove your collage wall! It's eclectic, yet it has beautiful balance and composition in it! I'd love to see more of your home!


  2. i love it! you should totally do a tutorial on the silhouettes! i'm in the process of getting things gathered to do a wall like this! can't wait!


  3. Love your wall! Thanks for free prints :)

  4. i just got into cross stitching! so easy and so fun. love the way it looks in your family room :)

  5. these look amazing a tutorial would b amazing!



  6. yes yes YES to the photoshop silhouette tutorial!!

    Los Schoenys

  7. Yes yes yes to silhouette tutorial!

  8. Yes I would love a tutorial of #1. Looks amazing.

  9. yes! DO a tutorial! Thats awesome