Oct 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Stay safe and don't get too cray cray out there...okay okay you have my permission to go cray cray. Matt and I will be partying it up and I fully expect to induce myself into a candy overload comatose state, but that's what Halloween is for right?!

Oct 29, 2012

Hagrid and His Dorothy

sweater: H&M   dress: Ross   belt: thrifted   necklace: handmade    leggings: Windsor   bag: thrifted     shoes: thrifted

Matt and I were invited to a Halloween party this weekend and we had no idea what we were going to be. We were too lazy to go buy costumes, because planning…bleh. So Saturday night thirty minutes before the party we started wandering around the house, pulling things out of our closet and saying, “Does this look like (insert dull lame costume here)?” As Matt was digging around in his closet he pulled out three giant braids of old man hair, for one second he had a glimmering moment unto Mary Poppins and her carpet bag and I was like, “Whaaaa????? And how and when did this old man hair come to find solace in our closet Matt?” The next thing I know Matt is using all of the headbands I own to fashion a little old man wig out of these braids, and as he chops away at this massive pile of hair with my craft scissors he ponders to himself, “Who’s a famous hairy old man?? I mean I could just be homeless??? Or like I could just be an old man with lots of hair…” So creative that one. So as he gets his beard all trashy and cray cray looking he grabs his hiking back pack and old torn up jeans and then just stands there in front of the mirror….probably dreaming of the day when he can grow such treacherous facial hair. Guys, the poor boy needed help. He just had a mop of hair and a backpack, like he literally just looked like Dora the Explorer's crazy uncle….if she had one….and wouldn't Dora The Explorer be so much better if there was a crazy hairy uncle involved! So I came to him, my poor hairy man, and parted his giant mop of old man hair so I could see his eyes and said, “HAGRID!!! YOU HAVE TO BE HAGRID!!” To which he chortled, “Sarah, then I would need a staff and a wizard cape.” And after I disowned him for confusing Hagrid and Gandolf the Gray we found him a leather coat and one of my fur vests and at best he looked like Hagrid’s starving son but guys, can you believe that he came up with this in 30 minutes. I mean like FAH REAAAALS! In other boring news I was Dorothy and Indie was my Todo. But I mean really, it was a miracle that I had the dress just laying around, so here’s to miracles and also to Matt almost dying of a heat stroke from sitting in this here suffocation trap for three hours at the party. The End.

*Slight side note, the highlight of my night was everyone at the party referring to Matt as, “The hair” the entire night. Oh and also Matt whispering to me as we played murder, “I think my face is chaffing.”

And also a picture of Matt in all of his glory, because ya know.

Oct 25, 2012

This Handmade Beauty Needs A Home

dress: handmade by me out of vintage fabric   shoes: f21   belt: thrifted    necklace: thrifted
Since I’ll be starting school for fashion design in January I’ve been brushing up on my sewing and designing skills, turns out it’s totally like riding a bicycle, you can never really forget (thank heavens!). So for the next couple of months (and hopefully beyond that!) I’ll be making lots of handmade clothes from my stock pile of vintage fabric and before I sell them in an online store I want to give you guys the chance to give them a new home. Here’s the first of many, it’s made out of a vintage fabric that I found thrifting a while back and the second I found it I knew that it had to be a dainty feminine fifties inspired dress. It is a size 29-31 waist, and a 32-36 b in bust. If you want it email me at woohoo4sarahatyahoodotcom, I’m selling it for $50. If it doesn’t fit you have no worries, there will be lots more dresses coming in all sorts of sizes and they’ll all be made out of one of a kind vintage fabrics. If you really REALLY want a dress shoot me an email and I can make the next one in your size!

