Aug 30, 2012

Aug 24, 2012

Skip To The Thrift

Here are six of my favorite fall trends that you can definitely find at the thrift store right now.
Jean Vest. Guys there are millions of these laying around at the thrift store right now. I got one last week that was straight up Calvin Klein and one I would find at Uraban Outfitters for $70.
Bow Head Scarf. Thrift stores always have a huge collection of scarves. You can usually find them in the belt section.
Pleated Maxi Skirt. Granny's look terrible in them but I promise you'll look urban chic. I love the trend of bright maxi's this season. I would LOVE to find one in cobalt blue.
Boyfriend Cardigan. Make sure to check both the guys and girls sections when you're looking for this trend. I'm telling you, you'll be surprised what great textured chunky sweaters you can thrift.
Boot socks. If you find a cable knit sweater with a pattern you like just cut off the sleeves and wear them over your jeans and under your boots. It will look warm and cozy and you won't have all of the bulk of an actual sweater sock.
Tweed Boyfriend Blazer. One of my secrets about thrifting blazers is to shop in the little boys section. You'll find smaller sizes with the boyfriend fit, I'm telling you it never fails!
So ummm....what are you still doing reading this? Go out and thrift yourselves some fall trends!

Revival Files: Think Pink

Minus the grandma sleeve bat wings going on and the 80's jersey sweat band for cuffs, when I found it I knew this dress would be completely perfect for summer. Light cotton, pale pink and stripes. Hello dress, where were you in July when it was hotter than a furious monkey's arm pit!? Fah reals! So get this, after I finished this dress and did my little fashion show for Matt he said, "So how many dresses do you HAVE now??" I gave him the stink eye because I totally knew where this was going and said."...twenty...ish...give or take ten...ish" guys Indie passed out on the floor when I said this, Matt did one of those cartoon things where his head exploded and steam flew out the top. And I just sat there all innocent like and said, "But this ones just sooo cute too! And come on, I get them all from the thrift store." and he just looked at me with that charming Matt look for about thirty seconds until I cracked, "Yeah alright already I'll sell it. Sheeeeeesh!"  
Soooooo.... this beauty is up for sale for $25. It is a 28-30 inch waist, A-B size bust and will fit you like a dang glove. Email me (at woohoo4sarahatyahoodotcom) if ya want it!

Aug 21, 2012

How A Chicken Can Emotionally and Literally Scar You

dress: c/o OASAP  (buy it here)      shirt: Target       watch: thrifted       shoes: F21     hat: F21

Did I ever tell you about that time that Indie ate a chicken while I was taking outfit pictures. Whaaa??? Noooo??? Well she did. And before I dive into this story can we just ponder the audictiy....the atrocity of this for one moment? Oh the humanity! So here's the down low, I take all of my pictures with a tripod, which is translation for I look like a loser in public A LOT. Indie comes with me for all of my outfit pictures, for moral support you know. So there the Indian and I are. I am, smiling and giggling for my boyfriend Mr. Tripod. And I'm prancing back and forth in my high the middle of the wilderness (why do we fashion bloggers dress up to prance around the wilderness????) and I here a gaggle and a gobble and whatever other noise comes out of the mouth of a chicken. And I'm the wilderness and the next thing I see is the Indian sprinting out of a bushel and the nex thing I know a chicken has flown straight into my side with a thwAAAAp and then just flopped on the ground. I was like, "freak did I just get nailed in the side by a freaking flying chicken??? And since when do chickens fly?? And why couldn't this chicken oh I don't know....navigate around a stationary object??" People, I was stunned. The chicken was stunned....quite literally stunned and just laying there on the ground and Indie, well it was the best freakin' day of her life!!! So pretty much I did nothing but stare in pure amazement and wonder, I just stood there with my jaw wide open as this chicken flopped to the ground, and I saw Indie sprinting (have pitty I'd just been chicken t boned) and then the chicken stood up looked around and flew away. At this point Indie caught up to it, and I'd regained my composure and with my dignity long gone I began sprinting after Indie in my high heels screaming, "INDIIEEEE NOOOOO SPARE THE FOUL OF THE EARTH!!!". But it was to no avail. The chickens run in (literally) with a fashion blogger was it's kiss of death. It was too late for Mr. Chicken. And now a moment of silence for our lost friend, and Indie's lost innocence.

