Jun 18, 2012

J-Mo and Other Saucy Things

dress: c/o OASAP (but it here)    sweater: h&m   necklace: thrifted   shoes: thrifted

I have become my worst nightmare people. I have become the one in the family that can’t remember a birthday to save her life. It’s despicable (despicable!). Really. Last month it was my sisters birthday, the day came and went, I remember thinking at one point that I really needed to fill my car with gas…oh and not forget to do something else. But whatever that else was I just couldn’t pin point. The day came and went and then I woke up to a text,

“ You forgot Jen’s birthday….and she definitely noticed, she’s pretty mad about it. Better call her.”


First you must know this. In our family, Michelle is the sweet one, Emily is the funny one, I’m the annoying one, Jason is the only form of testosterone in our family that exists and Jen, Jen is the fiery diva (don’t deny it Jen, don’t fight the fiery diva!) In fact we call her J-Mo (Jen Morales…oh Morales! My maiden namesake!) because she’s like J-Lo but mo saucy like.

So anyways, at this point I’m all, “I have disturbed the saucy diva!”  And my knees trembled like unto Mary-Kate Olsen after thinking about eating a cheeto…oh did they tremble. So I call the diva divine woman Jenny, and after thirty minutes of begging and pleading for forgiveness she finally decided that to right the error of my ways I must buy her a second present. (Let it be known that my first present was friggin’ awesome, a leather bomber jacket, the crem de la crem of birthday presents you know). But now all of my hard birthday present shopping is for naught. Alas I must find a second.

So anyways, Friday rolls around and I’m all, it’s my Mom’s birthday! And I remembered! A true miracle! And guess what, I get phone calls and texts all day saying, “It’s mom’s birthday DON’T FORGET.” People, I remembered! But who would believe a poor pitiful forgetter like me now?!

I regret to inform you that I have become that pitiful sibling. The one that everyone calls on their birthday, instead of the other way around. Oh wretched me. What’s a scatterbrained girl to do….other than go buy everyone in my family two birthday presents in advance...


  1. I'm blaming all my forgetfulness on old age these days... ya know being all of 25 but working around 20 year olds will do that to a person ; )

    I think any birthday forgetfulness can be forgiven by a nice gift haha

    "after she's eaten a cheeto" hahahah dying!

    oh and the colors in that outfit are amaze. I'm going online shopping.


  2. Oh no! You're the girl who forgot to cry wolf, or something.

    Get a calendar, surely?

  3. So cute!! Love these colors and love your blog! How fun.


  4. I would never request a second birthday present if one of my siblings forgot my birthday... But I guess I'm no fiery diva either.

  5. I didn't get my dad a Father's Day card!! I was the only one. I wrote him a blog post, I took him to lunch, I instagrammed him, I tweeted at him, I left him a post on his Facebook...but I didn't get him a stinkin' card...

    ...and my fiery diva sisters noticed. Boo.

  6. I just love this dress ... great colors and the fit is perfect!!

  7. Well since Sarah just posted about me, I think I should demand three presents!! Just kidding!!

    (Fiery Diva)

  8. I love your blog and have been secretly following it lately. This dress is so cute, but do you have to pay duty fee's to get it shipped to the US?

  9. just so you know...you look so beautiful in that second picture (well in all of them really haha) but i really like that second one! so pretty!!

  10. Bahaha I loved your post today! I know exactly how you feel...I did the same thing to my sister. Her birthday was at the beginning of this month and I just remembered her birthday two days ago. SO LAME OF ME! Luckily she wasn't too upset. Or so she said. Hopefully I can make it up to her when I go visit the fam soon. :) Anyway, thanks again for posting. Now I'm not the only one to forget. :)

  11. So lovely. I need to wear bright colors more often. U look great in stripes!

  12. My brother texted me last week saying "when's dad's birthday?" in a panic!
    Love your dress :)

  13. Sarah! I have this dress. Hahaha from Oasap too. That's cool we have some of the same sponsors now! :)

  14. Too crazy! I have followed your blog for a couple months now and always thought you looked like Jen. We danced together at BYU 5 years ago. What a small world. I love your outfit and have always enjoyed your posts.

  15. Love the dress and the color...and I do forget bdays and anniversaries myself :P

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  16. love all the colors on you! Great dress!