Oct 24, 2012

Tales of A Wanderer

Blouse: c/o Romwe (buy it here)  skirt: thrifted  bag: Francesca’s Collections   shoes: Call It Spring
Yesterday as I was driving home from work and thinking about how I need to find a job and how I need to apply for more jobs, and how I really need to find a job like yesterday and will this subject ever leave my mind??? You know as I was caught up in all of this hulabaloo a giant semi full of leaves pulled in front of me, and the leaves were just gushing out of this truck, I was caught in this completely magical tornado of red and orange and yellow and for one second I just felt like the universe was telling me to chill out and enjoy the leaf parade in front of me. So you know what I did, I followed that truck way past my house, just because I wanted to enjoy those dang leaves. I followed him past the park where I always see just the darndest babies wobbling around like drunken sailors, I followed the leaves past the bus stop where an old man with a shopping cart filled with trash bag paced back and forth, I even followed him past the tanning salon that is actually part tanning salon part Laundromat part restaurant and  thought about tan people in their clean clothes eating bean burritos and giggled just a little. I just followed those leaves you know, because sometimes you just need to keep feeling that reminder that everything’s going to be okay. That everything’s going to work out and that someday you’ll look back and laugh at how silly you were for ever feeling scared about the best decision of your life.

Oct 21, 2012

Under Your Spell

Fall completely has me under its spell. I find myself acting a bit funny with this weather around me all the time. Sometimes in the morning when I step out the door, I'll breathe, just really slowly breath and let the season completely fill my lungs. I find myself constantly thinking about soup, and hot chocolate, and how I need to make homemade marshmallows to make my hot chocolate even better. And then I get into these long debates in my head about could ever be better than crisp air filling my lungs as I'm wrapped in a chunky sweater and my fingers are tightly pressing around a warm cup of hot chocolate with ooey gooey marshmallows melting as I just breathe that crisp air and wear my chunky sweater and drink that hot chocolate....oh have I already mentioned all of those things. I'm sorry, you'll have to forgive me....this season just has me acting a bit funny that's all.

How We Wore It

My Outfit: blazer: thrifted    blouse: f21   pants: Net A Porter   
Anna's Outfit: She has the deets for her outfit here

A while back Anna (you know from IHOD? What do you live under a rock??? Guys, Anna is da best. Get with it.) found these amazing velvet trousers, and the retro loving online shopper-holic in me just blacked out and the next thing I knew I was prancing around in this here two legged velveteen dream telling Matt to just feel the funk as I did the hustle across the kitchen floor. This online shopping phenomena thing is just the pits for our husbands don't you think? Anyways, we thought it would be fun to see how each other styled the pants, because really, what is there that you CAN'T do with purple velvet pants? I'll tell you what you can't do with purple velvet pants. You can't go wrong that's what! Huzzah!

Oct 17, 2012

Hear Ye Hear Ye All Ye Hopeless and Unwed

Flannel: f21   BF Jeans: Thrifted   Sweater: c/o OASAP (buy it here)    necklace: Thrifted   shoes: Target   bag: Thrifted

Guys Jef one f baby face and Emily Maynard broke up. And I for one am shocked. Nay baffled. Nay astounded. NOT! Peeps, remember oh four months ago when I said something like, “Hear ye, hear ye, they suck together!” I mean if everyone had me as their relationship guru than at least one person (why ‘lil Ricky of course) would be better off. Well this whole matchmaker thing got me thinking, I mean I AM looking for a job. So I’ll just be Sarah: Matchmaker To The Stars until I can find one. People will start throwing money at me, begging me to change their life and make their fifth (and final!!) marriage REALLY work this time. I have gone to the liberty of a trial match making, at no cost to the celebs (ahem, unless of course you read this and actually marry this person in which case you owe me your first born child) I give you…

Sarah’s RiDUNKulously Perfect Celeb Couples

Zoey Deschannel and Joseph Gordon Levitt (you already make babies with your eye balls like e’ry day, so just get to it already)

Lana Del Ray and David Archulletta (Just picture the lips on that fetus guys. Just picture the lips)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West….oh that’s already happened? I fully expect your firstborn to be named La Sarah.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Bill Nye the Science Guy

Dora The Explorer and Arthur ( I know he’s a little old for her…but it could totally work)