So like this story is ridiculous. But I speak the truth. You guys know that weird crap just happens to me! You know this! Anyways, this post was when the atrocity that shall henceforth not be named happened. And I would have caught a picture for proof if my jaw hadn't currently been laying on the ground.

The end (of Mr.Chicken)

Dreams and Flying Machines

There's something so magical about packing your bags and wandering the countryside with the one you love. Tomorrow Matt and I are heading to Portland and all week we've been making never ending lists of restaurants, markets and sites that we're dying to see. I can't wait. Besides leaving my fluffy pup turned hairless cat, nothing could make me happier than some time to explore new places. Have you been to Portland? Is there anything that we can't miss out on while we're there?!

P to the dang S I guest posted over at The Awkward Girls Blog today, we met at a Zumba class last month and let me tell you it was totally love at first upper lip sweat. Here's the post!

Aug 20, 2012

Good Riddance

skirt: Nordstrom   jacket: thrifted   shoes: thrifted   shirt: f21  watch: thrifted   bag: thrifted   hat: old

My weekend pooped in my shoes and then blew me a snarky kiss goodbye.
1. Friday I went out to lunch with some friends and none other than a raw chicken breast was my main course, served pipin' cold with a little bit of stomach ache on the side.Who just forgets to cook their food? 
2. Indie got shaved because she thinks its real fun lately to roll in the grass until her body becomes one giant field of dreadlocks. So my dog, she's bald and looks like a dang hairless cat.
3. Indie learned a new trick called eat Sarah's glasses and then look pouty and innocent after the fact. I've been roaming around the house at night all blind as heck and cursing the day that I fell for Indie's pouty face.
4. We ran out of toilet paper on Thursday, and didn't buy any until Saturday (this whole ordeal should be a post of its own!). Let's just say we very strategically chose times to go out....and use other places bathrooms. I think there should be a documentary on the art of never needing to buy toilet paper. It would be riveting no?
5. It's Monday. Oh how I loathe Monday.

But not to worry! I only have two more days of this workweek until a much needed vacation. I've totally got this!

Aug 16, 2012

:: MySkincare Routine ::

 You guys all know that my sister Jen is pretty much a skin care guru, she's even made her own line of skincare that is crazy amazing. Well back in April I went home for the weekend and while I was there I had her help me pick out a skincare routine that she said would COMPLETELY change my skin (apparently it was a dry flaky mess, who knew??) Here's what I've been using since then and it really has made a huge difference. My skin feels softer, has a more even look to it and it isn't ever dry anymore! Here's what I'm using. 

1. MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Cleanser: This cleanser is all natural and has a citrus zing to it. I love it. I buy it at Whole Foods but you can also find it here on Amazon.
2. Thayers Witch Hazel Rose Water With Aloe Vera: I use this as my toner and it is PERFECT for someone that has dry skin like me. Most toners dry my skin out and leave it feeling tight, but this toner doesn't have any alcohol in it so its main purpose for is to moisturize. It's ridiculously cheap too. You can get a huge bottle of it that will last you for about six months for seven bucks at whole foods. I bought the bottle and then poured it into a spray bottle so that I could just mist my face with it day and night. You can also find it on Amazon here.
3. Lily B. Hydrating Serum: If the toner doesn't give you enough moisture this serum definitely will. It's made of an ingredient called Hyaluronic Acid that is THE BEST at giving me an extra moisture boost that I always need. I got mine from here.
4. Dessert Essence Nourishing Day Cream: My sis always stresses the importance of a day moisturizer with SPF in it. I have to say that hands down this is the best day moisturizer I've ever tried. It's really rich and thick and also has SPF 15 in it too, and it's really affordable and lasts FOREVER. I've used mine for three months and am only half way through. You can get it at Whole Foods or on Amazon here.
5. Olay Facial Brush: I always wanted to try a Clarisonic exfoliator but am way to cheap to buy one but Olay has a copy cat that is pretty dang awesome. I got mine at Wal-Mart
6. MyChelle Night Cream: I was a little resistant to get this because its a bit expensive and I never really got night creams, but I get it now, it gives that extra oomph of moisture that makes my skin SO soft in the morning. This is also at Whole Foods or on Amazon.
7. Say Yes To Cucumbers Face Wipes: I use face wipes before I use a cleanser so that I can make sure to get off all of my makeup before I even start a skin cleansing process. These are by far my favorite skin care wipes. Their all natural and don't give me blackheads like most face wipes do, I got mine at Target.

