Oct 2, 2012

DIY Dip Dyed Halloween Table Cloth

 I've had sooo much fun getting my house ready for Halloween this week but my kitchen table was looking a little bit bare, so I decided to test out some dip dying techniques to make a fun Halloween inspired table runner and of course I wanted to share with all of you so you can make your own. Here's what you'll need!
1.Measure the table that you would like your table runner to go on and add 6 inches to the length and 2 inches to the width that you would like. For example, my table is 80 inches long so I cut it 90x20 inches. Then cut your fabric to the correct length. 
2. Fold all four edges of the fabric over 1/4 of an inch and then edge stitch along the fold of the fabric. Repeat this step again so that there are no raw edges of the fabric exposed.
3.Fold your table runner in half lengthwise, this will give you a defined center. Then accordion fold the runner starting at the end
4. To make sure all of the layers stay in place stitch through all layers about 1/2″ in from the bottom. Do this on both ends and on the top end leave enough of the thread past the knot to tie it onto the yard stick. Tie your table runner to the measuring stick and tie it at the desired length. Hang the measuring stick in the tub and make sure the runner is hanging at the right level.
5. The dye I used is liquid Rit dye for both washing machines or tub dying. I took a stock pot, filled it half full with hot water and then turned the heat on medium, not hot enough to boil. I then poured half of the bottle of Rit into the stockpot and let the water heat up.
6. Set your measuring stick and runner on the pot and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Carefully remove your runner while still holding it up and run it off of the measuring stick. Get it to your kitchen sink, cut the threads and rince the runner in hot water. Pop it in the dryer and you're done!
 I really love how this turned out, I was thinking that it could also be fun to dye the table runner orange first and then add the black stripes to make it extra Halloween-ie...ooh or even purple and black! Anyways have fun and experiment with it!
You can find more great tutorials and inspiration from RIT Dye here:

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  1. This looks amazing. Beyond amazing.


  2. Ooh I want one! I would use it year round too :)
    Time Stand Still

  3. Love this idea! I also love your bedazzled scull :)


  4. How cool is that! Great idea.

    xo Emily

  5. Uh... this is really, really awesome. Love the whole vibe!!! It's fantastic!!!

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  6. Wow, this turned out magnificent. Love the old photos in the backdrop as well. So clever!

  7. Hi -- just found your blog. What a lovely space you've got! xoxo

  8. how spooky!! =p Your table looks great!

  9. very cool!


  10. Fun and festive project! I am sucker for anything Halloween. Might have to try this one myself. I wonder if I can make the tie die parts looks kinda spider webby? :) amanda

  11. Do you by any chance know if there is a name for that pattern (in yellow)? I'm trying to find curtains with that design but I don't know what to call it! :)

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