Oct 16, 2012

On Happy-ness

Have you ever been completely living in the moment and thought to yourself," I have to remember this exact event. I have to remember every detail of this. Every person here, every laugh, every smile. I have to remember how happy I am in this very moment." Those moments feel like absolutely nothing in the world could make you more complete, like you would burst at the seams if even one more ounce of joy entered into your body. Your fingers and toes tingle and everything around you gets a bit hazy as you start to feel nostalgic. It's happiness like that, that I always seem to be searching for. I don’t want it to only be a part of my relationships, family, and loved ones. I want it to be in everything I do. Earlier this year I accepted a job knowing full well that I would be suppressing a lot of who I am as a person and what makes me happy. I figured that I could make myself happy after work. Note to all people in this world. This is a terrible, terrible idea. I ended up feeling unfulfilled, wondering what if I had gone for my dreams and  trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, why such a huge part of me was not happy. That’s why this summer was so hard for me. I spent long night after long night in the office feeling empty, when really I should have been thriving because I was getting all of this responsibility and learning all sorts of cray cray new things. Finally one night it hit me, I needed to finally have a little bit of faith in myself and go after what I really love. That’s when this post came about, and really, sorry it was so vague. I just wasn’t really sure what I was going to do, and how I was going to go about doing it, I just knew without a doubt that I wasn’t where I should be. It was so clear, and I have no clue why it took me eight months to figure it out.

So this brings me to now. I’ve never felt so excited for my future and ready for this huge change in my life. I’m going back to school for Fashion Design with the goal of designing my own clothing line and starting a business. And I just feel like stars are going to burst out of my toes if I keep it in for one second longer! So yes, big changes are coming. Am I terrified? Absolutely. Am I excited? Without a doubt. Am I happy? I’m tingly toes and bursting at the seams happy.

Oh yeah, and I’m searching for a new job. Nbd right J

Oct 15, 2012

Reeeeeaaal Mature

dress: thrifted and revived   sweater: OASAP, you can use code oasap-com for 20% off (buy it here)  tights: Target   shoes: F21   clutch: OASAP (buy it here)

There's one thing that you should know about me. I am a child. To be more specific I'm about a twelve year old child, trapped in an adults body. And to convince you of the literal meaning of this I must tell you some things.

1. When I had a crush on a boy I found a giant leaf and gave it to him as a token of my undying love. This was not the act of a 12 year old...this was the act of a 20 year old, and I legitimately thought it would be romantic. Note to all 20 year olds, it's not cute, just kiss the boy instead. Thank me later boys.

2. I wore two different shoes to school because I COULD NOT find a matching pair to save my life. One was a converse and one was a ballet flat. I was 22. Hey at least I had a left and a right shoe...or at least I think I did.

3. Sometimes I think about the best possible thing that could happen to me at this very moment and it is ALWAYS the cool aid man bursting through my bedroom wall as I'm eating gushers and listening to Backstreet Boys and he says. "OH YEAH!" Oh yeah is right man!

4. If I could wear a onesie nightgown without Matt disowning me. You bet your bottom dollar I'd be in it every night!

5. Last week I was at the store with my mom and I saw a stuffed animal Lamb Chops and I gasped, "Mom will you buy this for my unborn child? WHO AM I KIDDING JUST BUY IT FOR ME!!"

Need I go on?

Oct 5, 2012

It's Bedtime!

Blouse: f21  skirt: thrifted   belt: thrifted   shoes:f21   bag: ASOS

Matt thought it would be ridiculously funny to start telling Indie bedtime stories (the amazing things this boy does to entertain me!) And it started out as a complete joke but now it’s just turned into a competition to see who can come up with the coolest bedtime stories. This was literally his bedtime story last night. And I quote,

“Sometimes I find fuzzies in my pocket. Sometimes I find sock fuzzies in between my toes. But my favorite fuzzy of all is an Indian fuzzy! Goodnight Indie. Okay Sarah now it’s your turn.”

Guys I was caught off guard. And I must say I’m ashamed with what I came up with.

“Once upon a time there was a frog that liked to swim in rivers. And one day he met an Indian that loved to swim in rivers too. So every day they would swim the river together. But then one day….the frog licked the Indian. And she disowned him forever. THE END!”