There you have it! So what are your favorite skin care products?! Please please let me know,  I always love testing new things out!

Aug 15, 2012

Five Things I'm Dying To Tell You About

dress: Shabby Apple      shoes:F21     Purse: Asos      Necklace: Thrifted
  1. Indie is sprawled across my lap right now and her head smells like a giant stick of butter...and well I just can't get over the fact that I want to lather her over some grilled corn on the cob right about now. Save me a piece of that corn! Save me a piece of that corn for later!
  2. I miss The Bachelorette (ugh I just puked in my mouth a little) let me rephrase that, I miss making fun of The Bachelorette with all of you guys! Can we please reconvene in the fall? All those in favor say veneers and horse tails!
  3. Target is the corn on the cob to my Indie butter head, and I keep catching myself aimlessly wandering down the aisles after a long day of work just to wind down. Is that pathetic? Yeah it's pathetic, but blissfully pathetic nonetheless.
  4. This gal recommended that I read My Most Excellent Year, and dear goodness someone please read it with me so that we can gush over how hilarious, witty and perfect this book is.
  5. I must confess. There were no pants worn during the making of this tutorial. Ask Matt he can vouch for me, I can only be my best self when I've rid myself of social conventions aka pantalones.

Aug 14, 2012

Behind The Scenes of A Seventies Dream

This styling gig was all about the seventies. Huge teased hair, twiggy cat eyes, crochet, and lots and lots of platforms. My favorite as always. I laughed so hard when someone passing by said, "Wow look at all of the costumes." and my friend said, "Oh no, these aren't costumes, Sarah really wears all of this stuff." I should've been a seventies love child. Enough said.

Aug 13, 2012

On Breaking Bad News and Foiled Foil

shirt: Old Navy       belt: thrifted      shorts: really old     shoes: thrifted     bag: thrifted     watch: thrifted    bracelet: f21

I have committed the ultimate wife's crime. Like the crime that takes you from hottie to hag in a mere .2 seconds. So Friday I got home from work at five, and remembered that I was feeling particularly charitable last sunday and had volunteered to deliver a dinner to a new mommy in my 5:30. So I rush into the door and instead of giving Indie her usual five minutes of mama's home cuddle time I whizz past her and explain, "NO TIME INDIE!! THERE'S FOOD TO BE MADE!" but then of course she looked at me with those almond eyes and my knees trembled and quaked and she ended up with five minutes of pet the Indian time and a big fat bone to chew on...and what was I talking about? Yes, the food! It had to be made! So I took a gander in the fridge and looked back and forth between spaghetti that Matt made two weeks ago,two lemons, and some bananas that had seen better days and thought to myself, "Think domestic Sarah!" and so of course in all of my domestic genius I went and picked up some take out and then threw it in a serving dish because really....who am I kidding. Fifteen minutes later with food in tow and an Indian by my side we walked over to my neighbors house to deliver the goods. When a gusty breeze full of gusto and might blew the foil off of my precious homemade man made food. And of course Indie caught the lid in her rascal of a mouth and began to lick at it ferociously and I screamed with all my might,


And then I shuddered a mighty shudder. A cry came from the heavens I'm sure, and I was so surprised at what came out of my mouth that I promptly delivered the lid less food and then just sat there on the ladies porch for like ten minutes afterward and pondered how I have become THAT crazy dog lady. Was it when I started letting Indie drink the milk left in my cereal bowl? Or perhaps it was when I started holding Indie like a baby to rid myself of the baby blues, OH SWEET GLORY WHAT HAVE I BECOME!!! And also how do I tell my Sir Matt that I may have in a panic stricken moment of foiled foil mixed up his name with that of a dog's? Like how does one just go and break that kind of news?!