….okay okay so I need to work on my story telling skills. Do you have any night time material for me. I’m starting to feel the heat, Matt’s really bringing it, and we all know I just can’t let him win. I just CANNOT!

Oct 4, 2012

Keepin' It Casual

pants: Nordstrom     shirt: f21    shoes: restricted   hat: made by my sis   bag: thrifted

This sniffly girl is keeping it casual this week. I've been in this here baseball tee all week long...oh don't be all judgy judgy, you know you have that one cotton tee that you would wear to the dang opera if people would let you.

Oct 2, 2012

DIY Dip Dyed Halloween Table Cloth

 I've had sooo much fun getting my house ready for Halloween this week but my kitchen table was looking a little bit bare, so I decided to test out some dip dying techniques to make a fun Halloween inspired table runner and of course I wanted to share with all of you so you can make your own. Here's what you'll need!
1.Measure the table that you would like your table runner to go on and add 6 inches to the length and 2 inches to the width that you would like. For example, my table is 80 inches long so I cut it 90x20 inches. Then cut your fabric to the correct length. 
2. Fold all four edges of the fabric over 1/4 of an inch and then edge stitch along the fold of the fabric. Repeat this step again so that there are no raw edges of the fabric exposed.
3.Fold your table runner in half lengthwise, this will give you a defined center. Then accordion fold the runner starting at the end
4. To make sure all of the layers stay in place stitch through all layers about 1/2″ in from the bottom. Do this on both ends and on the top end leave enough of the thread past the knot to tie it onto the yard stick. Tie your table runner to the measuring stick and tie it at the desired length. Hang the measuring stick in the tub and make sure the runner is hanging at the right level.
5. The dye I used is liquid Rit dye for both washing machines or tub dying. I took a stock pot, filled it half full with hot water and then turned the heat on medium, not hot enough to boil. I then poured half of the bottle of Rit into the stockpot and let the water heat up.
6. Set your measuring stick and runner on the pot and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Carefully remove your runner while still holding it up and run it off of the measuring stick. Get it to your kitchen sink, cut the threads and rince the runner in hot water. Pop it in the dryer and you're done!
 I really love how this turned out, I was thinking that it could also be fun to dye the table runner orange first and then add the black stripes to make it extra Halloween-ie...ooh or even purple and black! Anyways have fun and experiment with it!
You can find more great tutorials and inspiration from RIT Dye here:

 Find my post disclosure here.

Oct 1, 2012

Puppy Noses and Sneaky Roommates

blouse: Ebay   pants: Asos   shoes: thrifted   bracelet: DIY

We partied like rock stars for Matt’s birthday this weekend. We partied so much that we woke up Sunday morning with red noses and sore throats. Of course the Indian was feeling great and promptly woke us up at 8:00 with the poke of her cold wet nose (she delights in waking us up in the most unpleasant ways possible, this tactic is only second favorite, her most treasured is a swat in the face with her paw). So I woke up played with the Indian and of course crashed out on the couch mid tug-o-war. When I came to my senses (my ridiculously groggy senses) I sloppily plopped off of the couch and fumbled my way to the bed. I was ridiculously out of sorts, but for some reason when I laid down in the bed I just couldn’t fall asleep. I tossed and turned and thought to myself, WHY OH WHY CAN’T I SLEEP!!! I’M EXHAUSTED!!! I’M SICK!!! LET ME SLEEP!! It was like the princess and the pea, something just wasn’t right. Finally I began to take drastic measures, with Matt asleep on the other side of the bed I started looking through the blankets to see what was bugging me. He of course mumbled, “aarrjjgsabgoooo back to bed.” To which I replied, “shove it poopy!” okay so I only said that in my head but wouldn’t it have been se great if I’d have said it! And then I saw them, there they were, lying in all of their wretchedness underneath my pillow. A knife and a bone. I mean, I learned from recent events that Matt sleeps like a crazy face with a knife under his pillow but since when did it migrate to my pillow, and when did Indie get in on the action too?? And HOW did I not notice it the whole night?! And why and how?? This girls is having a stern talk with her roomies today…..right after I sleep for like sixteen more hours.