Aug 11, 2012


You may have heard of Lana Del Rey already, she's getting pretty popular but this song is on my list of all time favorite songs. And you guys, this video is a total work of art. What do you think, are you totally smitten like I am?!

Aug 8, 2012

Here Comes The Bride

skirt: Shabby Apple  top: thrifted   shoes: Call It Spring

This outfit could function as a wedding dress, but it was just my "holy crap it's one trillion degrees outside and I refuse to wear anything but white" dress. And I tell ya what, it kept me pretty dang cool. I can't say as much for the Indian though, she overheats if she even steps outside so now she just spends most of her days with her face shoved right in front of the AC looking like Heidi Klum at a Vogue photo shoot, hair blowing in the wind all glorious and what not....she needs to work a bit on the posing though. Nobody likes a model with only one look Indie.

Aug 7, 2012

DIY Retro Feminine Bow Tie

You'll Need:
1/4 yard of fabric
sewing machine
1. Cut a rectangular piece of fabric into a parallelogram that is 59 inches long and six inches wide.
2. Fold the edges of the fabric 1/8 of an inch all the way around the rectangle, then top stitch on top of the fold.
3. Repeat step number two one more time. with a second fold.
You're Done!

Aug 6, 2012

Apricot Lane Styling Session

I had such a great opportunity last week to meet up with the ladies at Apricot Lane to create a signature Wearing It On My Sleeves look, and please, what kind of fashion blogger wouldn't want to play dress up?? So yes, dress up I did, and this is the signature look that I came up with! If you like it you can get the look here (and save a few bucks while you're at it, you can get 50% off your entire purchase with the code SARAH50).
Happy Shopping!

Aug 3, 2012

Nothing Like A Giveaway To Start Your Weekend Off

dress: c/o Junie Blake  necklace: thrifted   bracelet: thrifted  watch: thrifted    bag: thrifted   shoes: Call It Spring

Junie Blake asked me to take one of their beautiful dresses for a test drive and let me tell you ladies, if any dress were to feel like a snuggie…and look like a minty dream, IT WOULD BE THIS ONE! I’m not kidding you, I felt like I was cheating the world. The world has been cheated. So guess what, Junie Blake wants to share the love with you guys too! Two people are going to win $30 dollar gift cards!

Here's how to enter:
Head over to Junie Blake’s Facebook page and become a fan and share with your friends and family, then post about your favorite dress on Junie Blake's Facebook page. (of course come back here and let me know you did it)

Want some more entries?! Sure why not! You can get an extra entry for each item listed below
                -Share this giveaway with your friends on Facebook
                - Tweet this giveaway on Twitter
                - Become a follower of this blog!

Good luck everyone! I’ll announce the winner in two weeks!

Aug 1, 2012

Here's To A Rat

shirt: Old Navy   overalls: ASOS    bag: ASOS   headband: handmade   shoes: thrifted

Do you know Nat? We’ll she’s just a big fat rat, no but really, go ask her, she’ll agree. She’s a rat, but she’s a human…are you following? Anyways, a while back when the news was all fascinated with mormon mommy bloggers I discovered her blog (yes yes I did not know about all things mormon mommy and blogging, and yes yes I live under a freaking Provo Utah rock). And you see, I have this policy that if I am going to read a blog I better do it right, for the written words sake! So I started reading her blog from the very beginning. You know I started at that first post that only our mothers read, and I was like, “Crap I like this chick. She’s okay by me!” you know. Anyways, Nat loves overalls, and so do I, so I mean that practically makes us sisters you know. And to me this outfit is just so Nat. So this one’s to you girl (don’t be too impressed, I also did a Mary Kate and Ashley trash bag ensemble once so just take it for what it’s worth mmmkay.)